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Josh K.
, Massachusetts
United States
2 Team Members

Welcome to RunAbout Cycle’s Indiegogo Campaign!

Electric Assist Bicycles are one of the fastest growing segments in the bicycle industry. These helpful technologies are empowering people with an enhanced riding experience, with the ability to climb hills with ease, ride with faster family and friends, and zip along, enjoying twice the speed, while only using half the pedaling effort. Our E-bikes help more and more people ride bikes again, commute to work, and utilize one of the most sustainable forms of local transportation in the world. We are RunAbout Cycles, Josh Kerson and Elana Hurwitz and we have been hand-crafting some of the world’s most efficient light electric vehicles for over eight years now. We are at a pivotal point, where we are ready for our next steps to manufacturing our electric bikes, in quantity, in a US factory.

RunAbout Cycles is going to launch from building handmade custom bikes, to ramping up our production with manufacturing of our bike frames and components in a North American factory. Our new factory produced models of our electric recumbent tricycles and electric mountain-touring bikes that will enable us to price them at affordable rates for many more people to enjoy. We invite you to support our fundraising efforts to be part of this new development.

With our assistive technology designs, we have changed the lives of our riders. We have witnessed people gaining independence, building confidence, and becoming stronger, healthier and happier. Our E-bikes give the rider the ability to choose the level of assist (motor) to combine with their pedaling, or to use the motor alone, depending upon their physical needs, riding style, terrain and load. We have also been able to custom design for each rider's specific physical needs with adaptive fittings. Understanding the heartfelt appreciation we have from our clients and early adopters, we aspire to bring the vehicles we design to many more riders in the world. "The RunAbout Smile" is something everyone has experienced, after a great test ride on our Spincycle Electric Trike. 

RunAbout Cycles has been developing our light electric vehicle designs for over eight years. We have handcrafted our SpinCycle, an electric human-hybrid-tricycle, and built custom electric bicycle conversions for a total of over a hundred satisfied customers. We’ve even built twelve prototypes, and the final vehicle for a new start-up electric bicycle company in Tennessee in 2008. Now we are ready, as leaders in the testing and use of the latest components like batteries and motors; with well tested and proven, zero emissions vehicles of our own design.

Photo: Josh Kerson at work.

Opportunity Knocking:

We have a special opportunity to work with an established North American manufacturer who would like to produce our frames. We also have had consistent interest and requests for our products to be put into a distribution network of over twenty stores throughout the New England area, as well as electric bicycle stores across the country. Additionally, we are fortunate to have interest in our product from customers here in America and around the globe, including the Netherlands, Germany and Australia.

We believe our electric-human-hybrid vehicles are a step into the future of sustainable local transportation. Our vehicles are part of the most sustainable transportation solutions that the world is calling for. They have also been purpose built from the ground up, well tested, refined, and developed over the last ten years.

With the use of advanced lithium ion batteries, brushless DC motors, and smart controllers, we have been on the cutting edge of technologies that will help change the world. The efficiencies may be hard to comprehend, but are in the area of 2,000 miles to the gallon equivalency. That is, for around 4 dollars worth of electricity, and recharging your E bike at 5 cents, per 25 miles, you can recharge and go 2,000 miles, for the same amount of energy that it costs for a gallon of gasoline!  And, the more you are able to add in your pedal-power, the more efficient your ride.

With A Factory Production Run of Our Trike and Bike Frames We will Offer

Two of Our Signature Electric Bikes:

Photo above: Elana and Josh working on a prototype frame design for a two wheeled E-bike. Cordova, Tennessee, 2008.

RunAbout Cycles 2014 SpinCycle (TM) Electric-Human-Hybrid Tricycle

The SpinCycle is our signature recumbent tricycle. It is a tadpole trike, with two wheels up front for the most stable riding platform in the industry. The SpinCycle electric assist tricycles are designed and engineered to be the most stable, comfortable, and utilitarian vehicles ever offered.

You can ride the SpinCycle at up to 20 MPH (32 K) on motor alone. Add in your pedaling for an efficient use of the battery charge, giving you a longer range ride, before you need to re-charge the battery. Our E-trikes are equipped with disc brakes for complete, sure stopping power. Our SpinCycle tricycle has a comfortable seating position that supports your back, giving you leverage to push on the pedals, and at the same time the height of the rider is at the equivalent to a small sports car, so you have the visibility and seeing ability when riding along bike lanes in urban settings. Our riders find it great for transportation, and carrying a load. 

Our E-trikes come with the most advanced lithium ion batteries, smart chargers, fuel meters and brushless hub motors available in the industry today. All SpinCycles include independent front suspension and independent front disc brakes. With safety in mind, we include tail-light "blinkies" and tires with reflective strips. Our aircraft quality 4130 Chromoly steel frames are the lightest, strongest and most durable frames in the industry, and come with our lifetime guarantee. The Trike frame can carry 350 lbs (158.75 KL) including the rider and has an integrated rack and pannier attachment rails built into the frame. Our E-bikes utilize ninety percent traditional bicycle components that can be found in bike shops across the country and the world, making for ease of use, and maintenance.

You're Invited:

Reserve one of our first factory production built SpinCycle frames today, and become part of the electric revolution sweeping the world. You will be making a positive change in reducing our carbon footprint, changing our "fuelish" ways, one E bike at a time.

