Bicycle Compost

Bicycle compost cargo trailers.


Our Project: To build a suistainible bike powered system to get people to compost without having to having to put up with the smell or the mess.

We are:

Stephen Merritt: Bicycle Taxi Operator (Pedicabber) with four years of experience hauling people around downtown and welding pedicabs. 


Adoins: Qualified bicycle mechanic and aspiring fabricator. Passionate about the enviroment, and reducing our impact on the local ecosystem. 


Your funding will help us by providing: 

The material to build the cabs.

The material to build the compost bins.

The money for first, and last months rent at a space.

The money for a Re:Char Climate Kiln(http://www.re-char.com/what-we-do/climate-kiln/).


What We Need & What You Get

Break it down for folks in more detail:

Deposit and first months rent for space: 900

Re:Char Climat Kiln:290

Steel For 5 Cabs 1200 

Hardware for 5 cabs: 1170

Bins for Compost: 630

Misc and Promotion:810

The perks include free pickup, or at the hightest levels, your own compost cab.

If we don't reach frull funding we will just build less cabs.

The Impact

We will impact the community by providing cheap and mess free optopns for bicycle powered of site compost. 

Other Ways You Can Help

Just contact us.

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