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What happens when the man you pay to keep bed bugs out decides to let them in?
Serena Dykman
New York, New York
United States
4 Team Members


 Bed Bugs & Company is a short film written and directed by Serena Dykman. The film will serve as Serena's thesis film at the NYU Tisch School for the Arts. 

Note: you can donate anywhere from $1 to $1 million, the perks below are just suggestions, and you'll get a perk no matter how much you donate! Every dollar counts!

Vous pouvez faire une donation de 1$ ou de 1$ million, les montants des donations ci-dessous ne sont que des suggestions; vous aurez droit à un cadeaux quelque soit le montant de votre donation! Chaque dollar compte!



      Bed Bugs & Company tells the story of Stan, a good-looking New Yorker, who has an unusual job. He is a bed bug inspector. Job description? Going to apartments that may be infested with Peter, his K‐9 dog trained to detect bed bugs. As Stan and Peter travel throughout the five boroughs each day, they also, for a brief moment, catch a glimpse into the lives of an array of different kinds of people living in New York. If the apartment is infested, the extermination company “Bed Bugs & Beyond” is called to intervene and fumigate the apartment. Cost of the operation? $5,000. Besides his peculiar job, Stan seems to lead a normal life with his girlfriend, Agnes. What people don’t know is that this New York bed bug inspector has a secret obsession with insects, reptiles and all sorts of dangerous and illegal creatures. His hope in life? For humans and insects to live in harmony. However, this isn’t the only illegal activity in which Stan partakes. Instead of inspecting the apartments he visits, he infests them with bed bugs. In exchange, Nick, an employee at “Bed Bugs & Beyond” finds Stan the animals he so adores and provides them as payment. It is a win-win situation. Or is it...?

What We Need & What You Get 

Help us finish this movie!

Dozens of people have worked tirelessly on this project for months and the majority of the film completed shooting in mid November. Donations will be utilized to help fund the post-production process.

This includes:

  • Editing

  • Special effects (green screen, bugs)

  • Color correction

  • Music composition

  • Sound mixing and sound design

  • Title and credits

  • Hard drives

Additionally, we still need to shoot the introduction sequence. We are shooting with film (super 16mm), and will need funds to process the film, as well as pay for transport, craft services and permits during these two days of production.

Moreover, the last scene of the film is animated, so we need to hire an animator.

Finally, remaining funds will go towards distribution, primarily festival fees, as it is our goal to screen Bed Bugs and Company at numerous film festivals, locally and internationally, so that it can gain recognition and reach a wider audience.


Every dollar counts! If you are unable to donate, please share this link via email, Facebook, twitter and other social media. We truly appreciate your support. 

Meet The Team 

Serena Dykman, Director/Writer

Serena Dykman is a third culture kid. She was born in Paris, and raised between Paris, London, Brussels and New York. She found her true home in New York, city which inspired most of her films. Since a young age, Serena has been working toward a career in the entertainment industry. She studies theatre and performance for years, until she realized that behind the camera was where she was meant to be. She now attends the prestigious Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. Bed Bugs & Company is Serena’s third short film. Her first film Losing Character screened at the Cannes Film Festival this past May. Her second film The Doorman will also screen at Cannes this year, and will soon hit the festival circuit. (watch the trailer below ).

Team of Producers

Elizabeth Philipson-Weiner

Born in Lower Merion, Pennsylvania, Elizabeth is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in music, with a minor in film at New York University. Elizabeth stumbled upon her passion for producing a year ago and has since produced three short films and served in the production department for four more. She is currently in pre-production for four more shorts and is making her directorial debut this summer on a self-written comedic short. In addition to producing, Elizabeth is a working trombonist and composer for film and multimedia in New York City. 

Carlos Perez

Carlos is currently a junior at Tisch School of the Arts, majoring in Film and TV. In addition to producing, Carlos is also an experienced editor, as well as having written and directed his own short film, The Pop Warner, this past semester. He is also the only Puerto Rican he knows.

Adi Mehr

Adi Mehr is a senior at New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Studies where she is concentrating in film, sociology, and media ecology. Adi is passionate about creating socially relevant content, which not only entertains, but challenges audiences and helps shift perspectives. She has previously interned at Participant Media for Pivot TV, Nuyorican Productions, and Warrior Poets. 

