BOMBAS: Better Socks. Better World. Bee Better.

Bombas are socks engineered and designed to look better, feel better, and perform better. One pair purchased = One pair donated.

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Top Questions

How do I choose my sizes, colors, and styles?
At the end of the campaign (September 6th), we will send you a link to a page where you can choose your sizes, colors, and styles.

Do you ship internationally? If so, what is the cost?
Yes! Please add $15 to your order for international shipping.

What are Bombas?
Bombas are socks engineered and designed to look better, feel better and perform better. One pair purchased = One pair donated. 

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Thanks for checking out Bombas. We've received a ton of support getting this far and we're really excited to finally share all of our hard work with everyone. Our project started two years ago when we came across a quote that changed everything. We learned that socks are the #1 most requested clothing item in homeless shelters. Since then, the idea blossomed, designs were designed, charity partners were secured, socks were tested, and here we are, launching Bombas exclusively on Indiegogo.

We'd love to hear from you, so reach out with any questions, comments or digital high fives. 

- David and Randy

Black and Blue Ankle Sock

Bombas are game-changing socks that have to be felt to be believed. We set out to rethink a product that is an afterthought for most people. Athletic shoes have advanced tremendously in the last 20 years. Socks still look and feel exactly the same.


We came across this quote two years ago and it really stuck with us. We started to think… If TOMS donates a pair of shoes for every pair purchased… and Warby Parker donates a pair of eyeglasses… then why couldn't Bombas donate a pair of socks?

The word Bombas is derived from the Latin word for bumblebee. Bees work together to make the hive a better place. We like that. So much so that it inspired our slogan that's written on the inside of every pair of Bombas: bee better.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I choose my sizes, colors, and styles?
At the end of the campaign we will send you a link to a page with a form to fill out where you can chose you sizes, colors, and styles.

Do the charities get the same socks that we do?
Of course! We know what it feels like to put on a fresh pair of Bombas, so we felt it was important for everyone to be able to experience that feeling.

What are you going to do with the money you raise?
Once we reach our goal, we'll make your socks and ship them to you as quickly as possible. And deliver a pair to someone in need for every pair you purchase, of course. Any additional funds raised will go towards continued production and expansion of the current line to include new colors (white, solid neons, etc.), new sizes (babies/infants/kids - ages 0 - 12), and new styles (knee high, no-show, etc.), as well as few extra surprises.

When do I get my socks?
Our manufacturing partners are standing by and excited to start producing Bombas. As soon as our campaign ends, they will get to work.

Allowing for 20 days to receive the funds we raised we can expect to have Bombas delivered to you within 3 months after the end of the campaign. And we will do everything within our control to expedite the process to get them to you as soon as possible.

What sizes do they come in? How do I know my size?
Bombas are currently offered in three different sizes based off of standard US sock sizing:

Mens (shoe sizes 8-12)
Womens (shoe sizes 5-9)
Teen (shoe sizes 5-9)

It is important to note that while Bombas are produced for these standard size ranges, Bombas have more stretch and recoil than your traditional pair of socks. As such, we have had athletes with shoes sizes up to a 15 wear Bombas comfortably with no compromise in performance or durability.

Since Bombas have a unisex design, our Teen sizing can be worn by both girls and boys with the corresponding shoe sizes. If buying these as a gift for a youngster, sizes 5-9 range on average from 12-18 years in age.

We plan to offer kids sizes after our campaign ends.

Will they shrink?
Yes. They'll shrink once. Bombas are designed to fit perfectly after the first washing. And forever after that. We wanted to make sure we created a sock that you could wear every day without worrying about any special washing instructions. Bombas will hold up to the high heat of any dryer and come out perfectly every time.

Will the colors run when I wash them?
Not even a little thanks to our Peruvian Pima Cotton. Besides its incredible ability to breathe and wick moisture, Peruvian Pima Cotton is known the world over for its ability to hold color. That said, we still recommend washing with like colors.

What if I don't like them?
Unlikely, but stranger things have happened. That said, we stand by our product 100% so if for any reason you aren't happy with your Bombas just reach out to us at dave@bombassocks.com and we'll arrange for an exchange or full return.

If you've worn your Bombas, our only request is that you wash them prior to sending them back. We want to make sure you're happy but don't want to handle your funked up Bombas in the process. And so you don't feel bad, your Bombas will be donated to someone in need.

Can I wear my Bombas outside the gym?
You can wear them wherever you like. While Bombas were engineered for the athlete, we also wanted to make sure they performed better in the looks department. So we brought in a designer who was named one of "GQ's Best New Designers in America". It was important for us to create a design that didn't scream "athletic sock."

As such, Bombas are equally at home with a pair of jeans, a button down, and Red Wings as they are with shorts, a t-shirt and some Nike AirMax 95's. We've even worn the black ones with a tux before. The black and heather grey base colors are neutral enough to go with any color fabric and any shoe, while the neon accents are subtle enough to provide enough contrast to get noticed, but not too much to stand out.

What do I do if I don't want to take them off because they're so comfortable?
Don't panic, you're not alone and no one will judge you. The only answer to your question is make sure to have enough Bombas on hand to always be able to slip a fresh pair on. We recommend at least one pair a day, plus an additional pair for every time you exercise throughout the week.

What do I do if throngs of people follow me and try to steal my socks?
Not surprising. We've seen it happen. Your significant other will steal your Bombas. Your kids will actually do the laundry for the opportunity to hoard away your Bombas. Regardless of color, style, gender, or size, your Bombas will go missing if you're not careful.

The only solution here is to make sure these people have their own. Bombas are inexpensive and cool enough to make for pretty excellent gifts. Remember, they're cheaper and last a whole lot longer than flowers. And hey, you'll be helping someone less fortunate in the process, so win/win all around.

What's this whole "Bee Better" thing about?
When we say Bee Better, we mean it as a mantra, a way of approaching every day. It's stitched into the inside of every pair of Bombas for a reason. It's a reminder to push yourself harder to be better at your athletic pursuits. A reminder that these socks are engineered and designed with thought to better. A reminder that you helped someone in need with your purchase. And a reminder that we're all connected and little improvements can add up to make a big difference.

Will the founder of Bombas really get a Bombas tattoo if you raise $200,000?
David is 30 years old and has zero tattoos. He's never really thought about getting one. But he has given his word that he will get a Bombas tattoo if we raise $200,000 in fundraising. It's his way of committing to something he truly believes in and will be a permanent reminder of your support. His mother is not happy about this. We like David's mother, but a promise is a promise. If you pledge, and encourage your friends to pledge, the ink will flow freely. And permanently. And we promise to post video and pictures right on this page as proof.

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