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Support the Blinking Cowboys in their 50-state superfan challenge and spread awareness for mental health through the "Country Stomps Out Stigma" campaign.
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"Country Must Be Country Wide" - So it was sung...and so it must be done!

The Blinking Cowboys are gearing up to literally follow this lead for a first-of-its-kind nationwide country music superfan odyssey. As we make our way around the USA this summer, we will give a whole new meaning to the phrase "bootstrapping" your business. Part and parcel with our journey, we will also be taking a public stand to "stomp out" the stigma associated with mental illness and mental health issues.


Our Mission/Vision: New ways to experience Country Music

Consisting of best friends Matthew Prisco and Bryan Gallagher, and recently joined by Christopher Prisco, the Blinking Cowboys aim to promote the enjoyment and appreciation of the country music genre, while representing the interests and perspective of the country music fan.

In short, we are dedicated to unlocking new and innovative ways to experience country music, as well as open the gateway to those who might otherwise have "A-B-C" (anything but country) music preferences.

For example, we are intent on producing the first-ever country music mud run, where obstacles will be inspired by your favorites like "Mud On The Tires", "Knee Deep", "Watermelon Crawl", and "Ring Of Fire," and the day comes complete with live country music, muddy line dancing, red solo cups, a cookout, and even a bonfire.

In order to continue to bring our creativity and imagination to life, we need your support, which represents an affirmation of our mission and vision and will provide us the opportunity to pursue these types of larger initiatives!

Our Trip: Country Must Be Country Wide - 50 State Challenge

With this vision in mind, there is no better way to become experts in this field than to immerse ourselves in how country music is experienced and enjoyed all across the United States!

We are launching our project at the CMA Music Festival in Nashville on June 6-9. Shortly thereafter, on June 13 we'll officially set out from New York in our blinktastic (and fuel-economic) Chevy "roll my windows down and" Cruze. We will be seeking out many of the biggest country music festivals, concerts, and other related events until we finally make it back to New York on September 11.

Festivals we are set to attend include Taste of Country (NY), CountryUSA and Country Fest (WI), Cheyenne Frontier Days (WY), and Oregon Jamboree (OR). We know we'll see many you along the way!

More broadly, our goal is to experience how country music is incorporated into a variety of contexts: from county fairs to rodeos to NASCAR events, and of course honky tonks, local dive bars, and everyday life.

While our destination states are mostly fixed in order to spend time in all 50 states, there is some flexibility in cities to be visited and certainly stops to be made along the way. Please check out our provisional itinerary and send along any suggestions to our Facebook or Twitter!

Our Cause: "Country Stomps Out Stigma" - Raising Awareness For Mental Health and Mental Illness

In conjunction with all of our other efforts, the Blinking Cowboys are making a stand for a very important and often stigmatized cause: mental illness and mental health issues.

This is a cause that has affected the Prisco family in a particularly heartrending way, after their mother's illness characterized by "delusional paranoia" resulted in the stabbing death of their father in October of 2009. The Priscos have experienced how the stigma attached to mental illness can be a real barrier to being able to seek help for oneself or for a loved one. However, their story is also one of hope and demonstrates that the proper treatment and care can provide miraculous results and recovery.

We knew that the time would come that we could speak out and become public advocates for this cause and have incorporated lime green for mental health awareness into much of our gear. Through this campaign, we hope to generate a genuine discussion and examination of the stigma surrounding mental illness and mental health issues.

Our Perk Swag!

In addition to feeling downright awesome and being added to our nationwide list of country music superfans, all $20 or greater contributions may claim the following perk items: the Blinking Cowboys Blinky Button and the "Country Stomps Out Stigma" (front/back) and "I <3 Country Music" wristbands.  


Other Ways You Can Help:

Follow and interact with our social media: we're on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Help put us in touch with any media that would be interested in capturing our travels. We're particularly interested in connecting with local country radio and local news along the way.

Let us know of any opportunities for corporate or other sponsorships/ partnerships. We are open-minded and creative as to how we might be able to incorporate these into our branding.

If you have any suggestions for destinations or activities during our trip, don't hesitate to send them over to us!


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    I Like It, I Love It

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    Friends In [All] Places

    Let's have fun with this! Unless you wish to remain anonymous, please include your name and hometown to be added to our "Friends In All Places" list. This will be the subject of a special project recognizing our supporters, so make sure your town is represented! Note: Shipping information is required, but you will not be shipped anything. You may write "Anonymous" or use only your first name and last initial, but we still want to include where everyone is from!

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    The Good Stuff

    Same as above, but we've also got cool stuff for you! In addition to a thank you letter, you will also receive the Blinking Cowboys blinking button, as well as the "I (Heart) Country Music" and "Country Stomps Out Stigma" wristbands.

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    If [We] Didn't Have You!

    For those who are able to give a little more support, we want to make sure that we express our gratitude with a heartfelt and personalized token of our appreciation. In addition to everything above, we will make your country superfan status official with a "membership certificate" commemorating our trip, with your name in calligraphy and signed by all three of us.

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    Cowboys And Angels

    We are going to be producing up to 50 serial-numbered blinking cowboy hats to distinguish you as one of our first and biggest supporters. These hats will be individually airbrushed, with our tour logo on one side and with your name on the other, not to mention plenty of stars and stripes! Of course, this also comes along with the superfan certificate and the other items above.

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    Ring Of Fire

    You are a country legend! You truly believe in what we are working hard for and actively want to see us succeed in this endeavor. You will receive everything mentioned above, plus your superfan certificate and blinking cowboy hat will reflect your status in our elite Ring of Fire.

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