Being Amish

TIRED OF AMISH UNREALITY? Your support will show TV networks that there's an appetite for a program that explores Amish communities in a fun but realistic way.

My name is Kevin Williams.  I'm editor of the syndicated Amish Cook column and I've been studying and writing about Plain communities for over 20 years.


This project is a chance to combine a mid-life crisis with the chance to present a program that shows the Amish in a more realistic light.

    Some of the current crop of Amish-themed reality shows don’t match the reality I’ve experienced in my visits with hundreds of Amish families across the USA and Canada through the years.  While network execs might think viewers want big personalities, screaming,  thuggery, and alcohol-fueled rumspringa, as editor of the most widely read Amish writer, I respectfully don’t think that’s the case.   But I also don’t think a program about the Amish has to be a somber, boring, dry documentary .  There’s a middle road that shows the Amish I know: fun, family and faith-filled.  Would you like to come along?

If enough people show interest, then  a network will know that this is a view of the Amish that people want to watch. And if a network won't go along, then I'll produce the show myself and offer it on YouTube, DVD, and as many other online platforms as I can find.

 If we are successful in persuading a network, then the funds raised during this campaign will instead be used to strengthen The Amish Cook column and website so that they can be broadened and maintained as the premiere place online to learn about Plain cooking and culture.  If I produce the show myself, then the funds raised will be used for the show's production.  The more funds raised,the more episodes that will filmed.

If you've had enough of Amish Mafia and Breaking Amish, and want to see something real, join this campaign. There are some nice perks for joining, but the real reward is the show itself.

Watch the accompanying video, it's a small slice of what you will see.


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