BiggiFi: Millions of apps, your choice, your life, right on your TV!

BiggiFi brings the excitement of the mobile world to the big screen. Enjoy apps on your TV using your smartphone!
Karl Zhao
Irvine, California
United States
4 Team Members

The BiggiFi Indiegogo Campaign has ended.

But you can still get a BiggiFi device at Come visit us!

Future updates will be on our blog at Discussions, comments, and questions are welcome on our Facebook page.

A Big Thank You to all of our backers and supporters!

The BiggiFi Indiegogo campaign finished successfully! We are grateful for the tremendous support from all of our backers—our friends and families, our re-seller partners, and BiggiFi enthusiasts around the world. Thank you all for giving a final push to make BiggiFi available to the general public. We are also fortunate to have received a lot of great feedback during the campaign. This will help us to continue improving BiggiFi.

The winner of the contest is Hassan Farid, whose referrals made the biggest contribution.  Congratulations on winning a well-deserved BiggiFi device! There has been a lot of great communications in the process.

The BiggiFi Indiegogo campaign helped us to get a jumpstart to make the revolutionary BiggiFi device accessible to everyone.  BiggiFi community is still young, but full of excitement and energy. We look forward to future participation from our supporters and fans by spreading the word so more people can enjoy apps from their smart phones on their big-screen TVs! 

- The BiggiFi Team

Last day of BiggiFi campaign is approaching!

The last day of BiggiFi campaign on Indiegogo is approaching! Thank you all for your help.

Our campaign has made great progress. People from 15 countries have contributed to our campaign.BiggiFi was featured by reputable technology journals such as LinuxGizmo, The article has been referenced dozen times by other websites. It’s even been translated to a Spanish website. Other sites: EFY Times -; redOrbit: is a really cool gadget. So many things you can do on your Smartphone or tablets, now they can be done on a big screen TV.Treat yourself, your family and friends this holiday season with this latest innovation. Play and share your favorite apps on your 60 inch (or however big is your TV) HD screen.

Thanks so much! One more thing: the contest is still on ... 

-The BiggiFi Team


100%! Alright. Thank you everyone. Thank you so much for helping us bring BiggiFi to the world. The world of television and mobile has been revolutionized and we couldn't have done it without your generous support.

But there's more to be done. We still need your help to spread the word so others can enjoy the mobile experience on the big screen. We also have our first stretch goal announced. At $50,000 we will make a silver BiggiFi device. Other colors will come as we go above and beyond our goal.

Thank you so much.

-The BiggiFi Team

We are happy to announce that the backer of the last Super Special Perk is Gene Petrone! We would also like to share Gene's message to us:

"Hi BiggiFi Team, Sure, I'm glad I caught this project as I have been looking for something like this that supports all android apps as opposed to Google Chromecast which seems to be limiting things lately.

Best of Luck!

Gene Petrone " 

Thank you Gene and thank you to everyone who contributed.


90%! Great momentum on the BiggiFi campaign. Millions of thanks to all of our backers and supporters. It's time to start up another contest.
Here are the rules for this contest:

First, sign up / sign in to your Indiegogo account.

Ordering a device qualifies you to enter.

You must refer some one to our page using the social media buttons underneath the video or using the referral link next to it.

If your referrals order at least one device or donate an equal amount, you will get a $10 Google Play Store gift card.

The person who has the most contributing referrals will win a free BiggiFi Device.

The duration of this contest is from Monday 11/18/13 9:00 AM PST - Thursday 11/28/13 11:59 PM PST.  

For iOS users: The BiggiFi app for iOS devices will be ready when the first batch of BiggiFi devices is shipped!

We also have a stretch goal now for more colors for BiggiFi. Check it out.

Alright, let's do this!

BiggiFi: The smartphone interface technology for your TV.


BiggiFi makes mobile apps Bigger! 

BiggiFi brings the excitement of the mobile world to the big screen. Enjoy apps on your TV using your smartphone.

