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Under your bed, Waiting to be fed.

"Sick of the same old bloodsuckers? The sophisticated Draculas, the glittery and romantic Twilights, the schizophrenic Angels, the leather-clad denizons of the Underworld? Well, director Jordan Harland is preparing something new, in a feature based not on the usual European and post-European vampire lore, but on a lesser-known tradition that has haunted Africa for generations: the Tokoloshe" ...more

    -  Robert Hood of Undead Brainspasm, Blogger

"You've heard of Sasquatch, Yeti and Chupacabra; now prepare yourself to meet Tokoloshe!" ...more

   - Doctor Gash, Blogger

"Orange Farm is a great location for the film and it’s going to elevate people’s lives, who will be watching them every day as they work in their backyards." ...more

   - By Zwelakhe Shangase, Journalist at The New Age


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Since commencing production for Blood Tokoloshe in 2011, the trailer has been gaining interest from people all around the world. From the local, South African film industry right through to the crowds of IDFA in Amsterdam and Adis Ababa in Ethiopia, people want to know what Blood Tokoloshe is all about. 

We need YOUR help to finish this movie! Become part of the phenomena that is...

Blood Tokoloshe

The Story

In the quiet of the South African township night, a new threat rises from the shadows. A monsterous being visible only to its victims. An African mythical demon incarnate. The infamous Tokoloshe!


The Tokoloshe is here! Underneath your bed, Waiting to be fed.


Strange attacks plague the Orange Farm township's women, leaving the town leaders at a loss to defend them. But with every attack Mthunzi, a sly business man, is becoming wealthier and growing in sexual icon status - something is amiss. The local Reverend learns that Mthunzi has enslaved a Tokoloshe using it to fulfill his greedy desires. Through his greed he breaks a golden rule and loses control of the beast, which goes on a murderous rampage to exact its revenge. Thirst for blood, the beast comes after Mthunzi's ex-lovers, saving Mthunzi and his current lover, Boitumelo for last. With nowhere left to run Mthunzi turns to the Reverend. Will he be able to stop overcome the beast to save himself, and the one he loves?


This all in one uniquely African horror-thriller experience will keep you on the edge of your seat.


The team that produced the award winning Ethiopian/South African feature film Adera (official selection at 16 film festivals) is teaming up once again to bring you a horror of epic proportions!


We're making this film for horror fans on the African continent and the rest of the world. Horror films are rare in Africa and yet there is a plethora of traditional monster stories out there just waiting to be made into movies! The most famous of which is the feared Tokoloshe! This is its story.


The Impact

By engaging YOU, the horror fan we aim to unlock a potential for a horror-film franchise unique to the African continent, which in turn will bring a new kind of monster to world at large. 

We have secured a DVD distribution deal and a letter of intent from a local TV broadcaster and have also acquired filming gear for production. 


Community Involvement - Building a Sustainable Industry

Starting with the first film in this franchise to be shot in January for hard costs only, whereby all the crew and cast are volunteering under a memorandum of understanding that all the profits of the first film will go into the production budget of the second film and eventually the films will pay the participants during filming and support a sustainable film industry in Orange Farm. During the filming of the first film and all consequent films thereafter, the project will aim to give participants certain skill sets in film production and training to increase their chances of working in the industry outside of the franchise, as well as make them more valuable assets to the franchise and thereby increase their earnings. We will also encourage and assist local community members involved in the films to establish small businesses to service the films in various areas, for example equipment hire, talent agencies etc… A key aim of the franchise is to shoot four films per year by the year 2014. "Blood Tokoloshe" is scheduled to be shot in early 2012.


The second long term objective is to develop local audiences through South African content with indigenous stories, locations, actors and crew; the stories being told by the residents of Orange 
Farm and eventually duplicating this production model in other townships to create a national franchise production model.

What We Need, What You Get

All we need from you, the fans, is $5000 to pay for the remaining hard costs such as: special effects, make-up, lights, transport, props, and most importantly for this: post-production.


We need to raise this money by the end of January 2012 at which point we will commence the second half of production, with post-production happening over March and April.


Our script is complete and all casting is in place. We have already done 6 months of development work on this film and a week of shooting so the ball is rolling and has already built up lots of momentum both with the cast & crew, as well as the fans out there. Unfortunately our distributor failed to commit to the verbal agreement, when it came time to sign, and as such we lost out on a large chunk of our budget. Now, we need you guys to help us raise the rest of the budget whilst we secure another distribution deal.


Despite having delays from our previous intended production schedule, due to availability clashes of key members of cast and crew, we are go for completion in early 0'12! Whatever part of the $5000 we do not reach here on Indiegogo we will look to burn on our credit cards. This film is too awesome to let go, and very much a first of it's kind (a Tokoloshe movie). We will finish this project, no ifs or buts.


See the right hand side for the perks and get involved! :)


Other Ways That You Can Help

Link this on your Facebook wall and tweet about it. If you have a blog, write about it, if you have a website then link us to it. Help us get the word out, this film is already looking sick, just check out the trailer and see!!


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