Brian Holloway Vandalism Fund

A project to help the Holloway family after over 300 teens vandalized their home
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Trashing the Holloway Family Home

Former NFL player Brian Holloway learned via Twitter that his vacant home was being trashed by hundreds of partying teens.

Holloway estimates up to 400 teenagers invaded his home Aug. 31 in Stephentown, about 25 miles southeast of Albany. The partiers broke windows and doors, punched holes through walls and spray-painted graffiti -- more than $20,000 in damage.

He learned about the party from his son, a University of South Florida sophomore who had seen Twitter postings showing the carnage. Sitting in his Lutz., Fla., residence, he saw tweeted photos of kids standing on his upstate New York dining room table, helpless to do anything.

Tweets now show that the beer blast home invasion was planned a full five days in advance. Adding insult to injury, the house was already being foreclosed upon by the bank.

"We were getting eyewitness reports of what was happening while it was happening. We couldn't believe what was going down."
The Rensselaer County Sheriff's Office is continuing to investigate and no arrests have been made as of yet, however parents of the teens now have the gall to say that they are going to be suing Holloway. Why? Because he posted the tweets and pictures of teens in his very home on a website.

Rather than press charges, Holloway invited the teens and their parents to his home to help in cleaning up the destruction in the hopes that perhaps something could be done to intervene and set these kids straight.

In all, 1 kid out of the over 300 showed up that day.

What We Need & What You Get

Given that we are doing this because we feel badly for Brian and his family, we don't really have any amazing perks to disperse. What you get is the satisfaction in knowing you helped Brian and his family in their time of need. 

Contrary to belief, most ex-NFL stars are not stinking rich, and Brian was in the process of trying to save this house from being foreclosed by the bank, as it is the house his children grew up in.

We are trying to raise funds to help pay for the damage to the Holloway home. That being the case, the goal is $20,000. With flexible funding, this will allow us to send Brian whatever amount we raise, and every bit helps. However, knowing Brian, he will probably end up using any funds raised to help kids in some manner. Regardless, all funds raised will go to Brian Holloway.

The Impact

We've included photos of the damage. You can find more photos of the party and those involved on Brian's website. For legal reasons, we will not be including them here.

The Website

Brian has posted tweeted photos of the partiers on a website,

The objective is to identify the partiers, hold them accountable, teach them that there are consequences to their actions and give them a chance to respond, Holloway said. Again, rather than press charges, he invited them to help clean up the place in time for a picnic he was hosting there for military members. One kid showed up. 

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