A tragicomedy shortfilm about a homeless puppet.

The story

Besku is the story of a homeless marionette who inhabits a small box. As he returns home one day, his beloved box has been destroyed. Searching for a new shelter he walks through the nightly city. But instead of finding an other cover Besku even looses his last property. Kutya is the puppet dog's name who rescues Besku as he gets into a serious situation. From now on the two buddies explore the night together and their friendship grows. As they enter the party district Besku and Kutya are attracted by the flashing lights. But they cannot guess what will be ahead of them.

Production status

The art direction finished Besku's box and some other props. We have scouted nearly all the shooting locations and did some steadycam tests with our temporary puppet. The camera setup is completed and the equipment is fixed. Our costume designer is working on the first drafts for our potential marionette. But what is still missing are our two protagonists.

Besku's box

What do donations support?

Building a professional marionette costs at minimum 2500 $, we asked over 200 puppet theatres, if they could lend us one of theirs. But they told us that their puppets are unrentable. So your donation will support the building of two marionettes. The marionette, which is shown in the lighting test shots, is a decoration puppet which is not playable. Every donation matters! 1 or 100 dollars. We are grateful for any amount!

Our Crew

Camera - Karsten Jäger

Production - Michael Binz

Art Direction - Michael Dlugosch, Sarah Neumann, Lena Wesholowski

Puppeteer (Besku) - Peter Waschinsky

Puppeteer (Kutya) - Kerstin Dathe

Special FX - Sebastian Binder

Supervising professor - Barbara Teufel

Writer/Director - Simon Glass

Thank you for your time and support!

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