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Scott Orn posted an announcement over 2 years ago

We’ve been so blown away by all the donations that Ben recorded a thank you video!

We have two more days left in the fundraiser. We’re hoping we can hit $20k so we can start 10 new networks in 2012. We’d be grateful for one last Twitter/Facebook post or an email to a few friends spreading the word!


Ben & Scott

Thanks from Ben!
Scott Orn posted an announcement over 2 years ago

Quick note to our wonderful sponsors. We’re so touched and blown away by the donations. Thanks!

Just so you know where your money is going, attached is a picture of our web traffic. It’s actually understated a bit by our analytics provider, but you get the idea. We’ve experienced tremendous growth and expect much more in 2012.

I’ll leave you with a note I just received a few minutes ago from one of our moderators. I get these all the time. :)

Hello my dear friends,

Just a quick note to tell you how much your appreciated on this site. You are amazing on how you have helped so many folks. I am so proud to be apart of this group of folks. We are growing so fast and folks like what they are seeing.

Wanted to thank you all for your hard work in helping keep this site the best one out there.

Love you all.


Ben's Friends Traffic as of mid-January(Login to view) File attachment: Ben's Friends Traffic as of mid-January
Scott Orn posted an announcement over 2 years ago

Dear Donors, you made it happen for us! We passed our goal of $15,000 and have enough money to run in 2012! Thanks so much. Your generosity has been amazing. We’re still accepting donations for another 10 days. For every incremental $500 we raise, we will start another support group in 2012. We think we’ll be able to start another 10 if the money is there. :)

I want to leave you with a note I got from one of the newer patients/members. I get about 10 -15 of these a day. These thank you’s mean the world to me and they motivate me. I hope you enjoy the one below and realize that there are 32,000 people like “MShell” who visit our sites every month.

_"hey there, I just listened to the utube video about this site. I’m think I was lucky enough to stumble upon your page through FB. Thank you to you and Ben for starting this site. Living with pain, illness ect. is dificult enough and as someone who does this while living alone with a limited support system – Thank YOU both!!!!


Scott Orn posted an announcement over 2 years ago

Happy New Year’s Eve to all of you. Thanks for keeping Ben’s Friends going another year! Here is another video thank you from JC and an explanation about why Ben’s Friends is so important to him. I transcribed some of what he said cause his microphone cut out a little:

“Eventhough Face to Face is better, you can’t always have that. And having a place to go online where people understand, and not be a burden on your family and friends, is so important. I want to be a part of Ben’s Friends and I want to pay it forward…Which means giving without wanting in return. But what we do ask is that people give to someone else. And that’s what Ben’s Friends is. Giving and making people feel like they are not alone. Thank you so much.” — JC, Moderator for Lupus & Ataxia Support Sites

We hope you all have a safe and terrific New Year’s Eve! Thanks again!


Pay It Forward by JC
Scott Orn posted an announcement over 2 years ago

Hi everyone – one of our members put together a fun little Holiday video with other members pictures: Thought you would appreciate it.

Thanks for all your support! Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones!


Ben's Friends Happy Holidays