Some dreams are stronger than steel.


Hey folks! Thank you for all of your donations so far. So incredible. We have a huge announcement coming, and it will be this weekend, directly from Bethlehem, PA. The director, myself, and some others are headed out east to scout some locations for the movie. We still need all the help we can get! For this next, $50 dollars or more a special shout out from the actor of your choice during our next USTREAM! (TBD) Your favorite actor will thank you personally, on screen, in front of everyone else. Cool right? But, this expires October 2nd! So hurry while you still can!

AUGUST 28, 2013: WE ARE LIVE! 

All of our incentives are currently up, ready, and available! Don't forget to share this page and our video with your friends and family! Also, just for you Indiegogo backers, those of you who contribute over $15 will also be getting a FOLLOW and SHOUT OUT from the official Bethlehem Twitter: @BethlehemFilm! So make sure you send us your handle if you have one. This special reward will expire on September 4th! We cannot wait to make this film, and with your help, we can!

BETHLEHEM is the fictional story of a high school baseball team set against the very real backdrop of the 1980s steel crisis in small town Pennsylvania. After the death of his father, Danny Talbot (Devon Werkheiser) is guided by his grandfather, baseball coach Keith Talbot (Corbin Bernsen), as he begins the journey inside of himself to find his place amongst the broader landscape of a very uncertain time in America. Along with his hardworking mother, Connie (Christine Lakin), and stubborn bar-owning uncle, Lyle (Ian Harding), Danny finds through the game he loves that, it's about where you come from. That love might not only unite a team, but reunite a family.

With your support, this story that encapsulates everything loved about "Friday Night Lights" with the timeless messages and uncertainties of "Stand By Me" will stand to inspire a new generation.

Much like the Talbots, we don't require much. We need just enough to make our house feel like a home. With your support, we will be able to film this movie on location in Bethlehem, PA, where the story is meant to be told. We will be able to reinvest that money into the community by supporting local vendors and businesses - which conveniently is a theme explored within the movie. We aren't out to shoot a multi-million dollar epic. We are simply telling a story, and with just enough in the coffers to cover our bases, we can share with you a film you'll want to watch again and again.

We have so many unique and exciting rewards for our contributors! Everything on the table is exclusive only to Indiegogo backers making you all apart of this film in some way!

Backers will begin receiving EXCLUSIVE UPDATES via email regarding the production, casting updates, photos, videos, and much more content not available anywhere else. You will also have the ability to access our PRIVATE INSTAGRAM that will feature special messages from the cast as well as candid photos during the production. All of which will be available starting in October 2013!

While we shoot the film, we will also be filming a "MAKING OF" FEATURETTE that will only be available to backers. In June 2014, you will receive a digital copy of 15-20 minute behind-the-scenes look at Bethlehem. Also up for grabs, a PDF copy of the SCRIPT, POSTERS, CAST PHOTOS, and more! We are also happy to be giving away special THANK YOU CREDITS and EMAILS to backers as well. How cool would it be to see your name in the rolling credits of a movie? It could be you and we are happy to put you there!

The cast and crew of Bethlehem will be hosting our very own HURRICANES PEP RALLY (Date and location TBD)! It's like our own mini Comic-Con. Backers at the $150 level will get tickets to this very special event where our cast will take the stage to answer YOUR questions. A VIP option is also available which includes a MEET & GREET with the cast post panel!

SIGNED POSTERS, SIGNED SCRIPTS, and PERSONALIZED HEADSHOTS are just the beginning. Ever wanted to be followed by your favorite actor on Twitter? Starting  in October, for backers, any member of our cast will FOLLOW YOU for up to a year. So  start brainstorming those funny and witty tweets!

We are also happy to give away tickets to our Los Angeles PREMIERE where you can see the film for the first time with us! VIP options are available for this reward as well, which includes passes to the AFTER PARTY.

And for those backers who want more of the Bethlehem experience, YOU could join us on set. YOU could be sitting next to Ian Harding, Devon Werkheiser, Christine Lakin, or Taylor Spreitler in a scene! We are also giving away CAMEOS, where you will be given an actual line of dialogue. Start your vocal warm ups now!

Looking to be apart of the behind-the-scenes magic? We would love to have you be one of our CO-PRODUCERS or EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS! We want nothing more to than to bring this inspirational story to life, and with your help, we know we can make something truly special!

We welcome all contributors, however, keep in mind that there may be extra $10 fee to ship out of the country! Don't let that sway you though. Bethlehem is more than just a place. It's a feeling. It's home.












Directed by MATT MCINNIS and Written by JORDAN ROSS

The film, this story, and these characters could not be more relevant or relatable to the situation of many in the present day tumultuous landscape. Bethlehem is a reminder that with hope, and a touch of faith, there isn't anything you can't accomplish. These characters are people you KNOW. These characters just might be you. We want to let you in on a little secret: When casting this film, we were very fortunate to receive the support we did from the acting community. Bluntly, we had options. Options of people who were willing to join the project because they believed wholeheartedly in the content and the message, and the ripple effect it could have. We cast the absolute best individuals who not only happen to be respected and revered in their craft, but damn good actors as well. You won't want to miss this. With your backing, by any means and at any level, we promise to deliver you a story that will make you question the world around you - a story you won't forget.

For those of you who want to help, but cannot contribute, fear not! This is more than just a movie. It's a team. It's a time, a place, and a community. We want YOU to be apart of that however you can.

The #PARTOFTHESTORM campaign is in full swing via social media. Through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc, you can play a crucial part in the making of this film. How you may ask? By spreading the word!

Send in a photo of yourself, like the fine folks below, holding a sign that says "I am #partofthestorm." to our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/bethlehemthefilm) or our Twitter (@BethlehemFilm)! Be as creative as you want!

Even some of our friends are getting in on the action!

Every Friday we will be picking a Hurricane of the Week! That Hurricane of the Week will be entered into a lottery to win an exclusive #PARTOFTHESTORM prize. Excited yet? On the first day of production on the film, the cast will pick a lucky Hurricane to SKYPE with. You will get to meet the entire cast, Devon, Ian, Christine, Corbin, Taylor, Chuck, Jared, Jake, etc and get a tour of set! Sounds pretty cool right? And, get this, the more you do, the better your chances. You can enter as many times as you want. So, even if you can't contribute, you can still be apart of this film. Encourage your friends and your families to become part of the storm. Join our team!

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