Blood Cuz - The Movie

Blood Cuz is Comedy. I mean just look at the dvd cover! He's a problem looking to be a problem solver! (Original sketch "Shit Gangster's Should Not Say")

Short Summary

   * My name is James McCowan. People know me as Comedian JayMac or even "Blood Cuz"(Lol) as this is my original character I introduced to the world over a year ago. I am a Stand Up Comedian, Writer and Actor. I have been doing comedy for over  three years and i'm continuing to grow and evolve as an entertainer in general. I have a Bachelor of Science in Sociology from Weber State University in Utah where I played football on scholarship. Being a student athlete helped me to understand the importance of multitasking and staying committed to what you want.


   * My campaign is simple. I want to bring a new wave and energy to the comedy world. Provide an opportunity for new funny faces to be attached to a Independent Project, that has the potential to bring a smile to the faces of anyone who watches this film. For many film makers who go the route of doing things independently I feel that it's very important for those who watched, laughed, liked, loved and shared what the project is about to continue to support the project. The people are the ones who make the project important and even energize us to continue to go forward. MUCH LOVE TO THE SUPPORTERS!!! WE DO THIS FOR YOU!!!


What We Need & What You Get

   * Funding is the second most important factor with this Independent Project. I believe FUNNY overrides everything, BUT we still need to raise enough money to project that funny so it looks, sounds, feels and is delivered correctly. On this site you will see that my team and I have set a goal of $20,000. We need TWO TIMES that amount really but will work with whatever we raise. Money is so important due to the fact that everything in this industry cost. We are looking to fund not only some actors but also Cameras, Lights, Sound, Locations, Wardrobe, Staff to work the equipment previously mentioned, Catering so we don't starve the actors that are working for us, etc, etc, etc). As you can see there are many things behind the camera as well as in front of the camera that must be paid for and I can't do it without my supporters help. Point Blank Period.


   * Indiegogo has provided a platform for me to raise funding to complete this hilarious project and due to that we have set some pretty cool perks for those who donate. We have in place Executive Producer credits, a role in the movie (as an extra or possibly speaking role), to receiving a "I Inspire To Inspire" T-Shirt or a really really heartfelt THANK YOU from my team and I. Without your donations NONE OF THIS IS POSSIBLE!!!!  WE NEED YOU!


Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help: If you have laughed, shared and enjoyed anything from my Stand Up Comedy to my Skits I ask that you please try to donate whatever you can to this comedy project. I understand totally that some people can't donate money due to their current situations but you can still make a difference by posting the video to your social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Emailing the link to everyone you know. Again this is a project that is for the people and we can't do this without you. I want to extend a THANK YOU in advance for all who have supported and continue to support my comedy and my vision in making Blood Cuz - The Movie! Enjoy! 

Team on This Campaign: