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Help Bragonier launch as a designer label producing high-end fashion using innovative trends and styles.
Matthew Bragonier
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Hey Everyone!

I am honored you have come upon my page and am so excited to create my first collection. Bragonier is a high end designer label striving to be the best of the best and get going in the fashion industry.

Our Story:

At a very young age, Matthew showed an interest in fashion and photography after moving to California. At age 14, Matthew began attending community college classes and worked his way through the photography program. He spent each summer working in the studio, or behind a computer in design class, or getting his hands dirty creating art. After graduating high school at age 16 with over 60 college credits he utilized his time as an intern for two fashion photographers in his local area. While acting as an assistant, he applied the skills he had learned and put them to practice outside of a classroom. Matthew then transferred to a University at age 18 and still is currently working for his Bachelor of Visual Arts degree studying Photography & Graphic Design. Attaining the perfect eye for fashion and style, he started dressing the part and obtaining and obsession towards the industry. Second semester in, Matthew realized he needed to take a break and re-evaluate where his real goals and aspirations were laid out. Taking 9 months off of school he was able to achieve new goals and become even more specific in his future career. Starting with dressing himself, Matthew became an expert thrift shopper, which led to reconstructing clothes, and eventually moved on to designing and creating his own fashion. Recognizing the path, Matthew started studying, sketching, and designing everything from menswear, to handbags, and of course women's clothing. Setting up networks, assembling a team, and getting on board with the fashion industry, Matthew is now ready to launch Bragonier and create his first collection of women's clothing and accessories, as well as men's (upon expansion).


Get the funds behind the concept. Why? Because Matthew is a full time student, working two jobs, and surviving on bare minimum, using every last penny just to keep up with bills. Using the funds Matthew and his team will create a first collection of 8-12 outfits for Women's styles. Using his skills, Matthew will take the finished products and photograph them like an editorial campaign to archive for marketing, then sell them to customers. Using the profits earned, we will put it straight back into Bragonier towards making double the amount of product. From there, the brand will keep expanding to get itself out there and put Matthew's fashion into your hands. From the rise in our expansions we will move on from just women's trends and start creating mens products as well.

All items from the collection will be available for purchase online, so you will be able to shop from anywhere around the world. Bragonier's website will undergo a reconstruction, adding a store and styling page. Each item purchased, you will be able to imput your measurements (excluding Bags/Clutches), and we will make the item post according to your purchase.

If we exceed our $4,000 Goal:

"It would be amazing to see people really interested and supportive towards my dream as a fashion designer. Why can't I think larger than what I just 'need'. If we make more than what it takes to create just one collection, we will take the funds and put it to even better use. Expansion of workspace, more product production, and even shows for presentation of my designs. If I was able to put on a fashion show, then supporters and buyers would be able to attend and see my products live, meet me, and allow me opportunity to make connections within the fashion industry." - Matthew

 - Stretch Goals (why not dream big!)

  • $8,000 - Two collections will be produced and released for purchasing.
  • $10,000 - Small Business plan will be put into action. Hiring a full staff for yearly production, sales, and management. 
  • $20,000 - Guaranteed Runway Fashion Show to present Collection to supporters and the fashion industry and possible incorporation investors.
  • $50,000+ - Full Business plan will be put into action. Complete staff, manufacturing, and store/boutique opening. 



We wanted to give the opportunity to follow the progress and be a part of Matthew's journey and rising of the Bragonier label. Follow all the social networks to keep updated and get behind the scenes.

  • Facebook - "Like" the Official Bragonier page and get involved socially.
  • Instagram - Follow for behind the scenes and exclusive previews.
  • Twitter - Keep updated with everything happening daily.
  • Lookbook - See my personal outfits and style starting weekly.

You can also view Matthew's other talent as a Fashion, Editorial, and Beauty Photographer at:

If you would like to contact Matthew to give encouragement, investment, or any other inquiries you can find that information on the CONTACT page within his website.


Risks & Challenges

A challenge we face is the comfortability that people have a hard time with. The one's who are afraid to express their individuality with high fashion.

Which is why Matthew and a team of researchers spend day and night researching and studying the latest and best trends, predicting and conceptualizing what is to come to stay one step ahead. Taking what designers do not push forward enough on. Bringing you, the buyer, the best of the best. To give the comfort that one is wearing what is in style and something to be proud of giving an individual the confidence to express their individuality.

Another challenge will be the time that is needed to go into it. As a full time student, and working two jobs, Matthew struggles to find time to spend doing what he really wants to be doing. Using every waking moment towards making progress in his goals and moving one step closer.

Which is why he has taken measure to assure team members to help him in all areas of the business. The more funds received the more time will be made available. If we can make more product to sell than our goal -> more expansion -> bigger team -> (again) more product -> increase in profit -> amplification of business -> hire employees -> x2 expansion -> drop unnecessary priorities -> more time! (to work).

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