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A professionally-made collection of my mini-comics and the opportunity to bring them to the big city!!
Matt Cummings
Wolfville, Nova Scotia
1 Team Member

Gimme the Deets!


I'm Matt Cummings, an illustrator from Nova Scotia, Canada. Over the past few years, I've written and drawn a comic series called Bluenose, which you can find over at http://www.bluenosecomic.ca 

Last year, I created my first ever mini-comic, starring the Bluenose cast. It was a labour of love and turned out really great! This year, I'd like to take it to the next level, with a collection of 3 new stories which continue where the first left off. In addition, the entire first mini-comic story will be included, making this the graphic novel of mini-comics! :0

A whopping 60 pages of comics is planned and ready to be brought to life. And that's not all! I have ambitions here, and they don't stop at comics alone! There will be pin-ups, illustrations, fanart, and A TABLE OF CONTENTS! Whoa!

It promises to be the cutest book on your shelf.

This campaign will also serve as my gateway to the Toronto Comic Arts Festival in May! It's a gathering of some of the friendliest folks in the art and comics worlds and, after attending last year, one of the places I'd most like to revist. I'll be bringing my books with me to give to folks so if you buy one here, tell me and I'll give it to you in  p e r s o n !


What I Need And What You Get!

The $1300 I need will go to a few key things! Simply put, book-making costs (from lulu.com!), shipping materials/costs (built into the price of your donations!) and travel/accomodations for TCAF!

After checking all the fancy options around, my comics friends have directed me to lulu.com for my book-making needs. They have the best balance of quality supplies and print detail to costs. The book will be perfect bound in A5 size and should tuck handsomely into any and all book shelves, coat pockets and rolled up pant cuffs.

For the initial run of the book, I'll making 70 books minimum. To cover this, it'll be $300-$400, roughly (depending on final page count). If I end up getting more donations than expected, the number of books goes up, up, up!!

Travel to and from TCAF will be $390 (THANK GOODNESS FOR flyporter.com!!) and hotel costs will be $450 for the weekend.

The last bit is to cover IndieGoGo's fees~ (:


And you get? OHO! Well, a book for starters, if you donate $25 and above!

There are digital copies, physical copies, a chance to be DRAWN INTO THE BOOK and locally-sourced postcards from me with drawings and a lovely li'l message on them about how great you are. Check out the side-bar for a complete breakdown!

To Me, This Is The Pinacle of A Good Thing

Learning how to make a book was one of the hardest, most rewarding experiences of my artistic life. It was something I did for myself as much as for the many folks who (to my great delight) were so enthusiastic about helping me see it through.

The cycle of helping each other make cool, new works to share our stories is one of my absolute favourite things and I hope you'll all come along for this ride with me!

Can't Donate? No Worries!

If you can spread the word, I would really appreciate it! Tell all your comics-lovin' pals~ I'M HERE TO GIVE YOU CUTE THINGS. TAKE MY CUTE THINGS!

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This campaign ended on April 2, 2013
Select a Perk
  • $5CAD
    Digital Copy!

    A .PDF of the finished book, including all the bonus content!

    14 claimed
  • $25CAD

    This is it! The crown jewel. A shiny, new copy of Bluenose sent to your door. Softcover, black and white, tons of bonus content, SIGNED BY ME! SHIPPING IS INCLUDED! :D

    28 claimed
  • $50CAD
    From me to You

    The signed book, PLUS a postcard from me! I will draw all over it and write you a nice little note about how absolutely awesome you are

    8 claimed
  • $200CAD
    Star of the Show

    A walk-on role IN THE BOOK!? Yes! I will draw you into a scene in the book. You'll also get the signed book and post card, OF COURSE.

    2 out of 3 claimed
  • $500CAD
    Haha WHAT!?

    All the previous tier's items PLUS a personalized package from me with sketches, some Canadian candy, a thumb drive with the digital book on it, as well as a full-colour digital commission of whatever you want! (:

    0 out of 2 claimed
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