RunAbout Cycles 2014 Electric Mountain Touring Bike

Meet our Electric Mountain Touring Bike. This two-wheeled machine has been designed and engineered as an electric human hybrid, from the start, providing for one of the most well balanced electric mountain bikes in the world. It is equipped with the most advanced brushless motor, and helical gear reduction available today. This feeds the power directly through the bicycle drive-train, empowering the rider to be two to three times stronger, on demand. Because of our electric assist specific design, the rider’s experience is smooth, strong and exciting. Our most interesting results, come from studying the efficiencies involved, with again, over 2,000 miles to the E gallon equivalency.

Using 90% bicycle parts, that are available around the world, enables our riders to access replacement parts from traditional bike stores. With 100% recyclable Lithium ion batteries, our extra energy can be stored in the lightest, safest batteries available today. As advancements in Nanotech batteries come forward, our E cyclists will be able to upgrade into better and better equipment, prolonging the value received from our designs. Ideally, Our riders will invest into solar charging, and help to advance these technologies into the cleanest form of transportation known.

The photo above was taken on top of Independence Pass, in Colorado, USA at about 12,000 feet elevation, during “Ride The Rockies 2012.” (see ride map below) Riding our RunAbout Electric Mountain Touring Bicycle up and over five mountains, along hundreds of miles of Colorado roads, during a total of six days, finally winding back to our home in Fort Collins Colorado. For Josh, it was the best ride of his life, he was empowered to pass hundreds of road riders per hour, as he tested the abilities of our new design. As a cyclist  for over thirty years, this was the pinnacle of his riding experience. Josh was absolutely convinced that we have an award winning design ready for factory production. 

For more Data on this epic adventure, Click on the link below!


From Hand Made To Factory Made:

We have known our manufacturer for over ten years, and have developed a strong working relationship that will be beneficial to producing our frames in their factory. Utilizing the latest in robotic welding, CNC machining, tubing bending and such, they are able to reproduce our bicycle frame designs to our exact specifications. Additionally with their in-house powder coating painting system, we will maximize the manufacturing efficiencies from cutting and bending tubes, to painting and packaging bicycle frames that will then be shipped directly to our assembly facility. Final assembly of our e-bikes will still be done by hand, as well as installing the bicycle components and finishing the final electrical systems.

Note: Specifications may change with the availability of 2014 components.

With Additional Funds

we aspire to be able to buy our components in bulk, directly from the manufacturers, helping to reduce the final cost for our customers around the world. Our experience in the past, attending bicycle manufacturing trade shows, has given us a head start in the work involved in establishing the connections for sourcing all of the vital parts necessary for our final production.
We would also like to hire and train talent to help our process of the final assembly of our E-bikes. With a larger space for assembly and warehouse, we will also be enabled to complete testing, inspection and quality control, of our electric bicycles, as well as further development and design.

We look forward to bringing more RunAbout Smiles to the world! With your help, we can spread the word. Please share our campaign page with your friends, community and family. We appreciate your support, and hope you will enjoy the ride with us!

Please check out our perks, and take a look at our updates here, by clicking the "update tab" at the top of this page.

Please email us with any questions you may have about our project, we are happy to help you have a better understanding.

With a Heartfelt Thank You,

Josh and Elana, ~ RunAbout Cycles





About Us:

Some of our Accomplishments:

Our light electric vehicles have been shipped all over the country, raced up Mount Washington, in New Hampshire, Pikes Peak, Colorado, and at the Oregon Human Powered Challenges in a new E-bike class. We strive to use the latest technologies available, to create the most value for our customers and to continue to enter races to push our designs forward.

RunAbout Cycles has Participated in, won awards, set land-speed records, and organized events in many alternative energy and vehicle venues including this list below. We have also been the first electric bikes at many of these events, as well as the first and only handmade electric bicycles to participate in these events, many times setting a precedent for years to come, and helping to enlighten participants and organizers of existing events, that have not yet included e-bikes. Here is our list below of these events.

E-bikes Belong!

Smithsonian Institute's Alternative Vehicle day (Washington, D.C.)
NESEA's The Tour De Sol - (NY - NJ - MA)
Alt Wheels - (MA)
Solar Fest - (VT)
Alt Fest - (VT)
Northeastern Velomobile Rally - (MA- ME)
Junior Solar Sprint - (MA)
USA Solar Stores Grand Openings (VT- NH- PA)
Earth Day Amherst - (MA)
Earth Day Festival - (CT)
Electrathon America - (MA)
Oregon Human Power Vehicle Races - (OR) (set records at this race with our handbuilt electric SpinCycle trike)
Pikes Peak Hill Climb - (CO)
Mount Washington Hill Climb Laconia Day - (NH)
Rocky Mountain Sustainability Fair - (CO)
Tour de Fat - Fort Collins (CO)
Realities Ride - (CO)
Ride The Rockies 2012 - (CO) (First and only electric bike to participate )
Colorado Rides Electric - (CO)
Boulder Green Streets - (CO)
Disabilities Pride Festival and Parade - (CO) (First and only electric bikes to participate )
RAMs Classic - (CO) (Provided Mechanic's stop for the race)
USA PRO Challenge -Fort Collins

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