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Carrion Films new animation investigating Borley Rectory - 'The Most Haunted House in England'. Featuring Reece Shearsmith, Julian Sands and Steven Severin.
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Still from 'Borley Rectory - The most haunted house in England'

"Ghostly figures of headless coachmen... a nun believed to have been bricked up within the walls... a screaming girl at the window of the blue room and dragging footsteps in empty rooms. The scene of the ghostly visitations is the Rectory at Borley, a few miles from Long Melford, Suffolk. It is a building erected on part of the site of a great monastery which, in the Middle ages, was the scene of a great tragedy..." The Daily Mirror, June 10th 1929.


My name is Ashley Thorpe and I am the writer / director of this project. My previous work includes 'Scayrecrow', 'The Screaming Skull' and 'The Hairy Hands'; three award winning animated shorts inspired by neglected aspects of British legend. Recently I also wrote 'The Demon Huntsman' and 'Dead Man's Shoes' for Glass Eye Pix Radio Drama series 'Tales From Beyond the Pale'.  I'm also a regular contributor to 'Fangoria' Magazine' - providing both articles (usually with a Brit-centric bent), reviews and the odd cover or two - Issues 305 (Amicus) and 307 (Alice Cooper).

'Borley Rectory' is to be an animated documentary about a very famous haunted house. It's a story I've been fascinated by since stumbling across it in the 'Usborne book of Ghosts' back when I was a young boy. The film is to be an exploration of the 'haunting's history' created in a similar 'collage / rotoscope' style as my previous animations. It will not only be an investigation of the facts but also a meditation on why this story - and hauntings in general - continue to fascinate.


"I've always been fascinated by ghost photography. Not purely because of the subject matter but because they are often very beautiful images. I want Borley Rectory to look like a moving piece of 'spirit photography..."



My team on this are the trusted team I've worked with on all the projects plus a few very special guests: Avant garde audio darling Doctor Mick Grierson (Goldsmiths) will be providing sound design whilst the score will be provided by legendary composer / Siouxsie & the Banshees founding member Steve Severin.

The Borley Rectory guest artists 


The voiceover has been performed by celebrated British actor Julian Sands (who has worked with such disparate talent as Ken Russell, David Cronenberg and David Fincher).



I am also VERY proud to say that BORLEY RECTORY will also be featuring the wonderful REECE SHEARSMITH (League of Gentlemen, Psychoville, Ghost Story and most recently A Field in England).



Carrion Film was created by a group of like-minded individuals  born out of a desire to see material that was not being produced by anyone anywhere else. Not because it was clever. Because it felt obvious. It was about telling stories (often neglected regional legends) that no-one else seemed to be telling.

The previous three were very well received (check out the awards and glowing press here) and being lovers of filmmaking we want to make another and naturally take it to the next level.

With your help this money will enable us to get started end of summer 2013 with the finished film being premiered the following year (our aim is for a cut to be complete in time for Frightfest Aug 2014). Who dares wins right?

10K? Why so much money?

Well, we want to make the best film we possibly can and media equipment and facilities aren't cheap but the money raised for Borley Rectory isn't just going to be spent on production alone, you'll help us create the entire 20 minute project: from the first day of shooting, through animation, sound design, voiceover, scoring, edit and final grade. The whole shebang. That's right - a 20 minute animation - filmed, animated, edited, mixed and scored by professionals for 10K. We think that's bloody good value and with our seasoned mix of creative and industry backgrounds we're damn confident that we can do it.

What's more, making a film is just the beginning of the journey. Your money will also help us ensure that an audience sees it, enabling us to get it into festivals and helping us attend and show our faces where and when it matters. We want 'Borley Rectory' to be the catalyst for not just the films thus far to  finally get the DVD / Blu-Ray release they've been waiting for but also to be the drive towards bigger and even more ambitious projects.

And if we exceed our target? Depending on how much we exceed our goal we'll either channel that money into cranking up Borley Rectory's production values or channel that money straight back into developing the next project. Perhaps even our first feature. We've got two scripts in the wings. But let's not get ahead of ourselves...


The Rewards

Ok...sounds great but what do WE get out of it I hear you ask...

Well, apart from our eternal gratitude we've cooked up a few very special treats. For starters to keep you entertained throughout our campaign we've made a few short films discussing the haunting and the topic of hauntings with featured guests such as Stephen Volk (pictured here), Fangoria Editor Chris Alexander and newly appointed 'Best New British Horror' Editor Johnny Mains.

A campaign wouldn't be complete without a few 'perks' and we've got some very special treats here for you. To the right you'll see our full list  so I won't bother listing them again here. I will however draw your attention to a few gems.

Firstly we have a wealth of signed items gratiously provided by our guest artists REECE SHEARSMITH, STEVEN SEVERIN and JULIAN SANDS. But by far my favourite and I believe a true standout is the extremely limited edition vinyl pressing of the original score by Steve Severin - numbered and signed by guests and myself and presented in a full colour 'retro-Amicus / Pan Horror' style sleeve. Pretty fantastic and a genuine collectors item.

