Latino-Review.com presents a micro budget man on the run chase thriller action film set in New York City.

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About the Film

Breakneck is a micro budget chase thriller action film about a New York City Bodega Clerk who must go on the run from both the cops and a Private Military Contractor for murders he didn't commit. Trapped in uptown Manhattan, our hero has to stay a step ahead of his pursuers and stay alive long enough to prove his innocence.

Presented by Latino-Review.com and startup Mayimbe Media, Breakneck is what we call our "Bourne in the barrio" movie. Breakneck will also be the feature directorial debut of writer/director Umberto Gonzalez.

About the Campaign

After months of planning, I am very excited to finally launch the campaign and share it with all of you. Many of you know me by my day gig as fanboy news scooper 'El Mayimbe' over on twitter and at film news website Latino-Review.com. Many of my colleagues over at other film news websites have created webseries, launched weekly video podcasts, and even produced movies. Inspired by them, I wish to take it a step further and not only produce a movie, but also self distribute the movie on Latino-Review.com through a partnership with digital distribution platform VHXWe are not interested in making a movie to flip to a buyer at a film festival, but instead self distribute the movie directly to our readership and our audience similar to the way Shane Carruth self distributed Upstream Color. Right now is an exciting time in the film business because the tools and platforms exist that enable filmmakers to be in complete control of how their movies are released to the marketplace. Another reason to self distribute is because I finally grew tired of watching distributors fumble one release after another that was geared towards English dominant Latino audiences. With your help and generous contributions, we can launch a startup to not only engage our intended audience, but build a community as well. The strategy is similar to what we done successfully on Latino-Review.com for the past decade - keep our perspective uniquely Latin yet universally commercial.

About Umberto

My background is in film production. After graduating from film school in the mid 90s, literally the day after graduation I went to work immediately on film sets throughout New York City where I spent the next few years making a decent living on commercials, music videos, and small independent features. I learned how to delegate and efficiently run a set, how to stay on schedule, how to stay on budget, and how to face challenges that arose daily. Film production in New York City during the mid to late 90s was a glorious time and I got quite the education. An opportunity arose in 2000 where I could relocate to Los Angeles and learn the creative side of the business. I would join Latino-Review.com shortly thereafter in 2001. In 2008, the website partnered with a mini distributor for a few years where I would also learn both acquisitions and distribution. Why should you trust me? Because I am also someone that has been throwing sponsored events at San Diego Comic Con for the past few years. In short, I know how to execute.

About where the money is going & breakdown of costs

I am aiming to not only build relationships and establish trust, but be completely transparent during both the crowdfunding campaign and filmmaking process as well. I'm not only interested in making a movie, but building a community as well. Every dollar contributed is not going towards me, but to the production and distribution of Breakneck. The goal is to make the film handheld on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera with a small nine person crew that can fit into a 15 passenger van with all our gear in the back. Film Production costs will include legal, locations, casting, scheduling, crewing up, art department and set dressing, food, equipment, permits and insurance, stunt coordinator, and visual effects.  We want to start pre-production after the campaign is over and shoot during the month of August with the hopes of getting into the film festival circuit in early to mid 2014.  We are aiming to release the film during the summer/fall of 2014. We are asking for $109,000 as a bare minimum because even micro budget film production in New York City, although doable, is an expensive venture. If we exceed our goal, the additional funds will go towards the distribution and marketing side ie: hiring a theatrical booker and a publicist. If we’re unable to raise the full amount and need additional funds, we could turn to outside funding sources. If we exceed our goal, I would be absolutely ecstatic!

About the Perks and Backer Fulfillment

In exchange for both your trust and generous support we are offering all kinds of cool stuff like exclusive email updates, a digital comic book, a shooting script making of ebook, digital downloads, signed DVDs/Blu-rays, movie posters, t-shirts and hoodies.

Here are a few:

  • Digital Prequel Comic Book
  • Shooting Script & Making-of ebook
  • DRM-Free digital download of the film 
  • Signed Blu-rays and DVDs
  • Special thanks on Latino-Review.com and in film credits
  • T-shirts & Hoodies
  • Poster
  • Associate Producer, Co-Producer, & Executive Producer credit

For backer and pledge management, we are going to use Backerkit when it becomes available to Indiegogo users this year. For fulfillment we are going to use Whiplash Merchandising Logistics. For DVD/Blu-Ray authoring & duplication, we are going to use Discmakers. For our T-shirt & Hoodie fulfillment we are going to use Teelaunch.

T-shirt rewards by Teelaunch

Important Note! None of the perks listed on this site include travel or accomodation.

The rest is up to you!

I can't do this alone hence why I am asking you guys to join us, and be a part of the movement. Lets build something together. Come alongside us on this journey, and partake of the full experience not only of the finished film, but of the entire journey it takes to get there. It would mean the absolute world and make quite the difference if you make a pledge. Every single pledge absolutely counts. So check out our tiers and find a pledge that makes the most sense to you.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can’t contribute, that doesn’t mean you can’t help.

Here are a few ways you can help get the word out:

Team on This Campaign: