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4 surfer, snowboarder friends traveling over 5000 kms in a veggie oil powered school bus across British Columbia to create positive change.
Tamo Campos
Vancouver, British Columbia
4 Team Members

The Northern BC Project Film will raise the profile and awareness of harmful industrial projects and the impacts, which accompany them. Through spring and summer, Beyond Boarding members will film and document a carbon neutral vegetable oil-powered bus trip 5,211km across the province.

Along the way the risks these projects present to BC’s waters, wilderness, First Nations cultures, agricultural land, and tourism industries will reveal themselves. These large-scale industrial (Northern Gateway, Site C, Fracking, and LNG plants) projects are symptoms of a much larger disease. Contemporary culture views the natural world as a product, feeding current lifestyle trends and needs. We are dismantling the very ecosystems that sustain us, one industrial project at a time. Snowboarders and surfers are the greatest ambassadors for the power and importance of the natural world.

The Northern BC Project aims to educate and empower the outdoor community to take a stand, speak out, and create positive change on behalf of the diversity of our beautiful province and its people against these large industrial projects, and all in a carbon neutral, no impact, and community based approach.

Gaining Exposure Already
CBC Radio; 

EXPN; http://xgames.espn.go.com/snowboarding/article/8674835/beyond-boarding-combines-love-snowboarding-charity

Who We Are?

Beyond Boarding is a team of passionate, committed and socially conscious individuals engaged in taking action for social environmental justice issues and protect the natural world we live in. The Northern B.C. Project will continue this work by providing entertainment, education, and leadership in the search for alternatives and solutions to our resource dependent world.

Tamo Campos

Tamo has been heavily involved in humanitarian and environmental projects this past year that included speaking at rallies for Defend The Coast, speaking in high schools about climate change, and helping throw rail jams to raise money for homeless shelters. Tamo’s activist lifestyle is balanced with  playing in the Mountains. He is a sponsored snowboarder with Salomon Snowboards, Bonfire Outerwear, Anon Optics and Homeschool Baselayers. In addition to filming with PYP productions, Beyond Boarding and Voleurz, he’s had photos published in Frequency Snowboard Magazine, Demolition Magazine and Snowboard Canada.


Jasper Snow Rosen

Jasper hails from Salt Spring and has been a high level surfer for years. His sponsors Quiksilver and North West surfboards help him maintain this west coast surf lifestyle while allowing him to work on his other endeavors;  running a t-shirt company called Freebird and being the lead singer in the band The Barefoot Thieves. His band recently played a benefit concert to raise awareness on the The Northern Gateway Project.


Lewis Muirhead

One of the co-founders of Beyond Boarding, Lewis is a University of British Columbia graduate in Geography and Economics. He was a videographer and audio engineer for Beyond Boarding’s “Floating Gardens ” documentary, which is in post-production work. Lewis has also been spreading awareness about the importance of running your car on alternative fuel. His Toyota Land cruiser just reached 200,000 on waste vegetable oil.


John Muirhead

With an environmental activist father, John’s respect and passion for the outdoors runs deep. Touring in the mountains from Clearwater to Rogers Pass and surfing empty breaks like Vargas Island all funded by tree planting BC’s interior.  John is a new edition to Beyond Boarding. His footage has been featured in PYP production’s “Amateur Hour” and “Dirty Stashes”. John’s got a gift in his vision of capturing the beauty of British Columbia and what is at risk.


Where we are going?

  1. Vancouver – Pre-Interviews
  2. Mount Cain/Washington – Snowboarding
  3. Alert Bay – Interviews
  4. Cape Scott - Surfing
  5. Prince Rupert ­– LNG plant & Pipeline/Interviews
  6. Haida Gwaii –Interviews/Surfing
  7. Kitimat – Site of Northern Gateway/Interviews
  8. Smithers and Terrace – Snowboarding/Activist Hub/North West Transmission line/Interviews
  9. Sacred Headwaters – Red Chris Mine/Interviews/Snowboarding
  10. Ft. Nelson – Fracking/Water Withdraws/Interviews
  11. Ft. St. Johns – Site C/Interviews
  12. Williams Lake – Prosperity Mine/Interviews/Snowboarding
  13. M. Nemiah Valley – Interviews
  14. Vancouver- Kinder Morgan Pipeline/Post Production



One of a Kind Project

                  Environmental justice is not a new issue; so what makes this project different? The Northern BC film is grounded in the beauty, diversity, and sense of community which B.C.’s natural environments are privy to. Beyond Boarding believes that these natural environments are of paramount importance in creating the same sense of community that many outdoor enthusiasts and athletes experience through various sports and adventures. 

