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Two guys are sailing in a canoe through the Spreewald, where they detect a suspicious large garbage bag including a corpse. A bit later, they find themselves in the water - together with that guy, who wanted to get rid of it. Explain that kind of story to a policeman ...

title: Bootskadaver (AT)
length: 12min
shooting location: Brandenburg / Spreewald
shooting time: August, 30th 2013 till September 01st, 2013

This is the first great and professional short film of Julia Dembowski. We need your help to make this project become reality. - And you will see it at the premiere and on TV.

Script/Director: Julia Dembowski

Cinematographer: Christoph Wieczorek

Editor: Martin Oberhaus

Production: Patrick Rupprecht

What and Why

So, what we need? We need 2500,00 Euro to realize this project. We will pay the technic, the costume, the transport fleet (canoe, cars), hostel and the catering. We also will pay the toilette - give us a fucking mobile toilette!

Check out our perks! We will give you Love, Peace, Hugs and something else. <3

All money you will send will be just for this project.

Implication (or so!?)

We will win prices on festivals! We will get fame and fortune! We will now got to school, and learn how to make movies! We will watch TV and we will call our family, "Now, watch Arte! Now!"

Support our film! Support the glowing future of Julia Dembowski!


You will get more?

You need more information?

Got to: www.sonnenkoppmedia.de/bootskadaver
Got to: www.facebook.com/bootskadaver

Or write a mail - we will send press kit and script, just for you :)


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