Beyond The Surface

6 Women touring India, experiencing the harsh economic differences. Hoping to evoke unique ways surfing, yoga, & eco. creativity can bring about change.

Ishita Malaviya, India's first female surfer, is joined by a unique and talented group of women – 
Crystal Thornburg-HomcyLiz ClarkLauren HillEmi Koch, and Kate Baldwin. With unshakable determination for a better world they will travel through Southern India documenting the ways that surfing, yoga, and ecological creativity are bringing hope and fueling change for local people and the Planet.

The saturated hues of India set the scene for this documentary that will touch upon eco-tourism, youth and women’s empowerment, biocentrism and personal growth.  We will be integrating these causes with the pursuit of India’s perfect waves, highlighting the undeniable power of surfing to bring joy amongst suffering.  Documentary-style interviews with the local Indian community, filmed by award winning cinematographer, Dave Homcy, will capture this rare and inspiring endeavor with the goal of sharing these stories with the global surf community and beyond.  Homcy is best known for his critically acclaimed work in Sliding Liberia, Surfwise, A Broke Down Melody, El Mar Mi Alma, Come Hell or High Water, One Track Mind, Shelter, and Dear and Yonder.

 We intend to bring a spark of hope to the people we meet who face social disparity and suffering, and empower those without voices.  All the while we will discover more about ourselves, exchange life experiences and  – through the medium of film – inspire others to seek a deeper connection to their fellow humans and to the wonder of mother nature.

 We are teaming up with Beyond The Surface International. A Non-Profit organization whose mission is to use surfing as a highly effective tool to assimilate underprivileged, homeless and orphaned children into society. They have been able to strengthen and create communities to promote social justice and peace.   

We would be grateful if you would join the team and become part of this inspiring adventure. In order for this project to come to life, we are kindly asking for donations. Your contribution will help with costs of film, processing and post production. Dave strongly believes that this project should be shot on film, as he has done on past award winning projects (www.davehomcy.com). His approach to using film sets the tone for his creative process. While shooting with film every frame is treasured.

We hope this unique documentary can be shared throughout the world.                          

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                                 Meet Our Team:

Dave Homcy


Director / Director of Photography 

Born and raised in Florida, Dave Homcy moved to Hawaii, to follow his passion for surf cinematography and photography.
After twenty years in the film business, working on notable projects such as Sliding LiberiaShelterA Broke Down MelodySurfwiseCome Hell Or High Water, and the TV shows Lost and Hawaii 5-0, Dave is still living his dream, traveling around the world with like-minded surfers, and experiencing different cultures.



Ishita Malaviya 



Anytime she’s away from the sea, Ishita is like a fish out of water. Born and raised in the coastal city of Mumbai, India, she was introduced to the ocean at a very young age. Growing up, she always dreamed of becoming a surfer. Surfing being practically unheard of in India, Ishita hoped to travel to California, and learn how to surf someday. Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine that she would one day, not only end up learning how to surf in India, but also go on to become the first female surfer in her country.  

It was six years ago, while she was studying Journalism at a University in the small town of Manipal, Karnataka that her surf dream was realized. Ever since she caught her first wave, her life has never been the same. She gave up her city life in Mumbai, to live a more peaceful lifestyle near the ocean. Now a dedicated ocean woman, Ishita C0-Founded The Shaka Surf Club with her partner Tushar Pathiyan in order to share the stoke of surfing in India. She is passionate about educating local communities about water safety in an effort to reduce the overwhelming number of drowning deaths in her country.  She continues to inspire women not only in India, but worldwide, to set aside their gender and racial issues, and enjoy the healing powers of the water.





Emi Koch


Project Coordinator / Humanitarian 

As the daughter of a lifeguard, Emi Koch was introduced to the ocean at an early age.  Her dad pushed her into her first wave when she was two years old.  All she wanted to do was to be was a professional surfer. But one day during her senior year in high school everything changed.  Her teacher pointed out a statistic:  “If the world’s population was condensed into a village of 100 people only one of those 100 would have a chance at a college education and (own) a computer."  Upon hearing that statistic, Koch felt that she was that one person in the village, and that she needed to fight for the rights of the other 99 people so that they could have the same opportunities. 

After graduating from high school Emi enrolled at Georgetown University where she started out as an International Politics Major with her career goal to be a US Diplomat.  The summer after her freshman year in college she traveled to Nepal and lived with a group of Buddhist monks and taught street children in the monastery school.  This experience helped her realize what she wanted to do with the rest of her life.

Emi still had a strong love for surfing, and tried to figure out a way to combine this passion with her commitment for social justice.  While volunteering in Nepal she heard about a non-profit founded by a professional skateboarder.  He had combined his passion for skateboarding with his passion for helping kids in Afghanistan.  When Emi came back home she bought the book, “How to Form a Non-Profit in California” and Beyond The Surface International was born.

Beyond The Surface International is a non-profit organization started by Koch. Beyond the Surface International is an online platform, common meeting place, and networking tool for youth-focused surfing and ocean-adventure clubs, programs, and organizations. As a California-based 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity, Beyond the Surface International partners with local nonprofit organizations in coastal communities worldwide that use surfing, other water sports, and ocean adventure as tools for education, conflict resolution, health, and community development to raise funds and awareness. Furthermore, we collaborate with program directors, community leaders, and local youths to develop and then implement specific projects and initiatives that further each local NGO’s mission and the community’s vision. We believe that the innate ability for humans to create playful fun can be utilized as a highly effective method in addressing social issues and facilitating positive change. Beyond the Surface International also directs the financial funding, material donations, and overall marketing campaigns for our specific community-based projects. Beyond the Surface International advocates for local people and entire coastal communities across the world to benefit from surfers traveling to the remotest of places in search of waves through sustainable tourism principles, methods, and practices.   

