Bloody Solstice

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A map of powers is on the line in this action/adventure, as a group of men escape a post-apocalyptic labor camp during a cold winter night, only to be pursued by a small militia, climaxing in a bloody battle on a snowy clearing in the woods.  It has a lot of Swords, snow, blood and packed full of action and stunts.

This short student/independent film will debut at the Maine Mayhem in Portland Maine, and it is the beginning of a series. This movie is very ambitious and is only possible with the help of others. This movie is very unique in so many ways, from the method of development, to the individual character creation. Each warrior has their own story with unique personality’s. So much work has gone into this short film already from both the cast and crew, and it is about to go into production phase.

We need your help, in the big battle scene we will have about 50 local talents including cast and crew. I think that they deserve to eat. Won’t you donate some money to make sure that after being in the cold snow, they have a warm and dry place to have a hot meal?  

Your donations won’t only go to food, but to equipment rentals, special effects, props, and costumes, and make up.

I know you will enjoy this film. So please consider donating today, and make our dreams come true. 

If we reach our goal for this film, any additional funds will go directly towards the sequel. 


 Let me tell you a little bit about it. It’s a post-apocalyptic action/adventure /comedy in which swords are the primary weapon of choice.

The movie is called Bloody Solstice, and in it we follow a few young men as they escape from a labor camp run by The Commander. When the commander learns of the escape, he decides to personally go after them along with his special units of soldiers, including:

The BAB’s; an elite female unit that knows the fine art of Bad Assery  

The Running Ghosts; (Generals Honorary Order of Stealth Traceurs) an elite unit of free running assassins.

The Axe Men- An elite unit of Axe wielding maniacs

The Commanders Guard- An elite group of soldiers that serves as the Commanders personal guard.

They chase them until they catch up to the escapee’s at a small snow filled clearing in the woods. This is when the Commander learns that the escapee’s had received help from someone who had stolen a map of power from him. A bloody battle takes place as the commander quickly realizes that they would not surrender despite being highly out numbered.

The day known as the Bloody Solstice will shake the foundation of the region, as the map of power is once again located.   You can find the official page on Facebook:  Bloody Solstice

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