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Blackout Party recorded the new album in Nashville! Now we want you to join the VINYL COUNTDOWN!!!
Brian Holwerda
1,600 Facebook Friends
San Diego, California
United States
6 Team Members

California to Nashville

       Blackout Party started small, playing Monday nights at a local bar, then things got crazy. All of a sudden, it was Saturday night, the lights were swinging, and people knew the words to our songs!  We'd put out a record on our own and opened for some of our heroes, but we knew we had to keep pushing. We hopped on a plane to Nashville, soaked up that Tennessee grease, and recorded 11 new songs at Zac Brown's "Southern Ground Studios."


Southern Ground

    The studio and staff were amazing, and when the guys weren't playing hackey-sack in the kitchen, we managed to make some noise.   From the personal chef and amazing architecture, to the insane list of vintage gear and beer on tap, this was a bucket list studio experience for the band. Most importantly though, we got to sit in the same room together and record live to 2-inch tape! Here's a shot from the upper deck.


What It Means

    Nashville was amazing, and we couldn't be more excited with how these songs came together in the studio. We have finally made OUR record, now we want it to be YOURS. On this page you can pre-order the vinyl and some deluxe merch packages which will only be available through the campaign.  Get 'em while they last!  For $100, you can even add "Executive Producer" to your resume!

    Everything has been kept in-house, and we want you to hear it how it was meant to be heard, on vinyl. Actually, on deluxe smoky-swirly DOUBLE vinyl. One swamp green, one wizard purple. 

    We dug deep to make this record, and we truly appreciate any amount of support. 

    Here's a close-up of the cover, with custom artwork by renowned graphic novel artist Eric Johnson. Yup, that's us floating in the water next to cans of beer. This thing has so much cool hidden eye candy, we can't wait for you to see it up close!

What We Need, What You Get

    All our money was saved, and spent, to get this far. Nashville was a dream and we did it. We wanted to produce the best sounding record possible with our available resources, so we went all in. We knew ahead of time that we'd eventually be approaching our fans to join in and finish the job. Here we are, let's do this!

    We've already spent a big pile of cash (over $8,000!) on studio time, airfare, and custom artwork.  Now that we're back from Nashville, we are partnering with YOU to  get this record mixed, mastered, and pressed up on vinyl. What we still need...

*Mixing- $1k

*Mastering- $1.5k


    $7,500 finishes this record strong (mixing, mastering, pressing), and puts it on your turntable!  

So, What Does It Sound Like?

SoundDiego.com said the title track "sounds like Dave Grohl went on a heavy bender with Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers". We hope you agree!

     If that one doesn't do it for you, hopefully this one will. "Go Easy, Louise" was written for Brian's Grandma last year just before she passed. 

    Seeing a loved one suffering is something everyone can relate to, but SoundInSanDiego.com said it "sounds more celebratory than mournful... with pounding drums, soaring choruses, and ripping electric guitar splitting time with an explosive slide lead."  Hope you like it too"

Describe the record in THREE WORDS...

Referral Prizes

    Our friends at Sector 9 Skateboards, Karl Strauss Brewery, and Spy Optics put together some insane prize packages for the three contributors who refer the most amount of funders to the campaign via the Indiegogo "share tools".  See below...

How Can I Win?    

    Indiegogo tracks who refers the most amount of funders to every campaign, which we can access via our campaign's analytics.

    Help us get the word out, and we will give you cool stuff!



*Top 3 referrers will get their pick of prizes below. 1st place has first choice, 2nd picks next, 3rd gets last remaining prize.

1) Beer For a Year! 

    Karl Strauss is offering “Beer for a Year” to one lucky contributor.  Winner will receive 12 cases of Karl Strauss brew! You will have lots of beer! Throw a party! Invite us!

*Remember to use the Indiegogo "share" tools, as we will be using this data to determine all of our winners.

2) The Sector 9 Experience

     Sector 9 is offering a complete board and some extra Sector 9 gear to one lucky contributor! Sector 9 is the biggest skateboard factory in the world, and it's right here in San Diego, CA! We love Rob Molt and the whole crew up there!  

*Remember to use the Indiegogo "share" tools, as we will be using this data to determine all our winners. (note: photo is not of actual board offered)

3) Spy Optics Package

    Spy is offering a sweet box of goodies for one lucky contributor, including a pair of shades, you pick the style!  Thanks SPY!

*Remember to use the Indiegogo "share" tools, as we will be using this data to determine all our winners. (note: photo is not actual prize offered)

Bonus Prize!

    The top 50 referrers will be sent a limited edition "Vinyl Countdown" hat as a thank you gift for your support and help spreading the word online.  Thank you!

