Book Of Aden

A picture book series about a teenage boy named Aden who discovers the supernatural world that teaches him the truth to life and all it's mysteries.
Jason Anthony
Hartford, Connecticut
United States
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Short Summary

Hey, I'm Jason Anthony from ArcaneArtStudios. I'm here today to pitch an idea me and my friends have had for a few months now. We have already started writing and drawing and we are here to ask for your support to help us raise money to create and print our book. This book is about a you boy named Aden who one day realizes that he has the ability to see into the Spirit World. Afer coming to grips with what amazing things he's seen, he starts to go on adventures in the Spirit World. He is put in possitions where his knowledge and power is used to help him become a hero. Everything he does in the Spirit World has an effect on the Physical World. This book will keep you wondering and keep you wanting more. We are planning to have over 40 different series/parts to the book but we need money for funding the printing and publishing. 

We would be so happy to actually get more people to work on this project and we will give you, our supporter, a chance to be a part of helping us here on

This is something we really want to make happen. Eventually, we will develope this into something bigger that will help people all over and maybe change alot of negative beliefs and actions across the world.

If you decide to help us you will be doing much more than you know. With any little support, we could get this started and have something to back our cause and could help change the future.

Support us now and make a difference. Maybe you can help us save the world.

What We Need & What You Get

We need the funding to get this project published and to invest in more equipment to develope the animated series. Our current equipment is not good for the production process. We need equipment that can speed things up and create superior quality. So far, we have the story written and are illustrating it. We need you to help us because only with your help will we be able to make copies and share this great creation with the world.


Book design and printing service.
Inside Cover
Special Size
Proof Copy
Cover Design
BC Wording
Marketing Kit
Animated series airing and webisodes. 
Printing DVD
Publishing DVD 
Marketing Kit
Cover Design
When you help, there are great perks you can get that will allow you to be mentioned and be apart of this project. Even possibly become one of the characters.

If it comes to the point that we do not reach our goal, we will use what funds we did raise to print as much of the books as we can.


The Impact

Every bit of support will help us because there are also a lot more long term goals with creating animated novels and this would be a starting point to get things going.

The stories and expirences in this series are based off of real events and real people. If this book is published or the show is devloped, a lot of the things that are depicted in it will open the eyes of many people around the world. There is a lot of basic morals and teachings that are imbeded deep in the main characters experiences of the new world he uncovers. Personally, we believe if people knew and applied the basic principles and morals to their lives, a lot of the chaos happening in the world will decrease.

We started ArcaneArtStudios and we have also been a part of other great projects helping people and keeping teens off the streets and getting involved in things that could ruin their lives. 

Our main goal is world peace and by getting peoples thoughts and creativity to form to that, it can eventually be a part of their action. Those people, themselves, can be real life superheroes!

Other Ways You Can Help

Spread the word and keep checking out everything we are working on. We always have spots for anyone to help us. Remember use the share tool and share with as much people as you can!



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    Get the first copy of each series,be a character in the book and the Animated series, get your name apart of the special thanks section, Get mentioned as a supporter, Get copy of every new book we create, and most of all have a chance to create and add to the story.

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