BORN THIS WAY - The Journey Of Michael Brandon

This is a documentary telling the honesty of the journey Michael Brandon has taken over his Adult life; his Career, his Demons.


For Over Two Decades His History Was Being Created, but His Story Is Not Over Yet,

‘BORN THIS WAY’ ~ The Journey of Michael Brandon’

Born in Southern California to becoming one of the biggest Gay Pornographic actors, the life of Michael Brandon is one of confusion, awakening, sex, drugs, love, rehab, support, relapse, opposition, and triumph. From Raging Stallion Studios to 9x6 Pure Silicone, Michael Brandon has made a name for himself over the past two decades, but at what cost.

For the first time, Michael and the people in his life will come together to bare the truth in this compelling, emotional journey to the world.

The Truth will be unveiled, Guilt will be shown, Pain will be true, Deceptions will be fought and the real Michael Brandon will be seen.

This Documentary will be created having Interviews with  Chi Chi  LaRue, Ricky Sinz, Steven Richards, Michael’s Family including his Ex-Wife, Ex-Lovers, Friends, and Many More. OHP Films will also be reconstructing pivoted moments in Michael’s life with a talented cast to take you back in time to share these experiences. For the first time having you to be able to be there with Michael.

"Come Join Us And Michael Through This Journey"

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Unlike typical Documentaries, we are filming astonishing moments in Michael Brandon’s life for the screen. They will be sown in with the interviews and other segments of the Documentary to make not just an emotional, compelling story but visual stunning as well!

All monies raised will go for the Production of this film.

Including Post Production cost; Such as, Editor, Color & Audio Correction, Film Transfer, DVD/BluRay Pressing, Marketing and Promoting, Venues for Premiere and showings.

We have been active with this Documentary for a couple months. Several Interviews have been shot, and many more need to be done.  We will, then, go into a shooting schedule for the ‘Movie’ part of the Documentary where we will re-create certain points in Michael Brandon’s life, and capture them on film to interlace into all the other footage of the Documentary.

Thank you all!!!!!


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