The mobile world is exploding with developers big and small constantly bringing out hot new games and apps for the mobile platform. However, even with tablets, screen size is limited which impacts content quality.

The television has a large screen capable of delivering awesome visuals, but content on television is limited to movies and shows. The smartphone has overtaken the TV in many cases as the entertainment device of choice. Bridging the gap between them has been an elusive goal.

BiggiFi fills this gap. BiggiFi transforms your television into a window into your mobile world while keeping your smartphone as the interface.

  • Enjoy tons of apps without porting or specialized remotes.
  • Show off in your favorite mobile games.
  • Look up restaurants, select movies, shop online together.
  • Watch online videos with friends and family.
  • And much more … all on the big screen.

With BiggiFi, you can enjoy millions of apps on your TV, instantly.

We give your TV a touchscreen interface

BiggiFi is the first technology that retains the touch-based smartphone interaction that apps are built around while delivering your apps to the big screen. You can give your television the magic “touch” from your smartphone! Unlike other devices, BiggiFi fully utilizes your smartphone as a controller, allowing you to use your smartphone to touch, pinch, slide, scroll, and tilt to interface with the TV in real-time. By doing so, BiggiFi lets you stay on the same interface you are used and eliminates the need for major porting. With BiggiFi, there is no need to purchase, learn, and use a specialized controller.

BiggiFi your smartphone

Smart mobile devices are small. That's how they remain "mobile". This, however, limits the quality of content such as games and movies. With BiggiFi, the apps and media we love can be enjoyed in brilliant high-definition on our home television sets. By bringing smart devices to the large screens of televisions, BiggiFi also introduces a new in-person social element to the mobile platform. With Android on TV, families and friends can gather in the living room and enjoy movies, games, and apps together, live.

Extremely responsive

Gaming is important to us. During a game, controller issues such as lag can be really frustrating. BiggiFi has been designed to keep the latency between the BiggiFi device and the controllers to an absolute minimum to ensure responsiveness.

There are several technologies that allow phones to use TVs as displays such as AirPlay Mirroring and Miracast. These technologies work by transmitting the screen encoding package of phone to the TV. On the TV end, it needs to receiving and decoding the screen encoding package. This causes lag between the phone and the display and also requires more power from the phone. BiggiFi isn't another screen mirroring technology. With BiggiFi, the phone just passes its control inputs and outputs to and from the BiggiFi device. The BiggiFi device hosts and runs your content. This reduces BiggiFi's phone-to-TV latency and provides a significant advantage over existing products, especially when dealing with time-sensitive activities such as gaming.

When you play gamess like Temple Run or Angry Birds on BiggiFi, there will be no delay. This way, high quality games can stay fast and sharp.

Your life, your choice

You often like to sit on the couch and play with your smartphone while TV is off. With BiggiFi, you can sit on the couch and play with your smartphone while TV is on with your favorite games and apps running on it. You can chose and experiment with tons of games and apps. You are part of the revolution to bring the excitement of smartphone to the TV.

BiggiFi is packaged with an exclusive and new multi-user SDK that opens new possibilities for games and apps. The SDK was designed to implement one of the core ideas of BiggiFi: "To expand the in-person social aspect of the mobile experience". Where many current Android apps are designed for a single user experience, our SDK allows apps to receive multiple inputs from multiple smartphones to allow for activities such as the multi-player split-screen gaming commonly found in game consoles.

We make mobile to TV transition seamless for developers

Those of you who are mobile game and app developer might wonder: "Will my games and apps run on BiggiFi?". Give it a try! Without changing a single line of code, your games or apps should run great. If not, don't panic! BiggiFi comes with a software development kit (SDK) to help you make your apps work (better) with BiggiFi.