Carly Ganz

Carly, a junior from Racine, Wisconsin, is majoring in film and TV and minoring in producing at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. While her primary focus lies in producing, she also enjoys working other departments such as production design, camera, and editing. She has produced six NYU short films in the past year, and is currently in pre-production for an advanced senior thesis film at NYU, as well as an independent feature. Past work includes heading Outreach Coordination for the Midwest region for the film Beasts of the Southern Wild.

Michele Choy

Michele Choy is a third-year double major in Film & Television and Political Science. Having caught the travel bug after studying abroad, she is pursuing a career as a Foreign Service Officer. She is a former intern of Voltage Pictures and Parts & Labor Films. Aside from being overenthusiastic about everything, Michele's other interests include enjoying the blues, languages, baking as a form of therapy, and watching both high-concept and trashy reality television.

Zac Gobetz

Zac is currently enrolled in his final year at NYU Tisch where he balances schoolwork with the production of his fellow upperclassmen’s thesis projects, internships, and various independent productions in the city. He has been trained in multiple formats of cameras, ranging from digital to film. He has decided to pursue a career in producing, production organization, and logistics. He knows that this project is going to be an outstanding privilege to make and is working hard to bring it to full fruition.

Director of Photography

Armaan Virani

A tireless, passionate, and truly dedicated filmmaker with a strong focus in camera, Armaan’s ability to bring the director’s vision to life in pre-production through post is rare. His unique ability to combine his renown skill-sets with those of every department are what binds him to this crew, and thus, what makes his role in this film, as well as his contributions in past and future work, absolutely irreplaceable, and no amount of words can express the magnitude of work he has brought and will continue to bring to the piece.

Production Design 

Ashleigh Mullins, Production Designer/Costume Designer

Ashleigh Mullins is the Production Designer and Costume Designer for Bed Bugs & Company. Raised on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, she journeyed to NYC to study at NYU's Gallatin School of Individualized Study, where she crafted a concentration in Production Design. She has experience working in the Art and Wardrobe departments on a wide range of projects - anything from horror films to hip hop music videos.

Jennifer Kaulas, Production Designer

Jennifer Kulas is the co-Production Designer for Bed Bugs & Company. Jennifer studied art history in her native Australia before moving to New York to work in the art department on various feature and short films. She is currently completing a Masters in Production Design.

Assistant Directors 

Nicholas Hernandez 


Nick is a senior at NYU's Tisch. He has produced several short films and is currently pursuing a future in television. He has worked at the BBC in London and is currently working on the famous Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show.

Nicolas De Monès 

Nicolas de Mones, 22, is a current senior at NYU Tisch Film/TV Kanbar School of the Arts studying Film/TV production. Prone from the age of 11 towards the art of filmmaking, Nicolas has since stimulated his interest with classes, and in-field experience in acting, editing, directing, writing, and camerawork. Nicolas has directed and written twelve short films. While at NYU, Nicolas has developed his ability to write, and direct. He is now crewing professionally on feature-length films.

Our Wonderful Cast 

Nick Adamson - "Stan" 

Nick Adamson moved to New York two and a half years ago to pursue a career as an Actor. He attended New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, and has completed all levels of Improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade. He has had some success in his short time in New York, being in a couple commercials, television shows, student projects, and performs weekly with his Improv team SHADOWS at different venues in the city. This is plan C in life for him, and so far he loves it and hopes to keep doing this for the rest of his life.

Rachel Lynn Jackson - "Agnes", Stan's girlfriend 

Mr. America - "Peter", the bed bug inspector dog 

Aurélien Lucas & Malin Barr - "Christophe Chandier", the French sex-addict & Sophie, his one night stand 

J.B. Alexander - "Nick Rendez", the con artist 

Marietta Lafarge & Rit Weaver  - "Mr. & Mrs. Chastle", the Upper East Siders

Aundrea Fares & Ryan O'Toole - "Mike & Cindy", the drug addicts 

Moe Bertran & David Gibson - "Roger A & Roger B", the gay power couple 

Sonia Nam - "Mrs. Chen", the Chinese immigrant 

Carl Low & Laurence Covington - "John" & "Patrick", the police officers 

Sameer Tambe, Samia Huq, Armaan Virani, Eric Bassant & Ratnesh Dubey - "The Patel Family"


Every dollar counts! If you are unable to donate, please share this link via email, facebook, twitter and other social media. We truly appreciate your support. 

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    You are a real supporter of the arts! With this perk, you will of course get an executive producer credit, as well as all the perks above. You will also get to participate on Serena's next film entitled "Welcome"! For more details, email serenadykman@nyu.edu

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