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Short Summary

Have you ever been nervous before buying a bottle of wine?  Ever get sweaty palms and feel frustrated as you stare at hundreds of bottles on the shelves?  Well, we have figured out a solution to this age old psychological phenomenon. will provide consumers a simple and trusted way to purchase the best Red, White and Rose wine in the world.  Through a meticulous blind tasting process where wine consumers and wine experts are the judges, the people will finally be able to choose the best wines in the world.  This will be held every 6 months, starting with the Southern Hemisphere then 6 months later the Northern Hemisphere's wines.

When WE choose the wines, you will only be able to buy the chosen red, white and rose on, no where else.  The wines will arrive directly to your door and you can finally gift and consume the best wines in the world!

• takes away the difficult decision-making of buying wine  

•No more confusion

•No more hassle

•Make Wine Simple

Who are we and why trust us?  We have been in the wine business for over 20 years, we know how it works, we have built huge global brands, and we know all the secrets.  We also have a passion for innovation and changing the way wine and other fragmented luxury goods are sold.

If you want to reach us directly and ask questions, please email

What We Need & What You Get

We will need a substantial amount to begin our marketing and PR campaign.  $1.2 million dollars to be exact.  75% of these funds will be used for legal, marketing and PR in order to become a well known name for global wine consumers.  The first US$ 250,000 will be used to host our 1st tasting of the Southern Hemisphere's wines in Miami, Barcelona or London.  The first 3 wines chosen as the world's best red, white and rose, will be sold in the UK to begin.  This tasting will be held over an entire week and all expenses will be paid for our consumer judges and our critic judges.  We will also be building our site and putting together the first operational partnerships.

This, plus web site design and maintenance, label design and of course quality control assurance, is where the other 25% of the funding will be spent.

By contributing funds to our business, you will get various levels of opportunities to be a part, the first crowd sourced on line retail company.  This means that you may be one of our panel of judges for our first of many tastings that will be held every 6 months!

    The Impact

    Having worked in the over bureaucratic wine industry for the past 20 years, my partner and I became really tired of having to convince 3 layers of companies that our wine is amazing, before it ever got to you!!!  You probably don’t know this, but by the time the giant wine conglomerates are finished overlaying their formulas, algorithms and marketing budgets to the world’s wine stock, all the creativity that would bring you the newest and the best wines is snuffed out.  Under the current process, you are getting what they determine is “good enough.”  

    How will we bring our concept to life?

    Every 6 months we will hold a BLIND (meaning every single bottle will be covered and tasted without knowing what country, varietal, brand or company it is coming from) worldwide tasting for the best red, best white and best rose in the world.  The tasting will alternate between the Southern and Northern Hemisphere, during which time thousands of wines will be sampled by your peers and those wine enthusiasts who create trust. In the end a red, white and rose will be chosen.  We bottle it, and you can buy it directly on

    Through your generous contribution, YOU could get the opportunity to travel, all expenses paid by, to Miami, London or Barcelona to participate in the tasting, along with the world’s best wine critics and bloggers.

    The bigger picture – making money to make a change

    What your generous donation and participation in this movement will ultimately do is give my partner Alex and I the CHANCE to make a true, positive CHANGE in our lifetime.  Yes, we want to re-inject creativity and originality back into the wine industry while simplifying it.  But we have a bigger goal, a goal more meaningful than just making the company work and become successful.  It's about making money to make a change.  

    Many of us have lied awake at night thinking of what we can do to improve water systems, early childhood education and development, to promote love instead of hate, to eradicate poverty, clean our air, etc. etc. etc.  The only way we can spend the rest of our lives helping others is by building a community today. By making a success, we will be able to tackle these issues, and sleep soundly.  Let's make this change really happen!

      Risks & Challenges

      The big risk here is not being able to get in front of wine lovers and those who are intimidated by wine buying.  People have a lot of choices out there on line to buy just about any product possible -- we need to spread the word, and make sure becomes THE place to buy your wine.

        Other Ways You Can Help

        Spread the word, we will as well!

        Must be 21 years or older to win the tasting opportunity!!!

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