BowlTopper - Suction Lid with 'See-Thru' Window

BowlTopper transform your bowls into airtight food storage containers. No more plastic wrap, and never search for matching plastic lids or containers again!

BowlTopper Suction Lid with 'See-Thru' Window

XL: 12.0” (305 mm): Fits extra large salad and mixing bowls.

Large: 9.5” (241 mm): Fits large serving bowls.

Original: 6.5” (165 mm): Fits soup and cereal bowls.

mini: 4.5” (114 mm): Fits small bowls and cans.

Top 10 Features and Benefits 

1. Never search for matching plastic lids and containers

2. See-Thru Window let’s you see what you’re storing

3. Keep food fresh with airtight suction

4. Microwave-safe, keeps food warm and prevents splattering

5. Eco-friendly: Use less plastic wrap and aluminum foil

6. 100% BPA Free

7. Fits bowls of all different sizes

8. Easy to find the kitchen cabinet

9. Really easy to use, really

10. Dishwasher-safe (we recommend using the top shelf)

Production Timeline:

Phase 1: Engineering (Complete)

Phase 2: Prototyping (Complete)

Phase 3: Build Injection Molds (Jan - Feb 2014)

Phase 4: Manufacturing / Mass Production: (Feb - March 2014)

Phase 5: Shipping (Late March 2014)

What will BowlTopper do for me?

BowlTopper is the eco-friendly alternative to flimsy plastic containers. Designed to fit bowls of all sizes, you’ll never need to search for matchings plastic lids and containers again. Unlike plastic wrap or aluminum foil, BowlTopper is easy to seal and re-seal. Worry less about creating disposable waste because you can reuse BowlTopper again and again. It’s safe for the environment and 100% BPA Free.

BowlTopper vs. Goliath

Your support will help BowlTopper compete with the giant companies that make plastic containers and plastic wrap

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