Black and White Laws in a Colorful World

In a world where society's support for equality is rapidly growing, old and discriminative laws are not changing at the same rate or are not changing at all.

The Story
From a young age Jason Brickhill has used filmmaking as a way to express himself, his thoughts feelings and outlook on the world. He is currently studying at the New York Film Academy and is writing, directing and producing his first professional short film, "Black and White Laws in a Colorful World". The film is about equality, expressing the importance of equal rights for all. The subject matter is very personal, but relative to many. In a world where discrimination is still one of it's largest issues, Black and White Laws in a Colorful World explores how society's support for equality is rapidly growing yet old and discriminative laws and anti-gay government views are not changing at the same rate or are not changing at all.
Black and White Laws in a Colorful World takes place in New York City and tells the story of five different people all of whom experience discrimination due to their sexual orientation. The film begins with a healthy, friendly man wanting to donate some blood but is sent away for being gay. It is against the law in the United States for any man "who has had sex with another man, even once, since 1977" to donate blood. The film then follows a lesbian couple at their wedding and an openly gay soldier in the military and how the law has affected them both before and after the recent passing of the same-sex marriage bill in New York and the abolishment of Don't Ask Don't Tell come September 20, 2011. The Law will play a significant symbolic character throughout the film and will be both the protagonist and the antagonist. The film will conclude with a teenage boy on the verge of suicide after encountering years of bullying for the suspicion that he is gay. 
The message and theme throughout the short film will be surrealistically expressed through the use of heavy symbolism, bold colors, collage and paint.

The Impact
Many people are unaware of the extent of anti-gay discrimination. In some countries it is illegal to be homosexual, and many people have been killed for being with the person they love. Although the film takes place in one of the most accepting cities in the world, New York City, it shows how discrimination is still an issue. Ultimately the film sends a positive message that if you stand up for your rights and keep on fighting for what you believe in, good will come of it. It is the year 2011 and gay marriage has only now become legal in New York and the ridiculous Don't Ask Don't Tell policy has only just now been repealed, and ends on September 20, 2011. 
The goal of this short film is to let anyone who has been affected by discrimination, in any form, know that there are millions of people who love and support them and to never give up, and to make those people who don't, realize that being gay is not a choice, nor is not wrong. Everyone on the earth, whether gay or straight, should have the right to love whoever they want and they should not be treated differently because of it. 

What We Need
Now that filming has come to an end, post-production begins NOW. This will require crew and equipment rental (for additional shooting), a sound mixer and masterer, music licensing (which can be VERY costly), marketing and distribution.

Other Ways You Can Help
If you know anyone that will be interested in helping out, let them know. Spread the word! Share the link on your blog, facebook, twitter, etc. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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