An innovating service to avoid stressful lines

An in-depth description of what beNEXT is, what it does and how it works can be found at lastminutelines.com.


Unfortunately a project like beNEXT hasn't got much to offer in terms of rewards. It's not a physical product I can give you, nor it is a service which I can grant you free of charge, since it will already be free for all of its users.

Of course, by funding beNEXT you help bringing it to life, which means that you will benefit from the services it offers and be rewarded that way. But still, it's not the typical reward you'd expect for your pledge.

That is why my perks are somewhat unconventional (as you will see later) and also why, if the funding is reached, the project will be completely open sourced: if the community funds it, the community owns it.

The project being open source means that everyone will be able to build a beNEXT terminal, load it with the beNEXT software and offer its services, even sell them, to whomever he wants. This will allow beNEXT to spread more than it could ever do if it remained tied to a single company. Every museum, public office, fair etc will be able to freely adopt it, saving more and more of people's time. Small IT companies from all over the world will be able to integrate beNEXT into their business model, selling its services in the area they operate in, further expanding its reach.

Alright, this benefits everyone, but how does it benefit contributors in particular? As I mentioned before, it's very difficult to find suitable perks for this kind of project.
I could offer t-shirts and hats, but I don't really like the idea: not everybody necessarily wants a hat or a t-shirt with an ugly logo on it, plus it would mean that a part of your contribution would go into purchasing and shipping such items*.

Instead, I am giving every contributor some privileges in the development process of beNEXT. Here is what I mean.
In the journey of transforming beNEXT from paper into a service, I will need to hire (contract work) some professionals, such as a designer, an UX-specialist, an hardware engineer, a sysadmin etc . If such experts are present amongst contributors, they will be given precedence over those I could find elsewhere.
Moreover contributors will be in charge of taking some decisions regarding beNEXT. If, for instance, the designer presents three mock-ups for the beNEXT logo, they will be put to the vote and the community will decide which one will be used. So if you pledge - say - 5€, for each vote you will be given 5 voting points that you will be able to distribute however you wish between the candidates.

It's really not much, but I'd like to thank contributors in some way and this is, I think, a good way to show appreciation. After all the main reason to fund this project is the possibility to skip hours of stressful waits, not its perks.


The development of the beNEXT software will take, approximatley, 3 months. When the software is ready, its source code will be published on gituhub wiht an open source license (probably GPLv3).

I expect to be needing another 3 months to finalize other aspects of the project (such as designing and building the terminal) and making it ready for deployment.


Would you like not to have to wait in line ever again? beNEXT is here for you. Pledge and help me in turning beNEXT into reality. Thank you.



* If a person wants a beNEXT hat/t-shirt, a series of beNEXT-related images suitable for printing will be made available, so that he/she will be able to take them a local or an online t-shirt printing service.

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