Bloomington Krampus Night

If you saw Krampus Night 2012, you know how fun this unique, cultural community event is. If December 7, 2013 will be your first Krampus Night, watch out!

The Krampus Are Coming Back!

December 7, 2013, the Krampus return to Bloomington! All the way from Alpine Europe, the Krampus, St. Nicholas, and the angels will march through the parks, paths, forests, and streets of Bloomington and Indiana University.

Who Are The Krampus?

Krampus Night FAQ

Krampus Night is produced by Krampus Legend & Arts Workshop (KLAW), a diverse collective of friends, artists, and organizers with documented experience creating successful artwork and events.

How You Can Help!

KLAW needs to raise $2,500 from our community to make sure people know about the BEST Krampus event this side of the Alps! 

Donations will go toward:

- Promotions: Stickers, Yard Signs, Postcards, and possibly a Billboard north of town!

- Krampus Kare: Grooming, Horn & Klaw Sharpening, Facials

- Safety: Insurance, Security & Communications Gear, Law Enforcement

In return, contributors receive some great perks!

  • Appreciative recognition on our Facebook page!
  • An autographed 8x10 photo of St. Nicholas and the Krampus!
  • A personal visit from the Krampus!
  • Confinement in the parade float cage during the march!

Team on This Campaign: