Bloodline - Scottish Supernatural Drama TV Show Pilot

Scottish supernatural drama TV show that follows a team of investigators who use their special abilities to combat creatures from ancient Scottish mythology.
Fraser Coull
United Kingdom
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What's The Story?

"Bloodline" follows The Three, an ancient organisation formed in the 17th century in the Scottish Highlands. When the Campbell clan joined forces with an evil shape shifter, they started releasing powerful creatures to rule the lands. The MacDonalds were met by a mysterious force and the Three were formed - each member of the team were gifted with super strength, agility and mental ability. Using their skills, the Three forced the Campbells into hiding and the creatures were frozen in time, never to be seen again. 

Now in 2012, a cute, nervous geek, Emily, accidentally releases an ancient shape shifter, The Tam Lin, into our time, who immediately causes havoc with anyone and everyone it can come into contact with, forcing the current line up of The Three, Markus (Des O'Gorman), Kate (Mhairi Calvey) and Adam (Jamie Forrest) to team up with cage fighter Charles (Mat Robertson) to stop Tam Lin (Craig McEwan) at all costs. 

Who, What, Why and When

"Bloodline" is the creation of Fraser Coull, of Silly Wee Films, and Scott Forrest of Forrestfire Productions. Fraser had dreamt of making his own TV shows since watching Doctor Who, eventually following his path by training at the BBC and creating a successful web series, short films and feature films through his own production company, Silly Wee Films.

Scott Forrest was drawn into the TV and film industry in order to tell stories to entertain the same way he did when he watched shows such as Angel, Smallville and Buffy. Scott studied film at Edinburgh university and started his own company, Forrestfire Productions, early last year.


So What Is This Campaign For?

This campaign has been set up in order to raise essential funds to cover our expenses over the 6 days we take to film our 45 minute pilot. Rather than simply write a script and the pitch required to present our TV show to companies who will produce our show, we felt it we could create a much bigger impact by actually shooting the pilot to show potential TV networks what we are out to achieve. 

So far we have brought on a fantastic cast including Mhairi Calvey (Braveheart), the Hybrid School of Martial Art who worked with Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible III and Christian Bale on Batman Begins, to ensure our fight scenes are realistic and exciting.

With your pledge we can hire the best props, ensure that our actors can travel throughout the duration of the shoot and allow us to use the best locations possible to ensure our pilot is the best that it can be.

The Bloodline pilot could lead to a full series being made, ensuring that not only will we be introducing a new, quality action-packed supernatural drama in the vein of Angel, to a UK and world wide audience, but we will also be securing future work for upcoming actors, members of crew who have been studying and training hard to fulfill their dreams of working in the TV industry and providing a great TV show for our country to be proud of.

All we are asking for is some help to ensure we can pay for the minimum expenses that we have and in return we have some wonderful perks to offer you!

What We Need & What You Get

All of the money we raise will go on the props that we need:

- Our pilot features THREE amazing fights, all with swords, bo staffs, kali sticks, and even some guns, which we need to rent to ensure we have the proper license to use them.

- We would also like to pay our cast and crew whatever we can for working on the project and so your money will also go to covering travelling expenses for those who need it.

- Location, Location, Location! We want to show Glasgow in a positive light, to introduce an international audience to a bright, thriving, exciting city which will make them want to visit and see what we have to offer to do that. With your pledges we can lock down magnificent locations that will show why Glasgow and the rest of the UK is fantastic.

In return for your pledges we will credit you on our Facebook Page as well as on the end credits of the episode, signed postcards of our Bloodline logo, special one-off prints of our main cast, signed for you to keep as a collectors item, a visit to the set to see how a TV show is made, a chance to be an extra in one of our key scenes, an exclusive invite to a secret, one-off screening of the pilot where you can meet your cast and crew, a training session with Hybrid Martial Arts, the professional fight team who are training our actors, a special hair and makeup session with our makeup team with a chance to have a professional photo shoot on the same day, and a dinner with key cast and crew for those interested in working in the TV and film industry.

Everybody who donates to the pilot will receive a private link and password to a special screening of the episode once it's complete. You will then be able to watch it online for one week. 

The Impact

While we love the output that Scotland has offered to television over the years, with Taggart, River City, Sea of Souls, etc, we feel there is a gap in the market for a Scottish supernatural TV show! The rest of the UK have brought us Doctor Who, Torchwood, MisFits, Being Human, Primeval and Merlin, which all have a massive fan base all around the world.

Scott and I feel it's massively important that we take what is brilliant about those shows and create something magnificent, an exciting weekly series that allows our characters to grow and become relatable to our audience, as well as delving into Scottish history and myth to create exciting villains and monsters for our team to face every week, building to a fantastic, rip-roaring, emotional finale, that, if all going well, would lead into a 2nd series!

Between us we have produced an entire web series before, our first feature film sold out at the Glasgow Film Festival in 8 days at it's world wide premiere, and we have worked with the best actors this country has to offer.

Other Ways You Can Help

Whether you can or can't contribute towards the project you can still help us spread the word. Get on Twitter and Facebook and spread the link to this page! Tell your family, tell your friends, tell strangers on the street! Let's make our own amazing TV show that will get everybody talking about it.
We need YOUR help to make this happen, so please spread the word!
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Select a Perk
  • $2USD
    The Website Credit

    For $2 we will credit you on the official Bloodline Facebook page, website when it's launched, and on Twitter

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  • $10USD
    Bloodline Postcard

    We will send you out a signed postcard with the Bloodline logo on it, signed by a member of cast or crew

    2 out of 100 claimed
  • $25USD
    Signed Copy of the Script

    We will get our cast and crew to sign a special copy of the script of the Bloodline pilot for whoever claims this perk!

    2 out of 3 claimed
  • $30USD
    Your name in lights

    For this perk your name will be credited on the end titles of the pilot episode! Your name in lights!

    0 out of 20 claimed
  • $40USD
    Fight like Batman

    We are offering 10 places for a special one-off training session with our fight team, Hybrid, who trained actors in both Batman Begins and Mission: Impossible III!

    0 out of 10 claimed
  • $50USD
    Hair and Makeup Day

    Our professional makeup artists will provide you with a special hair and makeup session and as an extra bonus, Forrestfire Productions will provide you with a photo shoot and one free 8 x 10 print with the option of buying more.

    0 out of 10 claimed
  • $60USD
    Set Visit

    Come down to the set one day to see how a TV show is made! Meet the cast and the crew, have your photo taken with them and take home some great memories.

    1 out of 5 claimed
  • $75USD
    Be an extra!

    For this perk you will become a featured extra in one of our key scenes in the pilot. You'll meet the cast, have your photo taken and be credited in the pilot episode's end credits.

    0 out of 10 claimed
  • $100USD
    Invite to a special screening

    The pilot will not be seen on TV nor made available online, so we will be holding a one off special screening with the cast and crew and a select group of people. You can be one of them with this perk. Meet the cast and crew and see the pilot of our new TV series

    1 out of 100 claimed

    Dinner with the Cast and Crew

    Perfect for any fans of sci-fi, genre television, or those interested in working in the TV and film industry, you and 3 friends can come join key cast and crew for a private dinner to discuss the show or the industry in general.

    1 out of 1 claimed
  • $1,000USD
    The Executive Producer Credit

    For $1000 you will receive the executive producer credit on the show's website, Twitter, Facebook and on the end credits of the episode. You will also receive a signed photo from the cast, a copy of the script, and receive a special video message from the cast.

    0 out of 1 claimed
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