Never-before-seen console-like multi-player support

For existing Android applications, only one set of inputs/outputs are used. For example, there is one accelerometer and one vibrator. In the multi-user SDK, we created multiple sets of these assets with one for each mobile device running BiggiFi app. This allows each user controls their individual objects running on BiggiFi device. The communication between the BiggiFi device and the BiggiFi app remains the same. For example, in the split screen gaming, each mobile device can control its own character on the screen via its own accelerometer. And likewise, it can send separate vibration (rumble) to each mobile device running the BiggiFi app.

We hope that in the hands of other creative minds, the BiggiFi SDK will produce millions of new and exciting "in-person" social apps.

How does it compare with Chromecast or other Android dongles?

BiggiFi and Chromecast are quite different! Chromecast is a special purpose device designed primarily to stream internet video content to the TV. Currently it only officially supports a few apps. BiggiFi is a multi-function smart device just like your smartphone and tablet, but with a much bigger display. Android TV dongles/MiniPCs and similar devices exist on the market but many of these devices use physical remote control or mobile applications simulating remote controls. This limits the number of apps and the experience of using these apps. We are the first to bring not only the Android operating environment but also the smartphone interface to the TV. With BiggiFi, anything is possible. You can install new applications, play games, and still, watch videos.

Interact with BiggiFi just as you would with your smartphone!

What can BiggiFi do for you?

  • Play games on TV through your phone like you’ve never seen before.
  • Stream and watch videos in high-definition and in high speed.
  • Do presentations on any HD TV when you are traveling.
  • Browse the internet and social network on the big screen.
  • Read newspaper via services like Pulse and Flipboard.
  • Endless possibilities...

Our mission with BiggiFi is to make your TV more fun: Share, play, learn, and connect.

What's under the hood

  • Dual-core A9 processor 
  • Mauli 400 GPU
  • OS: Android 4.0
  • 1GB DDR
  • 4GB of Nand flash
  • Micro-SD slot
  • Built-in HDMI connector
  • HD display up to 1080p 
  • USB 2.0 port for peripherals 
  • WiFi 802.11 b/g/n 
  • Support up to 4 users simultaneously on local LAN to connect to the device

Detailed Technical Information

The CPU of BiggiFi device is a ARMv7 Cortex-A9 dual core processor that has a clock speed of up to 1.5GHz with a 512KB L2 cache, advanced 40nm process technology, and heterogeneous dual-core Mali-400MP GPU chips for graphics processing. The hardware complies with the OpenGL ES 2.0, OpenGL ES 1.1 and OpenVG 1.1 standard. In addition, it carries 32 byte of LPDDR2/DDR3 memories, supports 1080P HD video decoding, and hardware Flash decoding. The operating system is a customized version of Android. The changes we made ensure compatibility with most Android games without any additional modification. Apps that run on our device still think they are running on phone or tablet.

The BiggiFi app

The BiggiFi app turns your smart device into a smart controller. Currently we fully support Android devices. Support for iOS mobile devices is in beta and will be available shortly after launch. To setup your device with BiggiFi, simply download the app off of the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and use it to connect your smartphone to BiggiFi.

Detailed Technical Information
The BiggiFi app runs on a smartphone or a tablet resides on the same local area network with the BiggiFi device. The BiggiFi app connects to the BiggiFi device via WiFi. The BiggiFi app passes the touch screen data, accelerometer data, and other interface data of the phone or tablet  connected to the BiggiFi device. This allows apps running on the device be controlled correctly. It could also transmit the screenshots of what's being displayed on the TV. The app can also provide vibration feedback (rumble). BiggiFi app running on up to 4 different mobile devices can connect to BiggiFi device simultaneously.

The Team

The BiggiFi team is headed by Karl Zhao, the inventor of BiggiFi. He is passionate to unlock the potential of the big screen TV and bring friends and family together to share, play, learn and grow together. Karl has an electrical engineering background and has worked for a number of Fortune 500 and start-up companies  With his entrepreneur spirit and love for his work, he has built an energetic and diverse team to create great new ideas and solve problems.

