Blood Brothers: A Filmmaking Collaboration

Two filmmakers. 700 miles apart. One movie.
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Blood Brothers: A Filmmaking Collaboration is a sponsored project of access4artists, a global talent discovery platform that works for all artists.

The Movie

Deep in rural Arkansas, Travis Ray has returned to his hometown, hoping to turn the tables on the drug dealers that drove him and his brother away a year ago. Kidnapping a major kingpin named Marty, Travis sets his plan in motion. But who is really in control of the situation?

Nearly 700 miles away, in the heart of Chicago, Michael Ray has just proposed to his girlfriend. But his troubled past is about to resurface in the form of Tony, a former partner who wants answers as to what Michael's brother is doing back in Arkansas. And Tony has no intentions of playing nice to get what he wants.

Blood Brothers is a unique filmmaking experiment which will combine the efforts of two filmmakers in two different parts of the country - Jason Miller, a grad student in the digital film program at the University of Central Arkansas, and Seth Savoy, a film directing major at Columbia College in Chicago. Sharing the writing and directing responsibilities, Jason and Seth will bring their own distinct styles and touches to this one short film, taking the audience on an intense ride back and forth between two parrallel storylines until merging in the end for the shocking climax.

The Filmmakers

Jason and Seth met working on student films at the University of Central Arkansas. The two became good friends on account of their mutual passion for making movies and would soon start working on projects of their own, including "Fight Night" (directed by Seth) and "The Backland" (directed by Jason).

The two men are very different in a lot of ways - Jason is 28 and married, with a son on the way. Seth is 20 and single. Their styles and ideas about how movies should be made also differ, but their shared vision of delivering an intense and entertaining film finds strength in these differences.

When Seth was accepted into Columbia, the two began thinking of unique ways to continue their partnership. What started as a reason to stay in touch quickly developed into an intense screenplay that demanded to be made on its own merit.

What We Need & What You Get

Making movies, even short films, cost money. In our case, we are, in a sense, making two movies, with two separate crews. Here is some of what that money will go toward:

  1. The most important part of any shoot - feeding the crews. On past productions of this size (about a four to five day shoot), we have managed to feed our crews decently for around $400.
  2. Props and costumes. Creating the criminal world in which our film takes place will require quality production design, including prop guns, which can cost over $100 if they are to look realistic.
  3. Gear. As students, we are fortunate to have access to quality film equipment, which is the major reason we are able to work with such a relatively small budget. However, if circumstances allow one side to work with a higher end camera, such as the Red, we would like to match that quality on the other end, and this may require going outside our typical resources. In any case, there are often small items, such as lenses, that must be rented elsewhere.
  4. Travel and permits. In Arkansas, we will be traveling to some beautiful rural areas and would like to offset the cost of gas for our cast and crew. In Chicago, many of our iconic locations will require us to obtain permits, which can get pricey.
  5. Unexpected expenses - you can always count on those.

Both crews hope to start shooting near the beginnng of 2013. To be able to do this, we need to start planning and raising the money now. For your support, we are able to offer the perks you see to the right. If you're interested in supporting a unique, indepedent film project, take a look...

All money raised will be distributed between the filmmakers based on needs determined as we dig deeper into preproduction.

The Result

In addition to being an intense thriller sure to give audiences what they love most about movies, this film will represent something much deeper. Presenting a single story with two different stylistic approaches will give this film a uniquely layered feeling, as well as showcase the value of one of this meduim's most powerful aspects - collaboration.

This approach is sure to get people talking as the film makes its rounds at festivals across the nation. Be apart of what they will be talking about by helping us make this happen.

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