BOYZ WILL BE BOYZ - Feature Film Comedy Drama

Tyrone–a “down-low” (closeted) bisexual rising NCAA basketball star–accidentally gets his heretofore unknowingly intersex boyfriend pregnant…with septuplets!
N. Mabasa-Mathope
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Note: Since the production of this preview reel, the spelling of our movie title as it appears in the film has been changed to “Boyz Will Be Boyz.” Also, the starring roles have been recast, with Terrence Townsend as "Tyrone" and Black Thomas as "Randy," as seen above and below, under "Meet the Cast."

About “Boyz Will Be Boyz”

After Tyrone–a “down-low” (closeted) bisexual rising NCAA basketball star–accidentally gets his heretofore unknowingly intersex boyfriend pregnant, he must contend with his scandalized conservative Christian mother, the near fatal disapproval of his fellow gang-bangers, his psychotically vindictive ex-girlfriend and the impending, catastrophically expensive—and potentially life-threatening–birth of…septuplets.

Epic, imaginative, explosive, riotously funny and groundbreaking–think "Broke Back Mountain" meets "Boyz N the Hood" with a mind-bending "The Crying Game" twist –remixed by Tyler Perry – the “Boyz Will Be Boyz” screenplay packs a wildly controversial premise, an arsenal of jaw-dropping plot twists, and a riot of hot-button issues.

A Message from "Boyz Will Be Boyz" Writer, Director & Producer, N. Mabasa-Mathope

Indiegogo is my latest stop on a long and challenging journey to realizing my dream of making my first feature film. (Scroll to bottom for my backstory.)

Wowed by the “Boyz Will Be Boyz” preview reel (now at over 525,000 YouTube views), two well-established movie industry executives (Harvey Rochman and Christopher Gray) have committed to the project, but only if I can raise the funds needed to produce it. (Scroll to “Meet the Crew” for their bios.)

As you can see from the description and YouTube clip above, “Boyz Will Be Boyz” will not only entertain, but educate and hopefully inspire further discussion of issues society has by no means yet resolved–race, homophobia (particularly in sports and the black community), and HIV/AIDS—in a positive, respectful, albeit at times raucously funny film.

I hope you’ll watch and enjoy the “Boyz Will Be Boyz” preview reel, and be so generous as to make a donation to the production of my dream film. If you can’t make a donation, I hope you’ll blab, blog, share, and tweet about our “Boyz Will Be Boyz” movie fundraiser to your family members, friends, fans and followers.



Make a Funny Movie, Deliver an Important Message

Daily we are inundated by tragic stories of young adults, teens and even children bullied by classmates, harassed by coworkers, and even murdered by peers, due to lack of education or even something as simple as basic communication: conversation. The more we shake hands, talk and get to know people who are different from ourselves—regardless of income, profession, education, race, and sexuality—the more we see those same people not as strangers, but as brothers and sisters huddled together on the same rock, under the same sun. We hope that, through humor, “Boyz Will Be Boyz” will, in its own small way, contribute to the ongoing, and gladly evolving recognition that we all are more alike than different from one another.


Upon receiving funds needed to produce our “Boyz Will Be Boyz” movie, we will set up an LLC (limited license corporation) in the name of the film, via which we will finance the production of our film. Once completed, we will position “Boyz Will Be Boyz” for marketing on a variety of platforms, including film festivals, private screenings, and theatrical and online distribution, utilizing established, ongoing relationships between our crew with various marketing and distribution companies.


Our production budget is set at $1 million USD, relatively low by Hollywood standards, even for an independent film. We aim to raise at least $500,000 USD, which will be then matched by our producer and investor Harvey Rochman. This $1 million USD budgeting is going to finance the preparation, pre-production, production, post-production and early marketing of our “Boyz Will Be Boyz” movie.

Meet the Crew

N. Mabasa-Mathope, Writer, Director & Producer

I am an experienced filmmaker (writerdirector, producer and editor). I have made a number of music videos and short films and I am currently producing four feature films, a Trilogy, and “Boyz Will Be Boyz”, for my production company, Dobsonville Entertainment, LLC. I studied computer science and film at The University of Cape Town, The New York Film Academy, The Santa Monica College's Academy of Entertainment and Technology. I currently reside in New York City, where I have just wrapped editing and producing a Feature Film I co-wrote, which was written and directed by Wanly Florexile titled, "Hope, A Brooklyn Story".

