Tell Coke you want it back in the loudest way possible!

Surge was by far the most spectacularly amazing beverage ever created by the feeble hands of man! For the last ten years, however, it has been beyond our reach, its divine formula sitting stagnant in the dusty cabinets of Coca-Cola HQ. We, the SURGE Movement, people just like yourself, have banded together to BRING IT BACK!!!

Since the movement's founding, we've Surged Coke's phone lines, flooded their fan page, and have even been recognized by major on-line news outlets. Through little more than word of mouth, more than eleven thousand Surge lovers, nearly a thousand from countries on the other side of the world, have found their way to our rapidly growing home page, www.facebook.com/surgemovement.

Now we want to give them a new voice. A loud voice! A voice that stands in Coke's backyard and screams in their face "FEED THE RUSH!!!!" So we're going to take that voice and put it on a full size billboard right in their own Home Sweet Home: Atlanta, Georgia!

Help us do it! Help us shout it out! Help us SAVE SURGE!!!


$1 = What are you, a fan of Mello Yello? Still, Thanks ;)

$5 = You’re a real SURGE fan!

$10 = You really want SURGE back, don't you? It's going to happen.

$20+ = You mean business and if SURGE were here today, it would be very

proud!  Your name will be posted to the "about" section of the SURGE


$50+ = Your name on the billboard!  Donating $50 or more will see your name

integrated in the design of the billboard itself! Multiple donation of under $50

adding up to $50 or more will qualify you for this perk.  Any contributions prior

to the posting of this added perk will be grandfathered in and will qualify to

receive this perk. 


Anyone who wishes not to receive any of these perks may specify so in a

comment or a message to the SURGEMovement facebook page.  Alternatively,

you may choose to donate anonymously.


The goal amount for this fund raiser is based on obtained quotes from the billboard company, however, as the market is in constant flux, the selection of billboard cannot be guaranteed. Rest assured, we will lease the best possible location for the amount of funds received and the quicker we reach our goal, the better our options will be!

Coke, Coca-Cola, Surge, and Feed the Rush! Are registered trademarks of Coca-Cola Co. SURGE Movement is in no way affiliated with, sponsored by, or overseen by Coca-Cola Co. or any of its subsidiaries. We claim no ownership of the products or trademarks listed above.