Blumoth - when your camera meets your smartphone

Your camera produces quality photos. Your smartphone has Internet connection and a cool interface. Now connect them with Blumoth!
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Introducing Blumoth


Blumoth is a new gadget which connects your digital camera to your smartphone via Bluetooth, opening up a world of opportunities. We have built an intuitive smartphone app which allows you to take control on your camera and share photos over the Internet in just a few taps. 


With Blumoth you can use your smartphone or tablet to: 


  • View and share the pictures saved on your camera 
  • View the camera’s live view screen and take pictures remotely 
  • Adjust shooting settings and set the camera trigger to take automatic shooting sequences 


It is the perfect way to share high quality photography on the Internet, wherever you are, whenever you want – without the need for a laptop or WiFi connection. Blumoth has been designed for people like us, who love being outdoor, taking great photos and sharing them with the world. The Blumoth app makes it simple to take advantage of digital camera’s functionality from your phone’s screen. 

We have already developed an operational prototype of Blumoth, including an Android app, and we’re already testing it on different camera models. Now we need your help to complete the project and get Blumoth into production. In the future we’re also planning to make it available for iPhone.

Blumoth connected to a camera

How Blumoth Works

Wireless Connectivity 

Using Blumoth is easy – simply plug the device into your camera, turn on the Bluetooth and pair it with your smartphone.You will then be able to use your phone to access the camera.

Liveview and Camera Control

With Liveview feature you can view your camera’s live screen on your phone. This means you can see through the camera’s viewfinder even when you are feet away from it so you can see what you shoot. Additionally, you can adjust shooting settings and shoot photos remotely. 

Download and Share Photos 

When your camera is connected to Blumoth you can use your smartphone to view all of the photos that are saved on your camera. When entering the Device Gallery screen, these photos will first come up as thumbnails. You can then select the photos you want to save to your phone, download them and then share them any way you like - on social networks, by email or any other way. Local Gallery will keep and provide access to all downloaded photos on the phone.

“Timelapse” and other pre-programmed tasks 

One of the key features of Blumoth is programmed shooting. The device allows you to make timelapses, HDR, bracketing or even create a custom script that changes the camera’s parameters and shoots photos over a period of time. 

Ease of Use 

The Blumoth app is very intuitive and easy to use. A simple user interface has been designed to allow photographers to take control of their cameras in seconds. The Blumoth device itself is so small and lightweight that you will soon see it as an extension of your camera. It is powered by a long standing rechargeable battery, so you will always have the power you need. 

Simplifying Your Photography Experience 

We all carry our smartphones with us all the time, so we always have an Internet connection in our pockets. Blumoth allows you to harness that online power and extend your camera’s functionalities further than you could have imagined. With Blumoth you can leave your laptop at home and forget about investing in an expensive automatic triggering hardware.

Current changes

Recently we have started working on a new and improved housing design that will be more functional and even better looking. Therefore the final product may have a slightly different, but definitely better, design. We will post the new images as soon as they are available. We are also planning to continue working on the Blumoth mobile application and add new cool features to it: multiple cameras control, geo tagging, auto backup, and more. Every one of our supporters who perks for a Blumoth device will receive all future updates of the application for free!

Technical specs

  • Battery: integrated, rechargable, 1850mAh
  • Charging method: standard USB
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB
  • Device periphery: one button operation (device), LED
  • Mobile device OS supported: Android
  • Weight: coming soon
  • Dimensions: 80x45x12 (current design)


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Project history

The idea of Blumoth was born to a group of adventurers who are specialists from different fields. We spent a lot of our spare time to make it happen and it took several loops to understand which hardware  will do it best.

One of the development boards

Testing different Bluetooth modules

Hands on first samples!

We can’t wait to make Blumoth available to everyone but right now we need you guys to help us make our dream true!

Founders bio

Alex and Kat live in Tel Aviv, Israel, working in High Tech field. 
Alex has in Mathematics and Computer Sciences from Tel Aviv University. He is CTO and co-founder of a company named Trivium Solutions, a software warehouse specializing in Embedded Software development ( 
Kat has B.A. degree in Business Administration (specializing in IT Management). She is a product manager in a leading company in Internet entertainment field. 

In BluMoth project, Kat is responsible for product definition, Alex is handling software development, and electronics.

We are belong to a local climbing community, love adventures, travelling around the world and documenting our travels which became a strong background for our idea.

Production timeline

After a successful funding thanks to you guys we will continue and finalize product development by completing the following steps:

1. Hardware

The main effort will be to move from the prototype we developed to mass production device. In order to complete this task, we will need to:

  • Finalize electronics development ( est. one month)
  • Perform final adaptations of mechanical design to the electronics part (est. two week)
  • Production of a test batch of devices, extensive testing (est. two months)

Overall, we estimate the effort of completing the hardware part by 3.5-4 months.

2. Software

In parallel, we will finalize mobile application development. This will include mainly extensive testing against different camera models, and necessary user interface adaptations for various screen resolutions and Android OS flavors. (est. 4 months)

3. Production 

The final step that is needed to bring BluMoth to life will be to start a mass production. Our prototype is developed in a collaboration with a warehouse which will produce the final design. (est. 1.5 months).

Overall, within 5-6 months after a successful funding, we plan to start shipping BluMoth to our precious backers!

Risks and challenges

We have already developed a fully functional prototype of Blumoth device, and a smartphone app. We will need to complete the effort by designing the final product, putting it into production and passing various certifications.

Please note that availability of various features of Blumoth depends of your camera model.
If your camera supports USB PTP connection mode, which most of digital cameras do, you will be able to get access to photos and share them. You can check this by connecting your camera by USB to a PC or laptop. If it will be shown as a camera, then it is good to go. Some cameras support multiple modes of USB connection, so you might want to check your camera menu and switch it to PTP mode first.

Most DSLR cameras support control features through USB port. Depending on your camera model, you'll be able to use Live view, shoot photos, change ISO, Shutter speed, and Aperture. We are now in process of accessing and testing different camera models of different manufactures. Please see the list of supported features for cameras already tested:

Canon: 450D (full support), 500D (full support), 550D (full support), 5D (photo share only), 5D Mark II (full support), 7D (full support), 1D IV (full support) 
Nikon: D70 (control and share photos, no live view), D7000 (full support) 
Sony: Nex5 (photo share only)

If your camera is not in the list, it doesn't mean it is not supported! Most chances are we just didn't test it yet! Please don't hesitate to contact us and provide your camera model, and we will make every effort to test it as soon as possible.

We are committed to keep working on future releases of the application and to add support for additional camera models in future! As a supporter of Blumoth project, you will be granted with free updates of the software for a life time!

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