Breathometer - A Smartphone Breathalyzer

Breathometer’s device + mobile app transforms your smartphone into a breathalyzer.

-- Update 3/23/13 --

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You asked, we’ve listened!  You wanted more call options, additional device colors and no drunk texting, so here you go: we are rolling out an exciting Breathometer roadmap, matching stretch goals and great new perks.  We’ve got 19 days, so let’s make this happen!

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Drink Smart. Be Safe.

-- Update 3/13/13 --

Thank you for all your support! 

Although our goal is to raise at least $25,000, the more money we raise, the more product we'll be able to produce and promote. Together we can help prevent drunk driving accidents!


Breathometer’s device + mobile app transforms your smartphone into a breathalyzer.



Breathometer™ is The World’s First Smartphone Breathalyzer! While designing Breathometer, we strove to create a sleek product that blends seamlessly into your everyday life. Built with your lifestyle in mind, the device has a compact design that fits into the palm of your hand and easily on a keychain.


Drink Smarter with Breathometer

Have you known anyone to be in a situation where a driver has had a drink or two? According to our poll on sodahead.com, 64% of respondents indicated that either they have driven or have been in a car with a driver under the influence.  

By using Breathometer, you now have the ability to help prevent accidents. We’re also building some other amazing features like a push of a button cab service.


How Does It Work?

The Breathometer device connects to your iPhone or Android device via the audio jack. Setting up Breathometer is easy. Download the app, connect the device and blow.

 • iPhone or iPod running iOS 5 or above.
 • Android devices running OS 2.3 or above.


The Power of Knowledge

Breathometer is the next generation breathalyzer that provides an accurate BAC measurement that enables smarter decisions.


Track Your Progress

Breathometer securely tracks your activity to make sure your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) is heading in the right direction. It tracks your past results so you can be sure to allow for the proper amount of time to pass before you think about getting behind the wheel.

Where We're At

We’ve been developing the smartphone breathalyzer for the past 6 months now and are at a stage where we need your help. The Breathometer device that you see in the video is a real, working prototype but innovation is costly.

While we're close to entering production, your support will help fund
• Production tooling 
Large component order
• Support marketing efforts and raise awareness

Together, with your support, we can help prevent accidents and potentially save lives! 

Help bring Breathometer to life!




1. Can we ship internationally? Yes! Please add $20 USD to your pledge for international shipping.

2. Can I change my shipping address if I move? Yes, we will reach out to everyone 30 days prior to shipping your device to confirm your address and make any necessary changes. Message us if your email changes, as we'll be using that to contact you.

3. I picked a perk with a color choice. How do I make my selection? We'll email you when it's time to ship to pick a color of your choice.

4. I have a question and need to talk to someone about my pledge. Feel free to contact us at support@breathometer.com. We'll do our best to respond within 3 business days.
5. What is the level of accuracy and how often do I need to calibrate the device? Calibration and accuracy are two of the most important issues we're working hard on in our final versions of the product. We won't release a product until we feel it meets our high expectations of what consumers want and need.
6. Will you be FDA approved? We intend to ship devices subject to FDA approval.
7. How do I add $20 (USD) international shipping? If you've already made a pledge, please hit the 'Contribute Now' button and add your shipping fee. Use the same email address you used to pledge so we can match the payment during fulfillment. Sorry for the additional step required but we're super excited to bring this product to international markets.

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