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BG:BU is a mobile app encouraging empowerment, strength and creativity for youth who are bullied as well as allies in the fight to end bullying.
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BG:BU is a mobile app encouraging empowerment, strength and creativity for youth who are bullied as well as allies in the fight to end bullying. Spearheaded by the WNBA’s Brittney Griner, BG:BU will give youth an outlet to talk about their issues, get advice, ask questions and find resources in a safe and confidential environment.

Users can upload their art, photos, video and ideas, expressing themselves without the fear of judgment. The app will also allow users to ask questions and talk about what’s going on in their lives and find anti-bullying resources across the world. The app is built to inspire, uplift and enable those who are bullied and allies in the fight to end bullying.


Today, I am the 6’8” starting center for the Phoenix Mercury. I am an NCAA Champion, the number one WNBA draft pick in 2013 and the first woman to dunk twice in one WNBA game in my rookie season. I’ve had a lot of awesome accomplishments in my career so far, but things weren’t always this great.

Growing up, I went through years of bullying with people teasing me and picking on me for being different, being bigger than the rest of the kids or not being good enough.

I know how hard it can be to constantly be put down and I know that it can sometime feel like it’s never going to get better. BG:BU provides something that I wish I had when I was younger - an outlet to talk about what’s going on and be myself without being judged. I am proud to create this space for all the kids out there dealing with bullies now and in the future.


In order to make this mobile app and keep it up-to-date with the top resources and tools, we need your financial support.  We plan to build the best, most feature-rich resource tool available to combat bullying. Our goal is to make sure the app reaches everyone who wants access to it, providing them with all the resources needed to help themselves and opportunities to aid in the fight against bullying. 


One out of every six students in the U.S. is being bullied on a regular basis and 160,000 students on average miss school each day for fear of being bullied. Youth of all ages are affected by bullying and without an active effort to stop it, it will continue.

This app will take a step towards reversing those statistics by providing support and strength for students of all ages. It is up to all of us: allies, parents, friends and victims to make an effort to put an end to bullying.  


After donating to support the launch of BG:BU, help us spread the word! This app is for those suffering from bullying as well as allies in the fight. We need to join together and help put an end to the suffering so many kids go through daily. So share this message on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other channels that can help raise awareness of this campaign and make this app a reality!

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