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Incubator for civil actions and social entrepreneurship. Case study, proof of concept, a crazy idea that with your help might just work.
Blank StartUP
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Supported by Core Incubator


Short Summary

Blank is a NGO, non-profit organization from Zagreb, Croatia. Blank is into filmmaking, organizing filmmaking courses and as from latest, initiator of intense two months film school. We’re also publishing a newspaper called Filmonaut.

Blank is also working with organizations of civil society and last year we had an internal contest for non-profit organizations and the winner was Dodir (association for deafblind persons) for whom we made this promotional video.

This year we were thinking about repeating last years contest when we realized the rate of unemployment in Croatia rose to critical levels in only 4 months and it’s getting worse so we wanted to initiate something with an impact for local community, we wanted to inspire civil activities and social entrepreneurship and so the concept for a project called Blank_StartUP was born.

The concept is very simple:

1) Announce a contest (March 15th till April 15th) for social beneficial project whose benefits for the community precedes the profit recoup.

We invited national experts from business, entrepreneurship, marketing and angel investment to be judges and proclaim a winner based on following criteria:
Benefit for the community, Sustainability and Innovation. The winner will be announced on April 22nd on the web site startup.com.hr and we’ll update you here as well. 

2) Provide funding, facilities and mentorship for the winner
Angel investment organization CRANE and entrepreneurship incubator ZIP are graciously supporting the winner with mentorship and facilities.

3) Follow the winner and film the whole process for purposes of case study.
Publish short reportages periodically for transparency in a period of 11 months.

Blank will be covering that plus we offered our filmmaking services to the winner, free of charge.


What We Need & What You Get

So in order for this to work, in order to motivate people to send us ideas that would help their communities, we figured we needed to go national and we needed a lot of media attention...and we got it from croatian major online portals and national tv (thanks croatian media), but we also need your help.


You can help us by funding this campaign and/or by sharing this campaign and raising more awareness. 

Our Indiegogo goal is approximately 20% of total amount we wanted to give as prize money for development of the winner project. 

Core Incubator graciously offered to top our initial goal with the same amount when we reach our IGG goal so in total we would cover about 40% of desired prize money which would be pretty cool. 

 Budget breakdown

Meanwhile we’re still trying to get remaining 60% via other ways and it’s going slow, so if you help us raise more than our indiegogo goal, then all your contributions are going to be used in supporting the development of the winner and it’ll be a proof that crowdfunding is indeed a way to go for development of civil initiatives. Community for community.



We thought about the way to thank you for the support. It’s kind of symbolic to remember those early crowdfunding days when someone was offering pixels in order to get funded for his cause so we prepared banner spaces where you can put a logo or avatar or anything you want. You can then link them to your personal blog, company, social media site or your indiegogo campaign. It’s up to you really.

Banners will stay on http://startup.com.hr/indiegogo.php for at least 1 year. We'd like to repeat the project in April 2014. and if we do that, we'll retire them in a sort of Hall of Fame section where they'll be proudly showcased.

There are also some pretty cool perks like meeting Mate Rimac, the creator of ConceptOne, worlds fastest electric super car tagged with 1mil $, that will give you an exclusive ride and the taste of 1088hp.

Or, if you’re more into sports in the air, you can bring up to 4 friends in a hot air balloon adventure where you’ll enjoy floating above the city for about an hour, with experienced pilot ofcourse, and after the famous balloon club initiation become a member of Balloon Club Zagreb. Note that for these two perks, you do need to cover travel and accommodation expenses to Zagreb, Croatia.

Or support us all the way by becoming our official sponsor.


Banner spaces


Balloon Adventure

A Perfect Day

Become our silver sponsor

Become our gold sponsor



Your contributions support two projects, winner project that will receive all the funds from your contributions for it's start, and by all we mean every cent - minus Indiegogo and transaction fees and indirectly by making this possible you're supporting realisation of Blank_StartUP as well.

  • Your contributions are supporting one local community project in Croatia.
  • We're aware that one project isn't like saving the world, but we hope that success of our mission will inspire more civil activities and/or social enterpreneurship in Croatia to generate ideas, thus easing the problems of unemployment at the same time.
  • We plan to periodically publish short video reportages on our website to show progress of the winner project
  • If we gather enough video materials we'd like to make a short documentary about the whole story, a case study and a proof of concept how it grew from a simple idea to a multifaceted project, how we went to crowdfunding for support and the impact of realisation of a single chosen project had on it's community.
  • The documentary film would be distributed free of charge on our website and social media sites (check links at the end of this page) around end of March 2014.
  • Note that we're not asking for production money for documentary film..yet. This campaign is intended as prize for supporting the winner project only.

For the first backers

Giveaway poster for 50 first backers.

Other Ways You Can Help

Because this will be a rather short campaign (32 days), it's important that we get the message out there fast. Please help us in spreading the word. Tweet, Facebook, share to your friends about this project. Much appriciated. 

p.s. Did you know 21 days is needed for an egg to a become a chick (in an incubator)?

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This campaign ended on May 5, 2013
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  • $10USD
    Mighty Mouse

    Small perk for big impact. 100 x 100 px banner space with optional link

    2 out of 300 claimed
  • $25USD

    Spirit with the hatchet. 200 x 200 px banner space with optional link

    0 out of 150 claimed
  • $50USD
    Silver Surfer

    The cool perk. 300 x 300 px banner space with optional link

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  • $100USD
    Dark Knight

    Dark and mysterious perk. 400 x 400 px with optional link

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  • $200USD
    King Kong

    Bad ape perk. Likes blondes. 500 x 500 px banner space with optional link

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  • $250USD

    Stronger than King Kong perk. 600 x 600 px banner space with optional link

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  • $300USD
    Iron Man

    Genius, Playboy, Philanthropist perk. 800 x 800 px banner space with optional link

    0 out of 10 claimed
  • $855USD
    Hot Air Balloon adventure

    One coupon, 5 memberships. Bring yourself and 4 other friends for the great balloon adventure. 45-60 minutes flight with an experienced pilot and famous balloon christening. This is a single and exclusive perk. Travel to and accommodation in Zagreb, Croatia not included.

    0 out of 1 claimed
  • $1,710USD
    A Perfect Day

    One voucher for a Perfect Day that starts with meet up, we then take you to Rimac factory where you'll meet the creator of fastest electric super car, 1 million US$ priced ConceptOne. Mr. Rimac will then take you for a show run and we're taking you to lunch and if you'll still have some stamina left, we'll propose a party night in Zagreb. This is a single and exclusive perk. Travel to and accomodation in Zagreb, Croatia not included.

    0 out of 1 claimed
  • $2,000USD
    Silver sponsor

    Become a silver sponsor. That means we'll put your logo on all official promo materials, online and offline publications and videos until March 15th 2014. You'll also get a poster with your logo on it.

    0 out of 2 claimed
  • $3,400USD
    Gold sponsor

    Become our gold sponsor. Privileged logo position on all official promo materials, online and offline publications and videos until March 15th 2014. + signed poster with your logo on it Skype call included. If you're in Zagreb, Croatia, we're taking you out to lunch!

    0 out of 1 claimed
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