Beyond eyes

A unique 3d exploration game about a blind girl who visualizes the world through memory, sound, touch and scent.

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Sherida Halatoe posted an announcement 26 days ago
Hi everybody!

Let me start with an apology that I haven't sent you an update since the campaign ended. For those of you who would like to closely follow Beyond eyes' progress, you can follow me on facebook or twitter where I will post screenshots, updates and video material.
I'm sure all of you are pretty curious about the development of Beyond eyes. Of course I could tell you all about it in writing but wouldn't it be that much cooler to check it out for yourself??
Guess what, you can! You can now sign up for the alpha demo of Beyond eyes by clicking here and filling out the form. It will let you explore an area of Beyond eyes at the beginning of the game and allow you to give me your opinions on how to improve the game and make it even more beautiful! 
I hope to hear from you soon!
Lots of love and gratitude for your support,

Sherida Halatoe posted an announcement 5 months ago

Hi you amazing people!

It's done! The campaign is finished and almost 50% of the goal has been raised thanks to all of you!  I'm immensely grateful and very happy with all your support. 

So it's time to start working on my game again. Like I said in one of my previous updates, I have enough money to keep me alive for a few months and am currently looking at other ways to finance the remainder of the development.Of course I will keep you updated every step of the way. 

Let your friends know that most of the perks are still available through Beyond eyes' website www.beyondeyes-game.com

I will now retreat to my new lair but I will be back soon with some new footage of Beyond eyes!

Have a wonderful week <3


Sherida Halatoe posted an announcement 6 months ago

So like I mentioned before, a few weeks in to the project we decided to split up the team. We both love to write for games but it would be difficult to graduate on the same project because it wouldn't be clear who did what to the commission. 

Rian redesigned Beyond eyes to a cool visual novel named Eyes beyond that tells the story of Claire , a girl who is so used to other peoples help that she feels unable to rely on herself. With the help of her dog Viktor the player can help her overcome obstacles or let her give in and call her parents for help. 

Here is a link to the project, I really recommend you check it out !  http://iplayif.com/?story=http%3A//student-kmt.hku.nl/~rian/cgi-bin/Release/EyesBeyond.zblorb

So while Rian worked on her visual novel I enlisted the help of real programmer friend Jurrien and continued working on Beyond eyes. 

At this point it started looking a bit like this:

The game was designed to be played with a Wii-mote and had similiar interactions as the current version of Beyond eyes, using other senses to visualize the world. The story was similair to our original concept : telling the story of Rina, the girl who got off the wrong busstop and tries to find her way to a certain location. There was however a slight twist. After arriving at the location the player would find out that Rina came in for a sight restoring surgery. In the games epilogue the player can walk all the way back to the bus stop, this time seeing the world for what it really was, boring, gray and a little bit depressing.

And that's is the story about the orgin of Beyond eyes.

 I'm thinking about releasing a remake of this version when the new Beyond eyes is finished just for funsies. Let me know what you think of that idea.

Finally , there is less than 48 hours on the clock and Beyond eyes can really use your help! Stop hesitating and make a pledge. You will like this game! I promise!


Sherida Halatoe posted an announcement 6 months ago

Hello my dear internet amigo's,

 I intended to create a video for this update but the weather in Holland is ridiculously awful and the lighting is horrible. Just pretend that I'm mumbling these words to you in my soothing voice. 

 I want to tell you a little bit more about the origins of Beyond eyes. If you have seen the original proposal video you may remember that I mentioned graduating college with a prototype of Beyond eyes. It was a slightly different game back then and also didn't start as a solo project but as a team of 2, me and my friend Rian.

Somewhere in 2010 we decided to work on a narrative driven game for our graduation project, she as the artist/writer and yours truly as designer/writer. After some brainstorming we came with the concept of a blind girl trying to find her way after stranding at the wrong busstop and started working from there.

  Rian works mostly in waterpaint so we decided that it should reflect in to the art style of the game. We loved the idea how a car would seems like a dangerous monstrosity to the girl based on its sound and scent and started thinking of other ways to redesign the visuals of situations and objects based on those characteristics. 

We also invited people to or workspace and made them describe various objects based on smell, scent and sound and payed them with cupcakes and did a buttload of research trying to find ways to visualize the world of a blind girl.

 As some of you pointed out, this game shares a few similarities with the animated short Out of sight which was released around that time. If you haven't seen it, go check it out. It's absolutely adorable!! http://www.youtube.com//watch?v=4qCbiCxBd2M Beyond eyes isn't based on the short but after finding out about its existance we did take some inspiration from it.

My student advisor also directed us to the Unfinished Swan, at that time still a prototype and as the ridicoulously bad programmer that I am, I decided to sort of reverse engineer that mechanic as a starting point to make stuff visible which looked really crappy. I wish I kept the files somewhere...

After a few months of work Rian and I decided to split the team up.. Why you wonder? Patience, little grashopper :)

To be continued

Sherida Halatoe posted an announcement 6 months ago

Hiya everybody, 

Here we are with 48 hours to go and a whole lot of money to collect and I can just hear the questions being formed in your head. "Sherida, what happens if you don't collect all the funds?" "Will the game still be finished on time or even at all?" and I thought it would be a good idea to make a quick post to adress these concerns.

The amount of money raised so far might be insufficient to fund the complete development but it's a great starting point and I'm very grateful for your support! 

Here are my options:

1. Temporarily relocate to another country where my cost of living will be significantly lower: a quick search on Google gave me a variety of options like Thailand, Guatemala, Malaysia, India or Nepal. Did you know that the average rent of a one bedroom appartment in Nepal is only €70?? 

It's very tempting but I don't think my cat will allow me to go...He already ignored me for a whole day when I returned from a long weekend in Dublin..

So let's see what else is possible.

2. Find additional funding elsewhere. I'm currently working on that part and talking to some people but I don't have any details yet. Of course if and when something like this happens you will be the first to know. There is always a possibility that receiving funds from a third party will affect when and how the game will be released but I promise you no shenanigans and lot's of honesty... pinky swear <3

Next one up is my least favorite one:

3. Get an extra job.. Luckily for me I am an amazing call center representative and if you ever need someone to explain how to turn something off and on again, I'm your go to gal!!  All jests aside: the truth is that even with the current amount of funds I will be able to survive 5 months and after that time I only need to work up to 12 hours a week extra to finish the project. So it's really not that bad :)

And there you have it.

You may have noticed that quitting the project was not mentioned in that list of possible options. That's because it's not option. This game was always supposed to be made and it will be finished. Running a succesful Indiegogo campaign would have made it a whole lot easier but this is just a few good steps in the right direction.

I realize that a few of you are a little worried about the future of Beyond eyes and rightfully so. I really hoped that this post has answered your questions. If you have any left, don't you dare to hesitate and just send me a message, ok?

Finally, here is a message from Rae:

<3 See you soon