Bikram Yoga Teacher Training

I've almost saved enough money to attend Bikram Yoga Teacher Training this fall....but I need your help to reach my goal!
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I'm Sarah, and I am trying to attend this fall session of Bikram Yoga Teacher training. This is a rigorous 9 weeks of 90 minute hot yoga classes 2x a day, posture clinics, and lectures, where trainees live on site and immerse themselves in learning and practicing.

Ive wanted to be a Bikram Yoga teacher for pretty much as long as I have been practicing Bikram Yoga - about 16 years! Its always seemed too time consuming for a stay at home mom and indie artist - and too expensive. Now my kids are 17 and 7, I live in my home town with my mom right down the street, and I have the opportunity to teach at my favorite Bikram studio here, owned by one of my very best childhood friends. I am really excited to start this new chapter in my life. Teaching yoga will support my artistic endeavors and enable me to pick my kids up after school. And even better - I know I will really love teaching and spreading this awesome yoga, which has helped me and so many others in so many ways.

I sold my car for $3900 and saved another $3700 - so that's $7600. The total cost of the teacher training is $11,400. I'm asking for $3400 because that is the minimum amount that I need in order to guarantee that I can pay the tuition. Because indiegogo takes a percentage of my funding, the goal I've set here is $3700. Going to teacher training will cost well over this amount when I factor in transportation to and from Los Angeles CA, laundry ($8/load at the hotel we are required to stay at!), and food (no kitchen access at all for 9 weeks!). Not to mention my hopes that my family can come visit me once or twice while I am there, cost of extra mat, water bottle, and yoga clothes to accomodate 11 classes per week. So rest assured any "overfunding" will definitely go directly towards this teacher training.

Just a small contribution makes a huge difference!! If I dont make it this fall I will be saving everything for next spring teacher training. Now that I have decided to go, it is only a matter of time! But this fall would be especially good for everyone in terms of timing and schedules. The session is from Sept. 15 - Nov. 17 in Los Angeles, CA and is taught by Bikram directly, along with his wife and senior students, all yoga champions. It is an amazing opportunity, and allows me to become a certified teacher of Bikram Yoga.

This is a long, hard, challenging 9 weeks of non stop yoga. I intend to work hard and learn a lot, and then spread that experience and knowledge by teaching it to others. Please consider helping me to make this happen.

thank you!


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    postcard from teacher training

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