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Breathing is at the center of physical and mental health, fitness and performance

The BreathAcoustic headset and companion apps will improve the quality of life for millions by:  

  • Keeping people healthy, happy and fit,
  • Detecting respiratory and cardiac stress levels before they become acute, and by
  • Helping those with physical and emotional ailments recover to their fullest potential.

Since 2004, BreathResearch has been developing research and technology that uses acoustic sensors to analyze the quality of a person’s breathing. Our audio processing and analysis of over 10.000 sessions has led to a very sophisticated breath analysis framework that successfully extracts new information about the characteristics of the breath cycle and its phases and the correlations to health and wellness, sports and fitness testing, sleep and cardio-pulmonary care.

The most recent version of our mobile app, MyBreath Lite, measures and tracks breathing and has been selected to be part of Aetna’s CarePass mobile health platform. 

Our goal for building the BreathAcoustic All-in-One Headset is to provide more accurate and comprehensive health information and feedback in a truly wearable product that looks and feels good on the outside and is high tech and performance driven on the inside. We understand that design, performance and usability are key to engaging the most amount of people and their loved ones in their health and well-being.

Features of the BreathAcoustic Headset

  • Acoustic breath pattern analysis (rate, depth, tension, wheeze, apnea and more)
  • Heart Rate
  • Pulse Oximetry (blood oxygen levels)
  • Altitude
  • Barometric Pressure (often relates to mood, pain and memory)
  • Cardio-pulmonary Exercise Testing (early detection of acute pulmonary and cardiac events)
  • Metabolic Testing (max fat burning capacity and max aerobic capacity)

You'll be able to find out your exercise and metabolic thresholds and your optimal level of relaxation. 

An All-Around Quality Headset for Every Application

  • Adjustable, comfortable, lightweight and portable
  • Quality noise-reducing microphone and earphones
  • Retracting capability for adjustable microphone placement
  • Enhanced usability features to listen to music and answer calls
  • Wireless connection via Bluetooth™ to be used as a normal headset for quality audio reproduction and recording with any bluetooth-enabled device
  • Extra sensors expand the health and fitness capabilities
  • Beautiful minimalistic design

A Suite of Companion Apps

We'll be creating a suite of engaging and easy-to-use apps (mobile and desktop) to help you improve health, fitness and performance. 

We'll do all the complex data gathering and analysis in the background. You touch a button and get the relevant information and guidance that you are interested in.

In addition, we will be creating apps for professionals to use in clinics, athletic facilities, and other health and fitness settings.

Targeted Treatment and Training

Together with our partner, HeartZones USA, we’ll create personalized health and fitness recommendations to help you:

  • Alleviate stress
  • Improve athletic performance
  • Achieve weight loss goals
  • Get better sleep

Research and Development

A study at the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse demonstrated that acoustic analysis of breathing, using BreathResearch's technology appears to be a viable surrogate for the measurement of gas exchange to determine metabolic ventilatory thresholds (maximum fat burning capacity and maximum aerobic capacity). 

Another study validates that the quality of the information collected and measured with BreathResearch's acoustics technology correlates to a standard airflow monitor. 

The BreathAcoustic headset and platform will offer new possibilities of research and treatment in:

  • Mind-Body Medicine
  • Enhanced Athletic Performance
  • Sleep
  • Home CardioPulmonary Care

Calling All Developers

In the future, developers will be able to create new applications for the BreathAcoustics headset and platform, using the upcoming revolutionary BreathResearch API.                                                    


BreathResearch began in 2004 when Nirinjan Yee, Founder/CEO began experimenting with electronically amplifying and recording breathing sounds of patients with chronic health conditions and athletes wanting to maximize their performance and recovery. By studying each person's breathing patterns, she was able to identify specific qualities of the breath cycle that could indicate optimal or suboptimal health and performance. With a little bit of guidance, both patients and athletes were able to breathe with greater ease and in their full capacity, thereby reducing stress, decreasing symptoms and improving performance. Read an Interview Article

Our Team:

CEO/Founder: Nirinjan Yee

Acoustic Engineers: Haris Stamatopoulos M.S and Panagiotis Giotis M.S.

Clinical Exercise Physiologist: Carl Foster, Ph.D

Heart Zones Training and Sports Performance: Sally Edwards, M.S. 

Design: Zeus Estudio Digital

Video Production: Illumina Studios

Server Architecture: Mark Soloway, M.S. and Stuart Schmukler, M.S.

Use of Funds

The funds raised will be used for making the BreathAcoustic All-in-One Headset. Since this campaign has been live, we have been approached by companies worldwide who would like to distribute the headset. We need your help to build it.


We will be partnering with one of the top companies in industrial design to build the headset. We will choose the best acoustic and optic sensors and a light, comfortable and resilient material for the headset


We’ll create a suite of engaging and easy-to-use apps.  All of the apps will be synced to our sever so that people can access all of their data in any one or all of our apps.


Some of the funds will also go to processing pending patents and converting a provisional patent for the headset into a final patent. 

Future Plans


We will be partnering with a university research hospital to do a pilot study using the BreathAcoustic headset to perform home Cardio-Pulmonary Exercise testing (CPET). CPET is one the most successful methods used for early detection of respiratory and cardiac events but currently requires the patient to go to the Pulmonary Function Lab. A home CPET test could saves lives, improve quality of life and reduce health care costs significantly.

With the completion of the pilot study, we will apply for FDA approval and insurance reimbursement. 

Underserved Communities

Once we complete our pilot study, we would like to embed our technology into a low cost mobile headset and device to help save lives and improve quality of life in underserved communities worldwide.

Become a part of this exciting new journey into optimal health and fitness and contribute today! 

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