Harvey Rochman, Producer, Investor

Harvey Rochman is a film producer, internationally known media facilitator and a key figure in the rapidly expanding global multimedia network. Films for which he was executive producer include, “Lost Junction” (2003) and Misconceptions (2009), the short film “Boondoggle” (2012) and “Baron Blackwolf: Dogs of God” –the latter two of which starred Ed Asner.

Called "a visionary of the new worldwide infotainment industry," Rochman has traveled the world–retracing the ancient route of Alexander the Great–absorbing the core ideas and cultural aspirations of developing nations­–and earning the ear of decision makers across the globe.

Christopher Gray, Producer

At the forefront of the movie and television industries for over 25 years, Christopher Gray is an experienced producer, director, writer, and casting director who has been associated with numerous popular television and film projects, including “Miami Vice” and “Collateral” (with Michael Mann), “The Rainmaker” (with Francis Ford Coppola), and “Lost Highway” and “Mulholland Drive” (with David Lynch).

He has worked in close conjunction with award-winning industry greats–such as Denzel Washington and Steven Spielberg–collaborating hand-in-hand to meet their production needs and shape their cinematic visions into groundbreaking master pieces. Gray has over 100 film credits to his name including “The Great Debaters,” Hustle and Flow,” “Amistad”, “Men of Honor”, and “Dodge Ball”.

A native of Memphis, TN, and graduate of Howard University, Gray is committed to producing quality and socially conscious projects that promote the betterment of humanity.

Meet the Cast

Terrence Townsend as "Tyrone"

Terrence Townsend (206-F/C-86, college: Los Angeles CC) played for the Drew League this past Summer, helping his team Hank's Blazers make it to the championship where they fell short losing by 4. The Blazers went on a 12 game winning streak during the regular season before losing their first game. Terrence Townsend averaged 9.4ppg and 10.2rpg in the Drew NBA-summer pro-am league. Over twenty players participating in the league featured guys with NBA, Euroleague, NBDL, CBA, ABA, NCAA and International experience. Townsend also participated in the Nike Real Run where he played for team Muscle Milk, another NBA-summer pro-am league where it featured NBA players as well, such as Ryan Hollins, J.R. Smith. Terrence appears in Big/Major Commercials for ESPN and such.

Black Thomas as "Randy"

Alfred "Black" Thomas is a native of Miami, Florida. He earned his BA in Theatre from Florida A&M University and perfected his lifelong love of dance before making his move to Los Angeles. Disney's Box office blockbuster "Step Up 2 The Streets" gave Black his breakout turn starring as bad boy antagonist 'Tuck'. This character gave him the opportunity to showcase both his acting chops and dancing skills. Black has made appearances in other feature films like "I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry", "Stomp The Yard" and "Dreamgirls". He has been featured in music videos for Rihanna, Danity Kane, Mario, Cheetah Girls, Beyonce, Fall Out Boy, Natasha Bedingfield and performed live with The Pussycat Dolls, Jessica Simpson, Chris Brown & Fonzworth Bentley to name a few.

Meet the “Boyz Will Be Boyz” Characters

Tyrone: Tall, lanky, handsome, and sweetly thuggish, he is an NBA-bound NCAA college basketball star, gang-banger, part-time drug dealer and “down-low” (closeted) homosexual reeling from the shock and myriad consequences of unknowingly impregnating his intersex boyfriend.

Randy: Buff, masculine, beautiful and soft-spoken, Tyrone’s septuplets-pregnant intersex boyfriend.

Ivanya: Pretty, saucy, and homegirl to the bone, she is Tyrone’s gold-digging (she wants that NBA money), psychotically—and murderously–vengeful ex-girlfriend (dumped after she aborted his baby) who plots Randy’s murder in hopes of winning him back.

Abigail: The proud, pillar-of-the-community, high-school principal, and conservative Christian mother determined to prevent Randy’s pregnancy from going to term, as she feels it will sabotage her son's chances to become an NBA star—and her status in the community.

Ronald: Handsome, successful, and living the suburban McMansion dream he is Tyrone’s ultra-liberal and loving father who fully supports his son's choices in life–and is thrilled at the prospect of grandchildren–no matter who is carrying them, even is it's Randy.

Grandma: Diminutive, sensible and soft-spoken, but packing a serious “don’t mess” attitude, she is Tyrone’s paternal grandmother and the mitigating force between Abigail and Ronald–who uses her wit and wisdom to keep the family united in the face of this bizarre pregnancy.