This entertainment hook will reach new demographics (teens, young adults, surfers, snowboarders, film fest viewers, etc.) that many other eco-documentaries have overlooked. In support of this awareness, the film will inspire audiences to act as they see our team actively working on solutions, and taking leadership to effect change. The riders will feature a lifestyle that includes carbon neutral travel, enjoying sustainable food, learning about green energy, signing petitions, writing letters to MPs, voting, and participating in local activist communities. The film will showcase talent and entertainment, while promoting leadership and action on the issues at hand.

This project will connect audiences, outdoor enthusiasts, students, filmmakers, and athletes to the beauty of the outdoor world and the opportunities across B.C. to fight for its protection. This is a truly unique endeavor and the Beyond Boarding team is pleased to invite you to support us in making this positive change happen.

Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to working with you.


Spreading The Word

Beyond Boarding’s first two projects (“Carbon Neutral Season”, “Floating Gardens”) have generated significant media exposure.  Among others who have recently told our story:


CBC Radio One

The Vancouver Sun


Snowboard Canada

Frequency: The Snowboarder’s Journal

Snowboard Canada Magazine, Canada’s most widely distributed snowboard magazine, just featured Beyond Boarding’s South America project in a 10 page article in the Early Winter 2012 issue and the film documenting the recent Peru trip is scheduled for release at the 2014 Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival.

Regular updates on the Beyond Boarding and Snowboard Canada websites will occur throughout the trip. Distribution of the final project while subject to change should not be a large issue given this upsurge in media exposure and online presence. 

What We Need

Tamo, John, Lewis and Jasper have put over $34,000 into this project already.

$9,262 in Transportation: Vehicle, Veggie Oil Kits, Labour, Chains, Carpentry, Insurance, Etc.$10,240 Equipment: Tents, Splitboards, Stoves, Sleeping bags, First Aid Kit, Poles, Skins, Wetsuits, Hiking Gear, Etc.

$9945 in Camera Gear: Camera’s (7D, Rebel T3I, Rebel T1I), lenses, tripods, batteries.

$6,680Food: Wood stove, Meals, Freeze dried meals, Propane.

We are searching for $7000 to cover Ferry costs and Post-Production costs. These include (music rights, editorial costs), stock footage, presentation equipment to present in high schools about the project during the trip.

What You Get

Photos, Shirts, Photo Albums, Trips in the bus and an awesome Surfboard!
Here are some picture’s to help stoke the fire

Design we print on to T-Shirts.

Shot of the Surfboard and Photos featured at the Sitka Shop DT by Lewis Muirhead


Other Ways You Can Help

If donating funds isn't your cup of tea. Please make a commitment to change one thing in your life to having a sustainable impact!

Beyond Boarding Team

raised in 1 month
55% funded
No time left
$7,000 CAD goal
Flexible Funding This campaign has ended and will receive all funds raised.
Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on April 16, 2013
Select a Perk
  • $5CAD
    Many thanks!

    Everything counts to help this project reach it’s potential. Thanks!

    0 claimed
  • $15CAD
    Signed Photograph

    We will pick our favorite photo from the trip and get it printed and sent off to you with a personal thank you note.

    7 claimed
  • $50CAD
    DVD and Signed Photo

    A hardcopy DVD of Beyond Boarding’s Peru Project and Northern BC Project. In addition to a printed photo!

    4 claimed
  • $100CAD
    Tshirt, DVD & Photo

    In addition to a signed photograph we will send you Beyond Boarding & Freebird Clothing Collab (www.freebirdclothing.ca) “Stop The Northern Gateway T-Shirt”. We print them in Salt Spring with organic dyes on Thrift store tee’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!)

    3 claimed
  • $300CAD
    Photo Album, DVD, & T-Shirt

    We will be making a hard copied photo album of the trip with journal entries. We’ll send this over to you signed with a Beyond Boarding T-Shirt!!

    3 claimed
  • $750CAD
    A Trip In The Veggie Bus!!!

    A split board or snowshoe trip up the North Shore Mountains in November/December 2013 with the Beyond Boarding team in a veggie waste powered vehicle. Not to mention we’ll send you a photo album, T-Shirt and DVD.

    0 claimed
  • $1,500CAD
    Beyond Boarding Surfboard

    Brand New handshaped by Satterlee surfboards with Custom Art by Stan MatwyChuk. This things a beauty wall piece but we’d advise you to take it for a surf!! We’ll also throw in the Photo Album ,T-shirt, and DVD.

    0 out of 1 claimed
  • $3,000CAD
    veggie powered trip into Cabin

    This cabin’s a beauty and accesing it carbon neutral with the Beyond Boarding team is that much more satisfying. We’ll also throw in Photo Album, T-Shirt, DVD and eternal gratitude for your help.

    0 claimed
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