Block Report Radio - Internet Radio Station Campaign

This fundraising campaign is to acquire equipment and first year start-up costs for the innovative. BANNED BY KPFA/PACIFICA - Block Report Radio Station.

My name is JR Valrey and I am a locally based journalist.  I am the Associate Editor of
the SF Bay View Newspaper and have been in that position for over 11 years.  Along with the owners and graphic designer Terone Ward, we have created a successful plan which has allowed us to become the most dominant Black newspaper in the state and arguable in the country, with hard-hitting news and editorial stories.

In 2002, I founded Block Report Radio, which is an investigative news, politics and
cultural public affairs show.  It has been aired in some of the biggest U.S. media markets including New York, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Houston, Atlanta, Kansas City and of course - the Bay Area. 

We have interviewed world leaders, internationally known artists, giants in the field
of human rights and others including:

The sitting president of Ghana, John Mahama and Chief of Staff of Rwanda during the '94 genocide, Theophile Rudasingwa.

Internationally known artists from various genres of art including:

Film-maker Robert Townsend, Comedian Paul Mooney, Neo-soul queen Erykah Badu

World Music Musicians:

Seun Kuti, Zap Mama, Les Nubian

Jazz legends:

Gil Scott-Heron, Archie Shepp, Roy Ayers

Some of the defenders of human rights including:

Imam Jamil, Al-Amin aka H. Rap Brown

Political prisoners:

Mumia Abu Jamal, Marshall Eddie, Lawyer Lynne Stewart, Puerto Rican Independista Dylcia Pagan

As wells as the late Hajj Malcolm Shabazz,the grandson of Malcolm X and Betty Shabazz and activists, journalists, lawyers and others that were involved in defending the human rights of incarcerated people during the California Prison Hunger Strike of 2013. 

These are just a few of the voices we have featured on our show over the years.  Our goal is to educate people about the true history of the world and vie a working class perspective on the current events that we are living through with the intention of moving our listeners into action - shaping their own destinies.

After parting ways with the Pacific Radio Foundation in September 2013, I realized the Block Report Radio Show brand of distributing news and culture needed to be expanded into a viable internet radio station.  There are currently too many voices being left out of the media, in our community.  Block Report Radio Station will begin to fill the void.  The money people will donate will go to equipment and first year start-up costs.

1. 2 Podcasting Packages: which include mixer, compressor, mics, headphones, amp, and all cables - $2,000

2. Podcast pots (phone accessibility) - $650

3. 2 Mac Mini computers - $2,000

4. Adobe Audition program - $400

5. 2 Insignia monitors - $800

6. Rent (for a year at Broadway and 14th office) - $3,600

7. Promotion material for the station - $550

Total - $10,000

I have been a journalist for almost two decades, and I have witnessed the fact that with the invention of the internet and the most recent invention of the cord that connects smart phones to car stereos creating a connection to internet radio stations, it is now possible to create an international fan base independent of finances . The financial small fish can now compete on a more equal playing ground. This will have a positive effect on everybody who feels like corporate agendas are dominating terrestrial radio. People who are interested in political, social, and cultural happenings affecting working class Black and Brown people are the main beneficiaries of this project. 

Besides donating, you can get involved by joining the national and international community outreach team or also by applying to have a show on the air.

The project will start during the month of January 2014 and will be based out of
downtown Oakland. 



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