Big Sky Wrestling - Wyoming Pro Wrestling

Wyoming Pro Wrestling will provide local wrestling based entertainment in the states of Wyoming, Nebraska, South Dakota, Montana and provide much needed jobs!



Wyoming pro wrestling will provide spectacular wrestling performances in Wyoming and the surrounding states of Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota, Utah and Colorado..

Wyoming Pro Wrestling will also be responsible for creating jobs in Wyoming and surrounding states as well as allowing local wrestlers to gain experience and exposure.   We also hope to attract known wrestlers and weave other forms of entertainment into our shows.

  • Produced by experienced event organizers
  • Local entertainment and job creation
  • A new regional wrestling promotion to spur competition in the industry

What We Need & What You Get

  • We've already put a down payment on the wrestling ring and have most of the title belts.  Donations to cover the cost of the ring and advertising would be nice
  • We have experienced writers and  videographers and will provide great local entertainment, championship matches and refreshments.  Entertaining and engaging story lines, interaction with the audience, fan feedback and more.
  • If the goal is not met, any available funds will still be used for the promotion.  The "Empty Quarter" states want live entertainment.

The Impact

Your contribution will help many.

  • Wyoming and some of the surrounding states tend to have lower rural populations.  This leads to most entertainment promoters completely overlooking these states.  Wyoming Pro Wrestling will provide quality entertainment in these states, add additional jobs to the region, and local entertainment in an under-served area. 
  • Job creation would include drivers, technical crew, commentators, cameramen, audio and visual specialists, referees, announcers, attendants and more.  Aside from a new venue for wrestlers to gain exposure, this organization has a potential of creating up to 60 full-time jobs within a few years. 
  • Pro wrestling has successfully been used for fundraisers for several years
  • Local promotion that knows what the region wants and integrate additional forms of entertainment to make our product a truly family friendly event with a little something for all tastes (even the folks that aren't really into wrestling!)

Other Ways You Can Help

Can't contribute financially?  You can still help us out in other ways:

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