A pair for you, double for homeless youth. Removing the embarrassment of begging for underwear. (beginning in Dallas and Los Angeles)
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Wearing these uber-comfy undies means homeless youth are too. They multiply with each contribution, and they're not just underwear, they're a symbol.



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THE SUMMARY: a pair for you, double for homeless youth

BENEATH is a campaign that gives homeless youth vital necessities, helping them rise out of poverty. Namely, we give them very comfortable underwear each time you purchase the same pair. But its much more than a piece of clothing, it's a symbol.

On the underwear is printed a phrase that can change mindsets over time: "WHO YOU ARE BENEATH is all of who you are."


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 When You Donate




We need the means to make 6,000 pairs of quality, comfortable underwear (3,000 men’s and 3,000 women’s). To do so, we have to order a minimum order quantity from the factory (which is, obviously, 3,000 per style).


You get underwear, but not just that, really comfortable, symbolic underwear. These knickers are soft, combed cotton, with a touch of spandex to hold their shape. They are typical boxer briefs for guys and typical bikini briefs for women.



Bold Beneath knew that comfort had to be the most important part of these underwear. From the materials to the construction of the underwear, they are some of the most comfortable bottoms you'll ever wear.

Also, each contribution comes with a wrist band. It’s an outer symbol representing the belief that worth comes from beneath.

(final production of underwear may vary in color and style)



The immediate impact is creating a constant flow of donated underwear. Underwear is the most needed and least donated item to the homeless.

Additional impacts to homeless youth:

  • Recognize we are all the same beneath the surface.
  • Will escape embarrassment that comes with begging for basic necessities.
  • Feel valued, not degraded.
  • Find motivation to aspire.
  • Learn a vital truth: it’s not what you have, it’s who you are.

The long-term effect is a balloon of potential. We will affect the mindset of not just homeless youth, but communities. When people hear of the movement that has the homeless and general public alike wearing the same underwear, the word will continue to spread, and it will certainly reach our homeless youth.

Endless change can result. Be with us!



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How do I select my size?

At the end of the campaign, if we have met our goal, we will send out a survey to all contributors. In it we will ask for your sizing preference and whether you want men's or women's underwear.

How do I select if I want men's or women's underwear?

At the end of the campaign, if we have met our goal, we will send out a survey to all contributors. In it we will ask for your sizing preference and whether you want men's or women's underwear.


Other ways you can help

You can certainly help in other ways by visiting and donating or visiting and doing some shopping. Both avenues lead to direct help to the homeless.

And that’s all there is folks.

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  • $4USD
    BENEATH Wristband

    We will send you a super sweet wristband to support the cause. Wristband will have printed on it our message to homeless youth and everyone else: who you are BENEATH is all of who you are. It's a great way to show the world with an outer symbol that you think worth comes from beneath.

    1 claimed
  • $18USD
    BENEATH Underwear

    We will send you a pair of our uber-comfortable, amazing underwear. Your purchase will also donate two of the exact same pairs to homeless youth. We will also send you the wristband from above.

    13 claimed
  • $29USD
    T-shirt that multiplies

    Here you get a BENEATH t-shirt, and two of the same t-shirts are donated to homeless youth. The t-shirt is one of those incredibly soft blends, very thin, and really comfy.

    2 claimed
  • $48USD
    All Bold Beneath's Underwear

    You will be sent the BENEATH underwear, and all of the current styles at Bold Beneath (see website for Game Changer and Love on) for a total of 3 pairs of underwear to you. You will also be sent the BENEATH wristband.

    12 claimed
  • $98USD
    BENEATH t-shirt

    All prior categories along with our BENEATH t-shirt. The t-shirt is an incredibly soft blend, gray heather. It says BENEATH on the front and on the back it reads: all of who you are.

    9 claimed
  • $500USD
    Partner Contribution

    Of course we will send you all of the above, as well as four other BENEATH pairs for a week's worth of undergarments. We will also double the donation of BENEATH underwear so that 20 pairs will be donated to homeless young people. We will also include you on our list of Partners, which will be sent with all underwear purchased in this campaign and will include the mission of the campaign and a prominent thank you to the 25 Partners who made this contribution.

    2 out of 25 claimed
  • $5,000USD
    Founders Contribution

    On all campaign material you will be listed as one of the makers and founders of the campaign, including the underwear itself (on the tag area along with Bold and S.P.Y., you will be listed as one of the makers of the underwear). You will also receive everything above.

    0 out of 7 claimed
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