And if you fancy yourself something of an executive producer, a major donation will not just earn you a signature from Julian Sands, the man himself will call and thank you personally...!!!

"Help Ashley make a film that matters." - FANGORIA Editor in Chief, Chris Alexander

I can't stress enough how important your contribution is. Carrion Film is a rag tag guerilla unit as small as they come. But we love what we do, we have faith in what we do and so far that love for film making and storytelling has delivered us from selling tiles on a trading estate onto the world stage and into the pages of publications such as Fangoria, Rue Morgue and Little Shoppe of Horrors. And we're just getting started...

The first film 'Scayrecrow' won a Media Innovation Award and was screened at Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors. Both of the last two shorts hit Raindance and Cannes. One was nominated Best British Short film. We have other shorts based on local legends planned and two draft feature scripts (the Dartmoor set Amicus style portmanteau 'Hell-Tor' and Victorian gothic 'Spring Heel Jack') waiting in the wings.

Your contribution is not just a'll be celebrating and championing truly independent cinema.

Julian Sands with Ashley Thorpe for Borley Rectory

I fully sympathise that some of you just won't be able to contribute, but that really doesn’t mean you can’t help us:

SHARE THE WORD! Share our links / videos / updates etc etc

Public awareness is half the battle and it's never been easier to get the word out there. If you love the idea, let someone else know about it.

If you're sick to ****ing death of hearing about it make some noise, Facebook our teeth in, tweet our guts until you're twunted, and we promise to go away...eventually.

Every fresh pair of eyes and ears that you help direct to our project could potentially be the ones that help us fulfill our goal and make something wonderful.



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    A huge thank you from the Carrion Film team on social media PLUS exclusive Borley Rectory screensaver art.

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    An 'on screen credit' of thanks once the film is released PLUS a first look at an online screener of the finished film. You'll also get the above perks...

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    An HD download of the finished film. PLUS a limited edition poster signed by the crew of the Borley Rectory artwork. You'll also get all of the above...

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    Borley Rectory Poster SIGNED BY REECE SHEARSMITH! "The artwork is beautiful" - Reece Shearsmith An HD download of the finished film. PLUS all of the above - On screen credit, download of OST by STEVEN SEVERIN, screensaver art and social media thanks. *Please Note - the autographs WILL ship before the projects end.

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    A PERSONALISED AUTOGRAPH signed, sealed and delivered from our narrator JULIAN SANDS (on the 10 x 8 of your choice - ie: 'Warlock', 'Gothic' 'Arachnophobia' etc). An HD download of the finished film. PLUS all of the above... *Please Note - the autographs WILL ship before the projects end.

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    Thank you TWEET by REECE SHEARSMITH PLUS Poster SIGNED BY REECE SHEARSMITH "The artwork is beautiful" - Reece Shearsmith An HD download of the finished film. PLUS all of the above (Apart from Julian Sands 10 x 8) On screen credit, download of OST by STEVEN SEVERIN, screensaver art and social media thanks. *Please Note - the autographs WILL ship before the projects end.

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    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • £100GBP

    DELUXE signed Borley Rectory poster (signed by both director Ashley Thorpe and Julian Sands). Official download of the Steven Severin OST, PLUS a social media thank you from composer Steven Severin! Plus an HD download of the finished film, on screen thanks and screensaver artwork.

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  • £125GBP

    DVD HARD COPY of the finished film - SIGNED by REECE SHEARSMITH, JULIAN SANDS & STEVEN SEVERIN !!! PLUS all of the above - on screen credit, download of OST, Signed JULIAN SANDS 10 x 8 (Film of your choice), Signed Poster, screensaver art and social media thanks from Steven Severin and Carrion Films. *Please Note - the autographs WILL ship before the projects end.

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    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • £150GBP

    EXTREMELY LIMITED EDITION Vinyl pressing of the Steven Severin OST for Borley Rectory - Signed by the composer, Julian Sands and director Ashley Thorpe. PLUS a DVD hard copy of the finished film. PLUS on screen credit, download of film and OST, screensaver art and social media thanks from Steven Severin and Carrion Films.

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    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • £350GBP

    A GUIDED TOUR OF BORLEY by BEST OF NEW BRITISH HORROR Editor JOHNNY MAINS - Travel costs NOT included. PLUS feature in a short story in Johhny's Robert Aickman tribute anthology next year. PLUS - A Skype with Borley Rectory director Ashley Thorpe. A VIP ticket to a live event (travel not included). LIMITED EDITION signed and numbered art print of the FANGORIA Amicus cover (issue 305) - painted by Ashley Thorpe. PLUS - ALL previous perks including The LIMITED EDITION VINYL OST!

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    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • £500GBP

    THANK YOU CALL from JULIAN SANDS. VIP Invitation to Film Premiere Executive Producer credit (IMDB recognised) Workshop with Ashley Thorpe (Travel not included) wherein the director discusses the techniques behind Carrion Films in person. The LIMITED EDITION VINYL OST, Hard copy DVD of the finished film, DELUXE signed poster, download of film and OST and social media thanks from composer Steven Severin.

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    Estimated delivery: June 2014
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