Black Coffee Workers Cooperative

The Black Coffee Cooperative is a worker cooperative, cafe, and community space!


Project Summary


The Black Coffee Cooperative is an up-and-coming worker-owned cafe, infoshop, and community space, located in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood.

Black Coffee will push forward a new way of thinking about work & the economy: worker cooperatives eliminate hierarchy and increase the level of personal investment & fulfillment for all workers. This in turn keeps the interests of the business in line with the interests of the workers, and by extension the local community as well.

Black Coffee will be providing space for community, from fundraisers to film screenings, book fairs to belly dancing, skill-shares to silk-screening.

Your contribution will not only help create a cafe that the can empower the community, you will empower us create fulfilling work for ourselves and future workers. You will help inspire work that values people over profits.


What We Need & What You Get


So far Black Coffee has raised most of the funds we need to open-up-shop via generous low-interest loans from family and friends. We are dedicated to staying out of big banks entirely, but local credit unions don’t yet have the resources to help us out as a start-up. This is why we need your help to meet the remainder of our fundraising goal: $20,000. This is a daring goal, but we believe we can achieve it together!

Your financial support will literally keep our doors open & keep our cafe in business during the predictably precarious first months of business. It will also help us finish the physical buildout of the space itself. Raising the money as a community is the only way to keep this business beholden to no one but the ourselves. 

You can trust that this project a success because we’ve got a whole crew with all the right talents and experience. We’ve got a bold, determined, and responsible team that is more than ready to make this a reality. 


Other Ways You Can Help


If you considered a donation and you just know you can’t afford it, of course we understand, and there are other ways you can help Black Coffee become a reality.

1) Join us for a work party! We’ll be having public work parties on to help make the space as beautiful as it can be. Sign up for our email list to get updates as we plan specific dates. http://blackcoffeecoop.com/join-mailing-list/. 

2) Contribute expertise or equipment! Iif you have any skill you want to lend, from carpentry to graphic design, or if you just know someone we should talk to, please contact us. We also need everything from raw materials for carpentry work, bookshelves, tables, chairs, couches, or other furniture for the space, we could most definitely make use it! Contact us at blackcoffee@riseup.net if you can help!

3) Organize an event at the cafe! Events help us make the community familiar with and excited about Black Coffee. If you can dream up an event, such as a film screening, book reading, skill share, workshop, musical or artistic performance, we’d be more than happy to host and promote it! Just contact us at blackcoffee@riseup.net

Team on This Campaign: