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brettapproved: A travel website for people with disabilities


There are dozens of great travel sites but what if you move in a wheelchair? Where can travelers with disabilities get the information they need?

My name is Brett Heising. After years of traveling for business and pleasure, I got tired of not being able to easily stay in a hotel room with a roll-in shower. Finally, during a business trip to San Francisco, I decided to do something about it.

With the encouragement and support of friends, I left a successful communications career and started building — a site that will enable people with physical challenges to find accessible hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues.


Why it’s needed


As I’ve shared my vision for brettapproved, people have shared their personal stories with me:


  • A friend, who also lives life on wheels, discovered she had to share a room with complete strangers during a recent trip because it was the only room with an accessible bathroom.
  • Another woman, able-bodied most of her life who now uses a motorized wheelchair, shared how she just wanted to find a coffee shop with an automatic door so she could once again enjoy a cup of coffee, alone with her thoughts.
  • Others have shared how discouraging it is to plan a night out with friends only to discover the restaurant has high-top tables and no place for them to sit. 


Hearing these stories has motivated me — and the whole brettapproved team — to work even harder to make this site a reality.


Two ways you can help


1) Become part of our community.

Like us on Facebook, and be sure to visit the splash page and look for the dark blue box on the center of the page. In the blue box, you’ll enter your email address and answer our travel question.  It’s that simple.

We’re forming a community of people who will travel and share their photos and reviews of the best venues. We need people to review restaurants, bars, hotels, ballparks and everything in between. In short, we need EVERYONE who believes that your body is just a cradle for your mind. We're focused on sharing places that are GREAT, not those that aren’t. 

We hope you'll join us in building and in filling the site with reviews and stories of wonderful places and great trips you've taken, whether around town or around the world. 


2) Consider a donation.

My supporters and I are on a mission to shatter stereotypes. It's high time we had a place where we can find and book the best accessible accommodations and enjoy events and experiences without worrying if they'll meet our needs.

To launch brettapproved, I’m raising $500,000 to pay for:

  • website and mobile app development
  • a booking engine
  • the type of marketing and social media that will help us be taken seriously by major travel, dining and entertainment brands
  • and of course, travel. We’ll need to rate and reviews tons of places to get this project off the ground.

Let’s DO this!


A look at the brettapproved team

brettapproved founder Brett Heising and his dog Woodrow 

I’ve got a team of technologists, entrepreneurs, and CEOs who think I’m on the right track and have pledged to serve on my Boards of Directors and Advisors to make sure this business takes off and makes the huge worldwide impact we all think it can. 

I am married to the most amazing and beautiful woman in the world, Claudia Provencio. Without her, I’m nothing but a bag of wind in a chair.

And while I’ve got you all still here (I’m so grateful that you’ve read all the way to the end - you’re awesome!) I’d like to thank Micha Sedmak for all of his work and heavy lifting on the amazing video. I’d also like to thank my main man Travis J. McCleery for his friendship and killer art direction. Anna F. Miller, a great friend and filmmaker, Gillian Muessig for her help in turning the idea of brettapproved into a business reality, and all my mentors and supporters! 

Thanks for watching and reading. And thanks in advance for your support. If you’re hooked on this idea too, I believe with all my heart …


We can DO this!



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    Meet Brett & Woodrow too!

    Nab a video conference with brettapproved founder, Brett Heising. See the office where it all started and meet Woodrow, trusted mascot of brettapproved. Or come to Phoenix and meet the team in person. You’ll also get up to 10 bracelets and t-shirts and a listing on our Founding Supporters' hall of fame. Don't forget to download our badge and spread the news — brettapproved is on the way!

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