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Help Wanted...Atlantic Canada's emerging leaders need your help to shape the future!


Update: October 9, 2013

YAY!! Goal Reached!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!  

The campaign is still open for another 32 days - any funds raised beyond this point will go toward helping others be able to attend and 21 Inc the ability to continue building the capacity of our young Atlantic Canadian Leaders! 

Let's keep spreading the word and see how much more we can contribute to shaping the future of our leaders!


Hi :)  My name is Lorelei.   

I want to change the world! Every project I take on (Start with a Smile), every job I work (Prismatic Arts), every program I participate in (21 Inc) is undertaken with the intention of having a positive impact on; an organization (EDN), a culture, a community or building the skills to strengthen a lasting impact. The initiatives I choose to participate in align with my core values of integrity, respect, mindfulness and social connectedness. 

I've recently been selected as one of 50 people under 35 from across Atlantic Canada to participate in 21 Inc's Emerging Leaders Summit in late October. The Summit is "a unique and intense three day leadership experience" that aims to inspire, enable and encourage the next generate of leaders to further develop so we can do great things for our communities!  


The Ask

I need to raise $500  and cover travel expenses to attend. 

The $500 is used to contribute to the sustainability of 21 Inc. and its ability to keep providing programming to strengthen and connect Atlantic Canada's young leaders. The additional $100 will be used to pay for Indiegogo fees and travel expenses to get to and from the summit. 

The Impact

Participating in the Emerging Leaders Summit 2013 would provide a unique experience to…

- Improve my ability to serve the community
- Continue honing both my leadership and networking skills
- Meet with and learn from other leaders 
- Expand my network of change makers and future shapers! 
- Further develop visions for the future
- Be exposed to new ideas and resources
- Develop into a more effective leader
- Become more self-aware
- Gain a greater understanding of community issues and challenges
- Get one step closer to discovering how best to use our unique talents together to create positive change

I aspire to start a number of my own businesses and continually expand my community involvement through a variety of projects. All of the above mentioned benefits, would strengthen my ability to have a positive impact through building confidence and knowledge to better inform my personal and professional visions.

The Love

If you can't give a buck or two, that's totally cool but perhaps you can share this campaign with some folks who can. :)  Thank you for taking the time to read this, your support and well wishes would be most appreciated! 

(Start with a Smile Happyning June 2013) 

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