Jodi: Flamboyant, loud ’n’ proud and forever Tweeting, he is Randy’s gay best friend, comforting and counseling him as he deals with the fallout from his pregnancy by Tyrone.

Coach: Sporting a military flattop haircut, and tough demeanor, Tyrone’s college basketball coach is not only frustrated because the school is threatening to cut the team for being “too black,” but also because his grown, rather masculine college age son Billy has come out as transgender and is on the verge of sex reassignment surgery,

Rakim: Thug of thugs, he is Tyrone’s evil homie nemesis gang-banger from the hood, a cold-hearted killer who hates Tyrone’s "homosexual ways" and not only joins forces with Ivanya in a plot to kill Randy, but has an agenda of his own: to kill Tyrone after Randy.

Dr. McCoy: Bald, and British, he is Tyrone and Randy’s sworn-to-secrecy pre-natal doctor, committed to doing anything and everything to protect Randy’s health and babies, as the pregnancy is a medical marvel to him, but obstacles arrive in a shape of Tyrone’s meddling mother, Abigail.

Nurse Morris: Tyrone and Randy’s also sworn-to-secrecy pre-natal male nurse, who like his boss (Dr. McCoy), is in awe of Randy, so will go to extremes to protect him.

Linda: Skinny and frail, she is Randy’s mother, a recovering drug-addict who stands fiercely by her pregnant son, squaring off against Abigail, who loathes her for bringing “a blasphemy and freak-of-nature into this world.”

Malik:  Tyrone’s incorrigibly inquisitive little grade school brother, with an annoying penchant for asking innocently blunt personal questions: ''What is a hermaphrodyke?''

Dr. Franklin: Agile and intense, with round muscular shoulders, Randy's doctor since childhood and the first to realize that Randy is pregnant. 

Billy: Very tall, masculine, slim, and macho (but nice), he is the coach’s athletic son and Tyrone’s apparently jealous college basketball teammate—with transgender-aspirations–who bitterly resents Tyrone’s accomplishments and goes to extremes to publicly humiliate him.


As a contributor, you will not only be contributing to the production of a groundbreaking and hilariously entertaining feature film, but also to the continued awareness, understanding and support of people living with HIV/AIDS, bisexuals, intersexuals and the entire LGBTIQ community. Education through humor.

Upon completion and distribution of our “Boyz Will Be Boyz” feature film, a portion of the profits will be donated to further HIV/AIDS research and social services, as I, N. Mabasa-Mathope, the writer, director and producer, am currently homeless and living at an HIV/AIDS shelter and know first hand how badly these funds are needed.

Stay Tuned!

Whatever other challenges come our way, we will keep you, our gracious backers, posted on our progress through every phase of our journey to making "Boyz Will Be Boyz" a reality.

Please Spread The Word: Holla!

Even if you cannot financially support our campaign, we would be grateful if you can help us spread the word on your favorite social media sites, blab and holla at your friends about our unusual film project. You can use the Indiegogo share tools and download our badge at the bottom of this page and share it. Thank you!

More About N. Mabasa-Mathope: My Story

Thanks for scrolling down to get to know me a bit better.

I hope this does not fall under the “sharing too much” category, but I feel its important to open up to those from whom I’m asking donations here, since we’re not able to meet in person. So, my backstory…

Though I have no idea where I was born (Botswana, Mozambique, Angola, Zimbabwe, Namibia?), I was raised an orphan in South Africa before earning a full computer science scholarship to The University of Cape Town. A second scholarship (I won a screen-writing contest) brought me to Los Angeles to study film: It was while in school in L.A. that I finished the preview reel you see here for “Boyz Will Be Boyz.”

To pay for school, I took work shooting short films, but instead of getting paid, I was set-up, badly beaten and framed by my thug boss for a crime I did not commit. In the aftermath, I was nearly deported, had it not been for my HIV+ status: no African countries would take me back. So, homeless and broke I came to New York after I heard of the HASA (HIV/AIDS Services Administration) program, which helps people living with AIDS get back on their feet.

I’m currently living in the HASA shelter in the Bronx, while spending my days editing a feature film (free in exchange for a producer credit) at a studio in Brooklyn, and raising support and money to produce my first feature film, “Boyz Will Be Boyz.”

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them on the Comments page here and I will gladly respond. I will deeply appreciate hearing from you.

Thanks again for listening,


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