Other core members of the BiggiFi team include Holly Kaaret and Rain Peng. Holly oversees finance and operations for BiggiFi. Rain is the product guru behind BiggiFi.

The three founding members of the BiggiFi team, Karl, Holly, and Rain, have worked together for close to 5 years. Prior to BiggiFi, we have developed technologies and provided services to market leading OEM customers in IPTV, media adapter, media console for fitness equipment and so on. 

We are also fortunate to work with many enthusiastic and energetic people including Jake, Kevin, Ronald, Erich and Nick all help tell the story of BiggiFi to fellow backers.

It has been an amazing journey to work on a project that leads to a revolutionary product – BiggiFi. We are looking forward to having you be part of BiggiFi. Be part of this revolution!

Development History

The idea for BiggiFi began from earlier projects of ours. We were working on an app that transcodes videos so that they can be played on a mobile device. The mobile screen, however, was too small to play the videos with the proper quality. We were also working on another project involving Android and the TI DM3730. This device supported 1080P output and could be connected to a TV via HDMI. The display quality from this device was vastly superior to that of mobile screens.

Running mobile applications on the DM3730 was simple enough but there was no way to properly interact with the apps. All mobile apps are developed based on mobile device inputs, such as touch screens, accelerometers, etc. The DM3730 doesn’t have any of these. To correct this, we decided to add mobile controls to the DM3730.

It is from this that in 2011, BiggiFi was born!

We quickly shifted our focus to BiggiFi's development.

Three months later, the first prototype came out. Along with the necessary modifications made to the Android framework, we developed a server running on the DM3730 to receive control data, like user touch data from a smartphone, and feed it to those apps running on the DM3730. An app running on an Android smartphone collected touch screen data and transferred it to the server. When a user touches a position on their smartphone, this action is sent to the DM3730. We added a screenshot function to help orientate the user.

To assist the user with more precise actions, we also added a “mouse mode” which allows a smartphone to act as a trackpad. Both mode were very useful, so in the first prototype, we put two in the same screen, one in half screen. There were many games controlled by accelerometer as well, like racing games. So we supported sensor data transfer in the second version.

As we continued to develop BiggiFi and the BiggiFi app, we gained more and more control functions. Meantime we were also worked on compatibility with a select couple of games and apps

After one year of development, BiggiFi supported most Android apps. The next was to create a consumer product.

We found a company in Shenzen that makes an HDMI device suited for BiggiFi. For the past year, we have been working closely with them to customize and optimize the device to meet the product specification of BiggiFi. We first need to modify the firmware and customize the Android to make it compatible with BiggiFi app. The WiFi performance is extremely important so we spent a lot of time to optimize the WiFi module that resulted in a second hardware spin. Initially, there are two PCB boards, in order to further reduce the cost, we combined two PCB boards into single PCB board. This is the third spin of the hardware. During this time, we have continued to optimize the software to improve user experience and easy of use. We also developed a functional prototype app for iOS.

Why Indiegogo?

We have spent 2 years working on Biggifi and we need your help to go the final stretch to launch BiggiFi. There are some final software issues, such as performance issues and a redesign of the user interface to work out but other than that BiggiFi is complete and ready to ship. We have already secured a manufacturer (in China) who is willing to help us produce BiggiFi at an affordable price. We need your help to fund the first batche of the BiggiFi device as well as helping us with product fulfillment. We also need funds for FCC certification.

Our beta stage BiggiFi app for iOS still requires extensive testing for any bugs or stability issues that need to be addressed We are also working to improve the auto-setup process. We hope additional resources will help facilitate this process.

Everyone's involvement with BiggiFi matters. You can help us to realize the dream to bring millions of apps right to your TV. By getting one of the first BiggiFi devices, you can help fund our enterprise and you can enjoy your favorite apps on TV right now!

Once our goal is met, we will immediately proceed to manufacture the first batch of the BiggiFi device and prepare it for delivery.

What are people saying about us?