Superfan Packages

*Vinyl or CD  (w/digital download)
*Beer Coozie
*Custom Poster

Executive Producers

    At the $100 level you will receive the "Superfan Package", plus your name will be listed in the album's credits under Executive Producers. Imagine reading your name in the credits under the soft glow of the black light!

Brian's Guitar

    Brian is putting this vintage Silvertone guitar out there for one contributor to take home forever. Has a P90 pickup in it, custom pin-striping by Tim Lowman, raccoon tail, and has been used on every recording and at every show we've ever played!  

The Impact

    We have put love and guts into coming this far by writing our best songs ever and going all-in to record them in the best studio possible. Now it's up to YOU! 

Our last record was named:

  • "Best Rock", "Best Americana", and "Best Local Recording" at the San Diego Music Awards   
  • "Top 5 Releases" by SDRocknRoll.com

Risks & Challenges

    The biggest obstacle to reaching our goal is not getting the word out!

  • If for some reason we come up short, we will still move forward and use the money we raise to press vinyl for everyone who contributes. Indiegogo allows us to keep the money we raise, so all our contributors will get the goods!
  • However, we believe our fans will get the job done by not only contributing, but by getting involved on various social media platforms and inviting people they know to contribute.
  • We've come this far, now we are passing the ball to YOU! Contribute, share, enjoy! 

Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can't contribute, we understand, but that doesn't mean you can't help:

  • Help us get the word out and make some noise about the campaign.  Share the link on your social media, message your friends who are vinyl hounds, anything you can do to help we truly appreciate!!
  • Use the Indiegogo share tools!

And that's all there is to it. 


-Brian, Tim, Daniel, Jesse, and the Hoth

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This campaign ended on October 2, 2014
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Select a Perk
  • $8USD
    Pre-Release Digital Download

    We will email you a link to download a digital copy of our record before worldwide release. Be the first to hear it! *Make sure to include email you'd like us to send the link to.

    10 claimed
  • $13USD
    CD Package

    A CD of the 11 new songs with custom album art by Eric Johnson, includes digital download. *domestic shipping included, add $15 for international

    15 claimed
  • $20USD
    CD and Coozie Package

    CD with digital download and a limited run Beer Coozie to keep your hand warm and your beer cold. *domestic shipping included, add $15 for international

    9 claimed
  • $25USD
    CD and Shirt Package

    A CD with digital download and a limited run T-Shirt. Please specify size! *domestic shipping included, add $15 for international

    26 claimed
  • $30USD
    Vinyl Package

    Deluxe double vinyl, one green, one purple. This will include the digital download. *domestic shipping included, add $15 for international

    27 claimed
  • $35USD
    Superfan Package w/ CD

    CD with digital download, signed poster, coozie, AND a limited run T-shirt. Be sure to include a size and specify men's or women's. *domestic shipping included, add $15 for international

    3 claimed
  • $50USD
    Superfan Package w/ Vinyl

    Deluxe Double Vinyl with digital download, limited run T-Shirt, coozie, and a signed poster! Be sure to include shirt size. *domestic shipping included, add $15 for international

    40 claimed
  • $100USD
    Executive Producer

    Your name will be listed in the album's credits under "Executive Producers", and you will receive a signed copy of the vinyl or CD, digital download, T-Shirt, and signed poster. *domestic shipping included for vinyl, add $15 for international

    34 claimed
  • $250USD
    VIP Listening Party

    You will be invited to an exclusive listening party with the band at a secret location in San Diego. We will drink beer, BBQ, and be the first humans to hear this record on vinyl! You will receive a gift bag including EVERYTHING! The vinyl, CD, digital download, T-Shirt, signed poster, and a coozie! *include email address for invitation

    3 claimed
  • $500USD
    Backstage Passes for release!

    You will receive two "VIP Backstage Passes" for you and a guest to our album release show, plus all the other merch including Vinyl, CD, digital download, coozie, shirt, and signed poster! Hang and drink with the bands backstage at one of San Diego's top music venue's! *domestic shipping included, add $15 for international

    0 claimed
  • $750USD
    Live Show ANYWHERE!

    We will come to a location of your choosing within 50 miles of San Diego and play a private show wherever you want! You will get a signed copy of the vinyl, all the merch, and a deep tissue massage from Daniel and Hoth. *Outside 50 miles we can negotiate travel expenses.

    0 claimed
  • $1,000USD
    Brian's Guitar

    Own a piece of the band's history. Brian's 1950's Silvertone acoustic with custom pinstriping by Tim Lowman, and a custom P-90 pickup. This guitar has been used at many live shows and on our records. Several songs like " Four Winds" and "All My Friends" were written on it as well. Brian will personally deliver the instrument in the San Diego area and sign it if you like! *domestic shipping included, add $25 for international

    0 out of 1 claimed
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