A compelling documentary about a grieving man, whose wife returns to him as a dove, and the complications that ensue. A story of love, grief and family.
Rotem Moav
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***UPDATE - a generous donor has committed to double every donation made to the campaign! with a little help we can finish this film!***

About Our Film

 'Birdman' is a feature documentary film, currently in production, with some principal photography and footage, (as you can see in our trailer) but we need your help to complete filming, and tell the whole amazing story.  

The documentary is about David Feinberg, a US military veteran, living in Israel. Devastated after the loss of Julia, his wife of almost sixty years, David was not coping. A fortnight after her death, a dove entered his house and perched on his shoulder, refusing to leave. It started to demonstrate behavior and tastes that so resembled his lost wife, David came to believe that it was some kind of visitation from her, and he and the bird went everywhere together, earning him the nickname ‘Birdman’. David’s four children each had very divided attitudes to this, and the film explores their reactions, from the religious to the scientific, as well as documenting the loss of the dove, and the efforts to find her. It is a story of love, grief and learning to accept the loss of a loved one, but also a heart warming tale of life’s small miracles.  

We would love to make you a part of the team, so any contribution receives more than just our gratitude: The ‘perks’ of helping us include merchandise, soundtracks, DVD copies of the film and, for those of you who’ve always wanted your name on the big screen, you’ll also receive a credit.

What do we need?

We have been completely drawn into this story, and we feel that other people will be too, so we have done a lot of research, gathered what existing footage we could, and started filming so we could make a trailer. However, to finish telling the story, we need to capture a lot more footage interview more of the family, and cut a great film together, which costs more money than we have. 

We are a passionate and dedicated small team, and we want contributors and investors to know that we are committed to our film, and to David's story. Even if we don't reach our target amount, we will work tirelessly to ensure this film still gets made. 

Below you can see how we have reached the proposed amount and budgeted: 

Production:  (6 more shooting days)  

Camera and equipment                    $300 x 6 = $1,800 

Transportation and food                     $100  x 6 = $600


Editing                                                          $1,800

Color correction, Online editing                         $600

Sound design                                               $1,000

Marketing and distribution                                 $200



As you can see, our budget is not extravagant. It’s our target minimum, so below we’ve listed where money raised above the minimum will be spent:

Animation and Video effects                       $2,000

Music licensing                                         $1,000

Archive footage licensing                           $1,000


A little more about the story...

The grief of his wife's death is really the starting place of this story. Losing his wife, Julia, to cancer left David incapacitated, unable to motivate himself to do even the simplest things, like make a cup of coffee. How could he go on after losing the companion of more than half a century of his life? After two weeks of despair, the dove appeared, flying right into his house from the balcony and onto his shoulder, refusing to leave him. 

The bird displayed several behaviours and tastes so in common with his departed spouse, David came to believe that the dove was some kind of visitation or incarnation of her, and started calling it by her name: Julie. The resemblance was so strong that it started to become apparent to even the most sceptical. For example, during 'Tu Bishvat' dinner, without their mother to run the ceremony, the family started eating right as the food was served. 'Julie' then started to squeal and flap her wings in angry protest. They all looked at each other, til one of them said "Alright, Mother, we'll say the blessing first". As they all started reading the prayers which their mother used to read on every holy day, the dove became calm and quiet. 

The dove was received by the family members with mixed opinion: some felt that she should be shooed off, others accepted David's new companion. One of the more dramatic responses was from David's Orthodox son, who insisted that according the the 'Halacha' the bird was a lost soul and, according to his Rabbi, should be expelled immediately. (It was later understood that his Rabbi had mistaken 'Julie' for a pidgin, while the dove is actually a blessed animal). 

After over a year of spending most of the time standing on David's shoulder, and refusing to eat anything other than his late wife's favourite cookies, the dove became overweight and unhealthy. On one of the several trips to visit LInda, David's daughter, Julie flew off to make her own way home, as she had on other occasions, but she never arrived. The film goes on to tell the story of his search for his bird companion, with the help of Linda, from the mundane to the bizarre, and the events and choices that follow. 

It's an amazing and moving story, that we feel appeals to a wide range of people. In places funny, poignant, bittersweet, this is a moving true story of life's everyday miracles. 

About us...

We wouldn't ask you to invest in us if we didn't know we could more than deliver on our promises. We are a small documentary team, but we are all seasoned professionals in our field. 

Ways you can help.

Yes, we are looking for funding for our film, and every little bit helps, but there are other ways you can get involved too. If you like our story, please feel free to share this page with your family and friends. We also have a Facebook page and Twitter account, so you can hear all the news and stories from the production, as it happens. It's almost like being a member of the crew...

 We all sincerely THANK YOU for any kind of support to our project. 

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