blisskill - Kris Norris and Ryan Parrish Writing and Recording Sessions

We're raising money to fund travel costs to get together to finish the writing of the new CD, and the recording, mixing and mastering.


If you are familiar with our previous musical works together, then you already know what you will be getting. Ryan and Kris 2013, more developed, more freedom, more progressed and versatile, and most of all.....more dedication. Any of those unfamiliar with our previous efforts, the Darkest Hour records we were a part of are some of the music that is very dear to our hearts, and we want to together rereate that experience and bring you with us.
Short Bio :
With 20 plus years of creating, performing, and writing music together, Kris Norris and Ryan Parrish (ex- Darkest Hour) are back after an 4 year hiatus forming a melodic death metal band entitled "BLISSKILL".  While seething monstrous thrash riffs and somber, underlying layers of melody accentuate the bands overall sound, BLISSKILL encapsulates the essence of Norris' prolific writing style and Parrish's thunderous delivery on the drums. No strangers to the genre, BLISSKILL is unique in craft and energetic by nature, giving them the ability to make their presence known to the metal world and beyond. An untitled full length album is in the works currently, and, with the help of their dear friend Pacey on second guitar, nearly 7 tracks are completed and ready to record. Be sure to keep an eye out for that release very soon!
Ryan Parrish : "

For over 20 years, Kris Norris and I have been pouring our hearts and souls into every musical endeavor we've ever been a part of. Whether we were in the same band or not, there was never any question that the music we had created together was special and authentic. And, after an almost 8 year absence from each other's lives (musically anyway) we knew the time had come to harness that unique energy and to recapture it somehow. So, we've decided to dedicate the here and now to doing just that.


What we're currently in the process of creating together spawns from our individuality and musical admiration for a style of music that has influenced every fiber of what we are. It's a statement to ourselves. A rebirth. A way to make up for lost time...


This album for us isn't about who it sounds like now or how technical it is. It's about what WE sound like now and how technical WE are. It's a declaration of our gratitude for a genre we've been inspired by for decades and the constant respect we've held toward each other over the years. It's another chapter in our already extensive musical journey and we couldn't be more excited…


Long story short, we're writing this record because we want to. Hell, who am I kidding, him and I both know we have to."

What We Need & What You Get

For the incentives, we looked at this in reverse. If we were donating to a musical project that WE wanted to see fulfilled, what in return would we enjoy. We think the results are collectively vast and cover ground for everyone. Every donation above 20$ will receive a free copy of the CD.

The Impact

Your contributions will enable us to finance the plane tickets needed to get to and from state to state to finish up the final writing sessions for the CD. It will also enable us to pay the Tracking Engineer, Mix and Mastering Engineer. And the final goal the money will finance is the production of physical CD and digital distribution.

Other Ways You Can Help

Even if you cannot contribute to the campaign there are other ways to help:

  • Hit the social media and help us spread the word about it.
  • Keep an eye on our personal facebook pages for video updates and share.


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