Beyond eyes

A unique 3d exploration game about a blind girl who visualizes the world through memory, sound, touch and scent.

Hiya everybody, 

Here we are with 15 hours to go and a whole lot of money to collect and I can just hear the questions being formed in your head. "Sherida, what happens if you don't collect all the funds?" "Will the game still be finished on time or even at all?" and I thought it would be a good idea to make a quick post to adress these concerns.

The amount of money raised so far might be insufficient to fund the complete development but it's a great starting point and I'm very grateful for your support! 

Here are my options:

1. Temporarily relocate to another country where my cost of living will be significantly lower: a quick search on Google gave me a variety of options like Thailand, Guatemala, Malaysia, India or Nepal. Did you know that the average rent of a one bedroom appartment in Nepal is only €70?? 

It's very tempting but I don't think my cat will allow me to go...He already ignored me for a whole day when I returned from a long weekend in Dublin..

So let's see what else is possible.

2. Find additional funding elsewhere. I'm currently working on that part and talking to some people but I don't have any details yet. Of course if and when something like this happens you will be the first to know. There is always a possibility that receiving funds from a third party will affect when and how the game will be released but I promise you no shenanigans and lot's of honesty... pinky swear <3

Next one up is my least favorite one:

3. Get an extra job.. Luckily for me I am an amazing call center representative and if you ever need someone to explain how to turn something off and on again, I'm your go to gal!!  All jests aside: the truth is that even with the current amount of funds I will be able to survive 5 months and after that time I only need to work up to 12 hours a week extra to finish the project. So it's really not that bad :)

And there you have it.

You may have noticed that quitting the project was not mentioned in that list of possible options. That's because it's not option. This game was always supposed to be made and it will be finished. Running a succesful Indiegogo campaign would have made it a whole lot easier but this is just a few good steps in the right direction.

I realize that a few of you are a little worried about the future of Beyond eyes and rightfully so. I really hoped that this post has answered your questions. If you have any left, don't you dare to hesitate and just send me a message, ok?

Finally, here is a message from Rae:

 Only 24 hours left to contribute!!!

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Hi and welcome to the crowdfunding page of Beyond eyes, a story driven game where you play a blind girl who explores an unfamiliar environment using other senses to visualize the world around her.

If you haven't already checked out the video above, I recommend you to take a look. It shows some pre alpha footage that should give an idea what this game will look and play like. Below you can find additional information about the game and the campaign!

In Beyond eyes you will guide a young girl named Rae on a search for her lost friend Nani, a huge fat tomcat who has gone missing. 

Rae isn't like most other girls. She lost her eyesight in an accident with fireworks when she was just a toddler and the experience left her traumatized. Fearing loud noises and public places, she hardly ever leaves her house, preferring to spend her free time in her special garden where everything smells pleasant and all is nice. 

Some people might feel sorry for Rae, being as isolated as she is, but Rae herself is perfectly content with her life. After all who wouldn't be with a cat friend as lovely as Nani.

When Nani goes missing Rae becomes worried and very lonely. Because Nani is not really her cat her parents assume that the cat has returned to its rightful owner and tell her to let the matter go. 

Taking no comfort in this advice Rae decides to search for Nani herself, leaving the house by herself for the first time.


By exploring the world through touch  the world starts showing its shapes and secrets. To progress in the world and find your way it's also important to focus on sound and scents.

As you guide Rae through this unfamiliar world your behavior as player influences the way she feels and behaves.  A player who forces her in to dangerous situations finds himself with a scared, distrustful girl who will refuse to do his bidding until he regains her trust. Of course if a player respects Rae's wishes and is careful to keep her from harm, she will open up to him and will trust him in scary situations.

My name is Sherida Halatoe and run a one-girl studio named tiger & squid. After my graduation at Utrecht School of Arts in 2011 where I received a Bachelor in Game Design I decided to start my own indie studio to make the games I would love to make.

These games are all very different from one another in matters of theme and gameplay but they do have a few things in common:

* Strong connection between player input and the emotional state of the chracters

* The main character is female. Not because I dislike male characters or to make a point. It's actually very simple: I haven't come up yet with an amazing concept for a game with a male lead ;)

*Story driven

Beyond eyes will be my first published game and it's truly a labor of love. I've been working it on and off for the last 1,5/ 2  years or so and will need another year to finish it to completion.

In the past I've worked on Beyond eyes as a side project, having a boring job to pay for the bills. In reality working part-time on the game quickly became an 40+ hours thing adding to the the 32 hrs I worked in a call-center. Needless to say this was very hard and not very fruitful for both my social life and mental state.

For many indie game developers making games is something we do non-stop and with a huge amount of commitment. But it's not a very healthy lifestyle and many of are stressed and high speeding towards a burnout.

A couple of months ago I decided it just wasn't doable anymore. I would wake up at 8 and work on my game until noon, then run to my other job and work a shift until 9pm. Then I would get home and back behind my pc and work until my sight would get blurry.

A decision had to be made and in an impuls I decided to quit my job and dedicate my all my time to my favorite thing in the world, making games.

Of course this isn't the most clever thing to do in an economy as bad as this one and my savings only lasted a few months.

Beyond eyes is 10 months away from completion but I'm running out of money. 

And I need your help to finish it. 

75% of the money will be used for surviving the following months, 15 % is for licenses and the rest will go to the fantastic perks for the project !

Wouldn't that be amazing? Extra funding would allow me to spend a little more time on polishing, hiring a character animator to make everything more lively and translate this game in more languages!! It would also give me a nice buffer for marketing and promotions.

There are a couple of really nice exclusive things that you as lovely backer can receive when you make a pledge. Let's take a look shall we?

 € 15 and up - Digital download

The game will be DRM-free and available for Pc, Mac and Linux in English and Dutch

€ 30 and up - Extended edition

Includes the original soundtrack and an exclusive short game only available for backers called In my life where you experience the memories of a girl in the last moments before she gets hit by a car.

€ 50 and up - Art lover

Includes a digital download of my development diary, a secret area in the game and Papercraft templates to build your very own diorama of the game.

€ 80 and up - Let's get physical

Receive one boxed version of Beyond eyes and a pack of 3 postcards

€ 175 and up - Special edition

Includes a very special  hardcover discbook that contains exclusive artwork + 3 scented art cards + a t-shirt ( Choose between boy and girl )

€ 300 and up - True collecter/hoarder

Your discbook and art cards will be signed on request. You will also receive one of 20 handpainted  12 cm 3d figurines of Rae

(don't worry, I used to paint Warhammer armies, I can do this ;) )

Limited to 20

€1000 and up- But I have this idea about a character

That's great because you will be able to design one character that I will translate to the game.Together we will design their back story, the way they look and smell. Maybe you have a long time character that you would love to propose or maybe even a tribute to someone close to you.  You will receive a framed print of your character and will be credited as a designer.

Limited to 5

€ 3000 - The creator

So let's say you've had this Idea for a short game for the longest of times. Let's make it!

You and I will bring your idea to life. Here are the guidelines:

*It will be in 3d

*Up to 2 characters

*2 environments

*short story

*1 composed track, uniquely for your game

Limited to 2

And you can! Share my campaign with everyone you know that might like this game whether it's on Facebook or Twitter or to a random old lady on the bus! If you know a cool website that hasn't featured Beyond eyes, please send them a suggestion or tweet to notify!

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