"In an increasingly mobile, connected world, consumers' desire access to personalized content across multiple devices for different types of experiences. The innovative BiggiFi platform brings the full functionality of connected devices to life for users by enabling mobile content to be shared through an interactive, big screen experience.  BiggiFi expands the possibilities for when, where and how we interact with our content."

- Jeff Chu, marketing director, mobile computing, ARM

The future is now

Google and Apple see a future in bringing the mobile experience to the TV. Google released Chromecast at $35 to move videos from your phone to the television. Apple TV is the same idea for $99. We don't believe in limiting you to streaming videos and only and handful of apps. With BiggiFi, we'll provide you millions of apps (video streaming apps included) to enjoy on the big screen with friends and family. We are also making it extremely affordable at $79 + shipping. Early backers can get it at $59 (US domestic shipping included).

You can help to bring the future now. Help us breathe new life into the world of television and the world of mobile!

Other Ways You Can Help

Spread the word! Even if you can't back us financially, getting the news out is important to us.


Q: So how does shipping work?
A: For domestic shipping in the US, there is no additional charge. International backers are advised to select a corresponding shipping perk. Regular shipping is cheaper but can take many weeks. If you would like the product sooner, we suggest the priority shipping option . The priority shipping is at a flat rate that cover 1-4 devices. We will work out arrangements with those who chose the "Partner" perk.

Q: So how does it differ from Chromecast?
A: In short, we designed our dongle to use the native phone-and-tablet controls where other devices have either a specific physical remote or some sort of different control scheme. This means we can support many, many apps using our approach where Chromecast and other Android MiniPCs can only offer a handful. More detailed info is provided above.

Q: Is BiggiFi a screen-mirroring technology?
A: Absolutely not. Screen mirroring requires significant amounts of bandwidth and over WiFi, the latency would make anything except video-playback difficult and cumbersome.

Q: Does BiggiFi support Bluetooth?
A: While BiggiFi doesn't come with Bluetooth, it does have a USB peripheral port. It should be possible to connect a USB Bluetooth adapter to BiggiFi through the USB port.

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    Early Bird Super Special

    You will receive one BiggiFi device from our very first batch for a super low special price of $59 USD. BiggiFi's retail price will be $79 USD + shipping after the product launches. (US domestic shipping is included. International backers will be responsible for customs fees and duties.)

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    You will receive two BiggiFi devices from our very first batch. BiggiFi's retail price will be $79 USD + shipping after the product launches. (US domestic shipping included. International backers will still be responsible for customs fees and duties.)

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    BiggiFi Quadruple Special

    You will receive four BiggiFi devices from our very first batch. BiggiFi's retail price will be $79 USD + shipping after the product launches. (US domestic shipping included. International backers will still be responsible for customs fees and duties.)

    21 out of 50 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $800USD
    BiggiFi the World

    Thank you for helping us bring BiggiFi to the world. You will receive a limited edition gold-colored BiggiFi device with your name printed on it (we will use the name on your Indiegogo account. If you want different name printed, send us a message.). You'll also get a call from us so we may properly express our gratitude and get to know you. (Domestic and International shipping is included. We'll handle all the customs fees and duties for our international backers.)

    1 out of 8 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $2,750USD
    BiggiFi Partner Special

    You will receive fifty BiggiFi devices from our very first batch. BiggiFi's retail price will be $79 USD + shipping after the product launches. (Backers are responsible for shipping cost. International backers will still be responsible for customs fees and duties.)

    4 out of 5 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $5,000USD
    BiggiFi the Universe

    Thank you so much for your generous contribution! Naturally you'll get a limited edition gold-colored BiggiFi device of your own printed with your name (we will use the name on your Indiegogo account. Tell us if you want a different name printed.) and you'll be invited to join our launch party here in Irvine, CA. We'll hand deliver your device at the party. We'll also cover the travel expenses of US citizens. International backers are welcome but we won't be able to cover travel. Sorry ;_;

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    Estimated delivery: December 2013
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