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A Film and Interactive Media Project about US Navy Admiral and Computer Pioneer, Grace Murray Hopper
Born With Curiosity
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Chicago, Illinois
United States
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It's not too late to help cover our 2015 production and story building, get some great perks, and put your name in the film credits!

Grace's Story (The Film)

Born With Curiosity follows US Navy Commander and computer pioneer, Grace Hopper's personal and professional life through the birth of the modern technology industry and the evolution of women's roles in American society.  Although Grace had a quirky sense-of-humor and defied many conventions of her time, she did not see herself as the quintessential poster girl for the women’s liberation movement, but that didn't stop her from becoming one.  Our film captures the excitement of the birth of computer programming and all the advancements it brought about while (re-)introducing Grace in all her complexities.  

Why This Film & Transmedia project, Why Now

"Steve Jobs and Bill Gates had over 12 films made about them, but their legacies are built on Grace's. Who knows, without Grace Hopper, they might have been door to door calculator salesmen! Even with that fact,there isn't one documentary about Grace and her legacy. It's time to change that." ~ Melissa Pierce, Director, Born with Curiosity

Most of history has been written by and about men. Our aim is to bring to life the untold and lost stories of women. We believe shining a light on and humanizing role models like Grace makes them relatable in a way that inspires others to greatness. By taking a real look at the complexities of Grace’s rise to fame, we hope to dispel the myth of the anomalous hero and create the opportunity for women and girls to see themselves in Grace.

 What You Get (The Perks)

We've partnered with talented illustrator and programmer, Xuanlana Nguyen, to bring you these ink and watercolor pieces of the moth Grace found inside the Mark II computer (does the term "computer bug" ring a bell?) as well as the Ambition and the Admiral watercolor which depicts grace as an aspirational young girl and an accomplished computer programmer.  Our perks include either variation of our these two illustrations on t-shirts, prints, and even a backwards running clock!

Who We Are (The Filmmakers)

Melissa Pierce and Marian Mangoubi are two filmmakers with independent film, television, and web series production experience. We have a deep desire to see more female role models recognized for their accomplishments. 

Melissa Pierce (Director, Producer, and Screenwriter) is also a computer programmer and the Executive Director of Chicago Women Developers NFP which supports women in and interested in computer programming.  Melissa's first documentary film, Life in Perpetual Beta (2010) examined how current technologies change human behavior. It was premiered at the Chicago International Film Festival in 2010 and won an award for merit at Hollywood Los Angeles Film Festival in 2011.

Marian Mangoubi (Producer, Screenwriter, and Researcher) uses her voice via social media to raise the profile of many women leaders in the world who go unrecognized. Marian can also be found writing scripts, novels, and short stories as well as working on several film and television productions.

Our Budget (300k)
Born with Curiosity is multi platform multi year project. Our first 6 months of research and story boarding for our film, curriculum, and other transmedia projects were fully funded by loving Grace Hopper fans from all over the globe! THANK YOU!!!! We are now working to fund the next year of our project, which will see the feature film to completion for 2016 release and the curriculum into review and testing phases of select schools. Though we hope to raise capital through corporate underwriting and grants, we know that we can't do it without our community.

Your contributions will cover the following expenses:

  • Licensing and Legal Fees for the Copyrighted Materials we would like to use (e.g. photos, video interviews with Grace, music, etc.)
  • Film Production Insurance
  • Hard Drives, Server Space, and Storage of Footage
  • Research Costs (including researching physical archives and interviewing experts)
  • Renting Equipment (e.g. lights, cameras, etc.)
  • Production Talent (e.g. Editors, Sound Engineers, Cinematographers, etc.)
  • Post production (musical score, sound mixing, color correction)
  • Curriculum Development
  • Web Development
  • Game Development

Other Ways You Can Help

Do you know or are you someone who is an expert about Grace Hopper specifically or computer history? Do you work in a news or national archive that has information about Grace Hopper, early computer programming, or women in the workforce during the 20th century? Do you belong to an organization that has a collection of Grace Hopper memorabilia? Please reach out to us. 

Please help us make some noise about the film.  Encourage your friends, family, and social networks to contribute toward this campaign.  Use Indiegogo's Share tools to share our campaign for 'Born With Curiosity' with your social networks.

Thank you so much.
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