Beyond The Surface International has been is her dream, and she has devoted her life to helping it grow.
Emi hopes that this film will help Beyond The Surface International reach more people and bring about a greater change. 


Crystal Thornburg-Homcy


Producer/ Co-Director / Environmentalist 

Born and raised in Hawaii, Crystal's earliest memory is hanging out at the beach with her parents. Suffice it to say, Crystal was raised surfing: her dad used to push her into waves at Waikiki and by elementary school her mom was taking her to the beach to surf after school.
Crystal is an accomplished longboarder, but she is also an all-around ocean athlete who races outrigger canoes, competes in long-distance swims and paddleboard races, kayaks, bodysurfs and freedives. Crystal has a bachelor's degree in Environmental Science with a minor in Art from Chaminade University in Honolulu. She volunteers with the Audubon Society at Waimea Valley and has recently worked with other nonprofit environmental groups including Conservacion PatagoniaSave Our SeasKokua Hawai'i Foundation andThe North Shore Community Land Trust, among others. 

Being raised by artistic parents, art has been a major part of her life. Her art – which includes ceramics, sandblasting, acrylics, watercolors, mixed media, and photography.

Seven years ago Crystal and her husband, Dave Homcy, started an organic garden with the desire to bring fresh organic produce to the tables of friends and family.  Now called Crave Greens, the name was inspired by the combination of Crystal and Dave, and has become an institution on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

She travels the world to test Patagonia products, and participate in environmental and humanitarian projects such as; teaching English and sharing information on environmental issues with Buddhist Monks in Thailand, building a community organic garden in Laos, discovering new surf breaks while facing civil unrest in Liberia. Crystal has also been propagating and air-layering endangered plant species in the renouned Waimea Valley botanical garden. 



Liz Clark


Ocean Adventuring Conservationist

Liz Clark is a professional free surfer, writer, environmental activist, and adventurer who has captained her 40ft sailboat, Swell, over 18,000 miles on a surfing expedition in the Pacific Ocean since 2005. Through her website/blog, she shares her journey with the world in an effort to inspire people to live out their passions, spend more time in nature, engage in self-awareness and personal growth, and develop a conscious awareness of their everyday planetary impact. 


Kate Baldwin


Truth Seeker

Kate is a renowned Yogi, teacher, and the founder of True Union and True Union Events. Her teaching style is a fusion of Western Movement and Eastern Principals. She blends strength with grace while revealing a practical yet inspiring approch. Kate’s athletic background combined with her realistic understanding of the practice offers a masterful harmony of power and discipline. During her 10+ years of practice Kate has studied with countless teachers throughout her travels. She is certificated in numerious displines incuding, Hot Yoga, Hot Vinyasa, Advanced Vinyasa, Hatha Yoga, Yoga Philosophy, Bhakti Yoga, and Thai Yoga Therapy. She continues to seek out opportunities to learn and grow. 

Kate first stepped onto a surfboard while on a yoga vacation in Hawaii, and an entire new definition of yoga was unveiled. The practice of being present and uniting with ones Self through nature was undoubtedly available on a surfboard. A bold and instant relocation from Virginia to Hawaii took Kate into a new chapter of her life. Yoga shifted from asana to a complete way of life and surfing was definitely going to be part of it. 

Kate's passion encompasses more than sharing yoga through classes and teacher trainings. She is also focused on strengthening the communities in which she lives in. In addition to traditional community service through organizations such as Team in Training, Ronald McDonald House, and The Make A Wish Foundation, she has orchestrated and produced the Hawaii Spirit Festival and the East Coast Spirit Festival. Her mission within these events is to expand yoga awareness while providing space for collective consciousness and a breeding ground for Truth.


Lauren Hill


Equality Activist 

Style comes from a raw, natural part of a surfer in ways that make them unique.  Lauren Lindsey Hill style exudes grace, humility, depth, and joy. Her approch to riding waves have been a gift for those to watch.

After surfing for less than five years Lauren acquired a handful of competitive titles, including U.S. Women’s Amateur Longboard Champion in 2001. Upon graduating high school, Lauren was faced with the decision between continuing her education or pursuing professional longboarding. 

Lauren went on to earn degrees in Environmental and Social Science from Stetson University. While at college, her passions for surfing and environmental activism joined. She has since published academically on the intersections of surfing, sustainability, and gender issues. 

Her work in activism focus on Marine Conservation and Gender Equally in the surf industry. Most recently, Lauren participated in the Transparentsea Voyage, traversing 270 miles down the Californian coastline on an 18-foot kayak to raise awareness about coastal environmental issues there. She serves as an ambassador for Women for Whales and Surfers for Cetaceans

Between travels, Lauren splits her time between her childhood home in St. Augustine, FL., and the world-class point breaks of Byron Bay, Australia.



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 All of the women involved in this project have volunteered their time and energy to be part of it. They have each had extensive experience working with non-profit organizations from around the world which include; Conservation Patagonia, Save The Waves, Make A Wish Foundation, Waves For Development, Women For Waves, and Surfers For Cetaceans, to name a few. 

 All donors to Beyond The Surface Film will be mentioned and thanked in the film credits, and on our website.

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